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Upcoming Games

Thursday, May 25
2017 Pod B
Bulldogs @ Reds6:30pmDoug Wright
Fowl Balls @ Reds8:00pmDoug Wright
Fowl Balls @ Durabond9:30pmDoug Wright
Monday, May 29
2017 Pod A
Brew Jays @ Drifters6:30pmSherwood D3
The North @ BFG6:30pmSherwood D4
Crush @ RBT8:30pmSherwood D3
Gator Ted's Blues @ Lowville8:30pmSherwood D4
2017 Pod B
Ice Cold Pitchers @ ATD6:30pmSherwood D1
Walkin Daddys @ Tigers6:30pmSherwood D2
Reds @ Sandbaggers8:30pmBrant Hills D1
Walkin Daddys @ Fowl Balls8:30pmSherwood D2
Tuesday, May 30
2017 Pod A
Silver Bullets @ Burlington Brew Jays6:30pmSherwood D4
Crush @ Silver Bullets8:00pmSherwood D4
Crush @ H Base9:30pmSherwood D4
2017 Pod B
Quality @ Gary6:30pmDoug Wright
Durabond @ Quality8:00pmDoug Wright
Ratbatsters @ Durabond9:30pmDoug Wright
Wednesday, May 31
2017 Pod A
Burlington Brew Jays @ Lowville6:30pmDoug Wright
The North @ Toros8:30pmDoug Wright
2017 Pod B
Brewers @ Ice Cold Pitchers6:30pmBrant Hills D2
Bulldogs @ Gary6:30pmMillcroft D3
Ratbatsters @ Fowl Balls8:30pmSherwood D2

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Upcoming Events

Saturday, Jun 3
10th Annual Burlington Men's Slo-Pitch Tournament
Sunday, Jun 4
10th Annual Burlington Men's Slo-Pitch Tournament

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 10th Annual Burlington Men’s Slo-pitch Tournament

League is holding its 10th annual charity tournament on the weekend of June 3 &4, 2017 at Sherwood Forest Park’s softball diamonds. All proceeds from the tournament will go to a local charity. 

The tournament includes a barbecue, concessions and beer tent on both days and a silent auction on Saturday afternoon. The tournament is considered a provincial qualifier and has men’s and co-ed divisions.

For more information email

Interested in Joining Burlington Men's Slo Pitch?

 Interested in Joining Burlington Men's Slo-Pitch?

A number of teams in our league are looking for players, to fill out their rosters for the 2017 season. Players must be all male, and 30 years old and over (during the calendar year of the season).

Inquiries from full teams may be considered for 2017. The league currently has a complement of 26 teams for this season.

If you are interested, contact Jeff Morton at 905-319-0707 or via e-mail: