Last Updated: July 23, 2016
  • FINAL CALL FOR REGISTRATION....ON LINE registration closes Saturday 7/23/16, DON'T MISS IT!!!

Website Registration has been extended until this saturday!!


Don't miss it, there has been a few stragglers so the registration will remain open until Saturday.

Late registration do not have e opportunity to go through evaluations or a draft.  Late registrations will be assigned by the Player Coordinator, Bryan Simon, to the next team in draft order.

Basic Questions Answered

For new members to the league there have been a few questions that I hope to answer here. 

-  On-line registration is open currently.  To register if you have not done so before, simply create an account using your email.  Then registration is a step by step, please ensure you fill out completely.  Once you have completed the registration completely, then at the bottom click payment, and it will take you to payment options (PayPal or Credit).

-  Fees are as follows:  Colt Division (Ages 5 - 6) $100 registration + $7 field fees + $60 candy buyout.  Bronco (ages 7-9), Stallion (ages 10-13) and Thoroughbred (ages 14-17) $125 registration = $7.00 field fees + $60 candy buyout.  These fees include uniforms, trophies, mouth guards and professional field officials.  Footwear is not provided.  In Thoroughbred Division pants and socks not provided but will be decided on by individual teams.  Subsequent siblings are discounted.

- Candy buyout is automatic, but if you decide you would want to sell candy, you will then be responsible for selling 2 boxes of candy per family ($120 value) and then once obligation is met, $60 will be refunded to you.

-  The season starts  at the end of August and lasts till the end of October (Specific game schedules and dates not currently available until after drafts).  Generally, games will take place on Saturday Mornings and an occasional Tuesday or Thursday night under the lights.  Practices will be up to the individual coaches/teams in terms of days and times.  Games are all at the fields at the Annerino Center.

-Calendars and schedules as well as teams will all be updated when information is available.

-Evaluations will be on Sunday July 10th or Saturday July 16th for Bronco, Stallion and Thoroughbred Divisions (time TBA)

-Scroll down for further information articles.



The rules for 2016 have been posted.  Please feel free to take a look.  They have now been made easier for reading by adding a few things, like a table of contents and an appendix which includes a penalty cheat sheet.

Kurt Barbour

Director of Officiating

Upcoming Games/Practices

Saturday, Aug 20
Jets @ Broncos9:00amBolingbrook High School
Seahawks @ Jaguars9:00amBolingbrook High School
Falcons @ Steelers9:30amBolingbrook High School
Patriots @ Eagles9:30amBolingbrook High School
Titans @ Fighting Irish10:00amBolingbrook High School
Colts @ 49 ers10:00amBolingbrook High School
Raiders @ Packers10:30amBolingbrook High School
Ravens @ Jets10:30amBolingbrook High School

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Upcoming Events

Saturday, Aug 27
Raider Day (not confirmed yet)9:00amBolingbrook High School

For a complete calendar listing, click here!