Last Updated: September 21, 2017
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  • Week 1 in the books; Chiefs at the top of the heap early on
  • Mike Ratz stone walls Warriors; earns shutout in 3-0 win
  • Flyers rookie Dillon Liberty at the top of the scoring race already; tied with Kyle Gillier
  • Early bird rate of $325 held over; MUST BE PAID BEFORE YOU SKATE WEEK 2
  • Josh Beatty dons Dane's old Missouri Mavericks bucket; reportedly stole it right from his bag

All outstanding balances NOW DUE

The B.M.H.L. currently has a waiting list of
players hoping to join the league.

Unpaid players risk losing their roster spot
to a paying player from the waiting list

Waiting list players will take over $0 roster spaces on WEEK 3

Upcoming Games

Sunday, Oct 1
Hustlers @ Raiders7:00pmBothwell Area Sports Centre
Warriors @ Bullies8:00pmBothwell Area Sports Centre
Flyers @ Streakers9:00pmBothwell Area Sports Centre
Stars @ Chiefs10:00pmBothwell Area Sports Centre
Sunday, Oct 8
Stars @ Flyers7:00pmBothwell Area Sports Centre
Chiefs @ Streakers8:00pmBothwell Area Sports Centre
Raiders @ Bullies9:00pmBothwell Area Sports Centre
Hustlers @ Warriors10:00pmBothwell Area Sports Centre

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