Last Updated: November 16, 2015
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  • Chiefs claim top spot in week 10.
  • Flyers, Chiefs, Warriors and Raiders all win.
  • Raiders and Flyers battling for basement boss supremacy.
  • Week 10 Stars - 1)M. Kicks 2) G. Lowry 3) B. Sherman
  • Reminder slap shots are not allowed...even if you're losing.
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B.M.H.L. Cup Playoffs; format explained
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Of the four teams tied for first place with 6-3 records, who is the real deal?


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Sunday, Nov 29
Warriors @ Flyers7:00pmBothwell Area Sports Centre
Chiefs @ Raiders8:00pmBothwell Area Sports Centre
Stars @ Hustlers9:00pmBothwell Area Sports Centre
Bullies @ Streakers10:00pmBothwell Area Sports Centre

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