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  • Ticker finally updated!
  • Welch named Director of Player Safety.
  • Raiders playing like the Maple Leafs.
  • Get your official Streakers J-pants. Contact Minall.
  • Sherm has the password to the site.
My B.M.H.L.
Chambers dealt to Flyers day after being draft 1st overall
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Who is the best "Glencoe product" in the BMHL?
Ben Gould
Kyle Mitchell
Mike Kicks
Nate Johnson
Paul Johnson
Tom Jobson

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Upcoming Games

Sunday,  Nov 2
Streakers @ Hustlers 7:00pm Bothwell Area Sports Centre
Bullies @ Stars 8:00pm Bothwell Area Sports Centre
Chiefs @ Warriors 9:00pm Bothwell Area Sports Centre
Raiders @ Flyers 10:00pm Bothwell Area Sports Centre

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Upcoming Events

Monday,  Dec 15
BMHL Executive Meeting 8:00pm L.A Roadhouse
Monday,  Feb 9
BMHL Executive Meeting 8:00pm L.A Roadhouse
Monday,  Apr 6
BMHL Executive Meeting 8:00pm L.A Roadhouse

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