Last Updated: October 25, 2016
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  • Bullies edge Streakers 3-2.
  • Stars win in a shootout over Hustlers 4-3.
  • Warrirors and Underwood shutout Flyers 6-0.
  • Raiders clip Chiefs 3-2 for their 1st W of the season.
  • League setting new attendance records this season.
2015-2016 BMHL award recipients accounced
BMHL hosting women's division for 2016
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Who's the hardest guy to win a faceoff against?

1. Matt Plaine (Flyers)
2. Jamie Beatty (Stars)
3. Brent Sherman (Chiefs)
4. Kyle Gillier (Bullies)
5. Tom Jobson (Raiders)
6. Andy Welch (Warriors)
7. Other

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Registered Players

 As of September 8, 2016 7:06 pm

Women's Division:

With only 1 hour of ice available for this innaugural season, the league cap will be 42 players and 3 goalies. Since there are no returning players to occupy spots first, all roster spots will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

If only two teams are able to be filled, but 3 goalies register, the first two goalies to register will be awarded roster spots and the third will be the first goalie on the spare list.

Roster selection process is TBD, but will be governed by the BMHL's charter principle of creating mixed-talent teams where the primary goals are to have fun and meet new people.


Women's Division

  1. Aldred, Jodie
  2. Daly, Allyson
  3. Degraw, Laura (G)
  4. Dewulf, Anissa
  5. Heyink, Shelby
  6. Lalonde, Madison
  7. McDonald Stacey

Upcoming Games

Sunday, Oct 30
Streakers @ Hustlers7:00pmBothwell Area Sports Centre
Bullies @ Stars8:00pmBothwell Area Sports Centre
Chiefs @ Warriors9:00pmBothwell Area Sports Centre
Raiders @ Flyers10:00pmBothwell Area Sports Centre
Sunday, Nov 6
Stars @ Raiders7:00pmBothwell Area Sports Centre
Warriors @ Streakers8:00pmBothwell Area Sports Centre
Hustlers @ Flyers9:00pmBothwell Area Sports Centre
Chiefs @ Bullies10:00pmBothwell Area Sports Centre

For a complete schedule listing, click here!