Last Updated: June 15, 2016
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BMHL looks to begin women's division for 2016
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BMHL looks to begin women's division for 2016

Jordan Bray

BOTHWELL - There's an itch that needs to be scratched in the Four-Counties area and the BMHL looks to do exactly that. League executives have joined with a grassroots group looking to bring competitive recreational women's hockey to Bothwell for 2016 and all are expecting solid interest from the region.

With hockey opportunities for girls and young women finally on the rise in our country, there is unfortunately a noticeable absence of hockey leagues and ice time available to those women when they've finally decided to call it a career - from a highly competitive standpoint.

When BMHL executives were initially approached with the pitch the mood was more than positive.

"We have numerous NCAAA, CIS, and PWHL graduates living in the area with absolutely nowhere to play once they are too old or when the lifestyle no longers fits into their schedules," said one proponent. "The talent pool is incredibly deep in our region. This league will be an exciting opportunity, to put it lightly."

At this stage, the biggest sticking point is getting the registration numbers in time for the allocated ice time to be secured. BMHL executives say the window for registration will unfortunately be a short one as ice allocation requests must be finalized by early June.  They are anticipating a single game for the Women's Division, played from 6:00 to 7:00 pm each Sunday.

Once registration is open, players who register and pay will have their name added to the publicly-viewable list - the idea being reluctant players may join if they see that a friend or former teammate has already joined. Women aged 18+ who are not signed to a card, and are no longer playing high school hockey, are eligeable to play.

If there are enough players to have 2 teams, teams will be created and the season will begin in September. If there are enough players to create 3 teams, teams will be created and a portion of registration fees will be refunded to players in lieu of the greater amount in fees being brought in by 3 teams worth of women.

BMHL Head of Officiating, Rob Hawthorne, has confirmed that his crew will be able to take on the extra game, which ensures games will be officiated by some of the best in the business.




Registered Players - Women's Division

 As of June 15, 2016 10:25 pm

With only 1 hour of ice available for this innaugural season, the league cap will be 42 players and 3 goalies. Since there are no returning players to occupy spots first, all roster spots will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

If only two teams are able to be filled, but 3 goalies register, the first two goalies to register will be awarded roster spots and the third will be the first goalie on the spare list.

Roster selection process is TBD, but will be governed by the BMHL's charter principle of created mixed-talent teams where the primary goals are to have fun and meet new people.

(G) - goaltender

          1.  Daly, Allyson
          2. Degraw, Laura (G)