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  • 2017 Games Begin 1st Week Of May 2017

April 10, 2017

 I hope all is well and everyone has had a great winter season off.  The permit is confirmed for the three time slots, and the fees for this season are $1000 per team.  This can be sent to me by e-transfer at or I can pick it up.  If you can have this sent no later than April, 28th, 2017 that would be greatly appreciated.  You can reach me at or call/text at 647.219.4846.  This will also be posted on the website as the season will start Sunday, May 7th.  Hope to hear from you soon.

I want to also welcome our newest team to the league - JABOG (Just a Bunch of Guys)...

Upcoming Games/Practices

Sunday, May 7
2017 Regular Season Standings
Pur Mist @ ReJeannes9:00amThe Red Diamond
C.C.S. @ Route 229:00amThe Yellow Diamond
Budz @ Got The Runs10:20amThe Red Diamond
Just A Bunch Of Guys @ Batmen10:20amThe Yellow Diamond
Last Call @ BOHL11:40amThe Red Diamond

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