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  • 2017 Games Begin 1st Week Of May 2017

Just a friendly reminder, that tiebreakers are RUNS For this year.

ReJeannes has folded there team,  All games against ReJeannes will result in a 7-0 Score.

May 10, 2017


Also, just a friendly reminder the Outdoor Field Status can be viewed at the link below:

Upcoming Games/Practices

Sunday, Jul 30
2017 Regular Season Standings
Route 22 @ ROC9:00amThe Red Diamond
C.C.S. @ Pur Mist9:00amThe Yellow Diamond
Route 22 @ C.C.S.10:20amThe Red Diamond
Pur Mist @ Budz10:20amThe Yellow Diamond
BOHL @ Just A Bunch Of Guys11:40amThe Red Diamond
Batmen @ Got The Runs11:40amThe Yellow Diamond

For a complete schedule listing, click here!