Last Updated: May 29, 2015
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Happy Memorial Day weekend to everyone!  Please take time to reflect, remember, and thank those who have served or gave the ultimate sacrifice defending our freedoms!  In a world full of constant conflict and turmoil, we are very fortunate to live the lifestyles that we sometimes take for granted each and every day.  Please enjoy this beautiful weather with friends and family while we take a break from playing baseball this weekend at our complexes.  Hopefully the break will be a good opportunity for players, coaches, and parents to relax and recharge for the rest of the season.  And let's not forget what we are all here for.....the KIDS!   We should ALL ensure that we do the best we can to provide a positive experience with lasting memories for our Brandywine Little League community of great families! Thanks again for all of your efforts! Bob "Jumpy" Jump, BLL President


Imagine a hot day or evening at the dusty ball field without the chance to buy a Powerade or a bottle of water, a water ice for the disinterested brother or sister (not) watching the game, or maybe a Dyer dog or those delicious Dyer fries?  Well, we desperately need your help to avoid this unpleasant possibility. The concession stands at Dyer and the Brandywine Ballpark are open approximately 100 times just in the regular season alone.  We have a small handful of people that currently make sure the concessions get open, but we could REALLY use a few more.  

To be clear, we are not talking about parents who take turns working the concessions during their kid's games.  That's great and your help is appreciated, but every night we need one person IN CHARGE at each location -- that means they have keys to open the place, know how to turn things on and off, know where the extra stuff is stored (and  have Susie's cell # if we are running out of anything) and know how to close up and what to do with the money.  It's really easy.  Takes about five minutes to learn the ropes. No special skills are required and of course, we are open to both men and women for this 'job". In fact, the BB stand is run by men most nights (affectionately known as the "Geezers" since they are, uh, more mature and have no kids in the league).

IF YOU COULD JUST GIVE US A FEW NIGHTS, that would be a big help. We only have four more weeks in the regular season, so if somebody said, "I'll take Wednesday nights at Dyer" you would only be there four times and the impact would be huge.  Susie and George Kountourzis are being stretched awfully thin trying to cover too many nights on their own. Please help us out if you can. 

Anyone interested, please contact Susie Kountourzis at 302-545-5272.


Sale of Green Wristbands Raises Over $5,000 for Billy Phillips

Thanks to a dedicated network of friends at schools across Wilmington and Newark, Brett Nordmeyer and Justin Doran presented Billy Phillips ‪#‎BP15‬ with checks worth $5,269.60 this morning from the sale of the green wristbands. Thanks to all who have purchased wristbands as Billy continues his fight to beat leukemia. Keep using your MambaMentality, Billy!


Register for Upcoming Clinics & Camps

Improve your game by taking advantage of the following clinics and camps:

MSI Academy Free May Clinics @ MSI

This FREE clinic to Brandywine Little Leaguers will run four weeks and will feature instruction in hitting, fielding and pitching.  Players interested in participating can join the clinic for all four sessions or choose the session(s) they are most interested in.  Each session will run for an hour and will be led by one of MSI's Head Instructors, John Bellaver.

Full Camp Details



Camp Details

Dates: Sundays in May

Location: MSI Academy
                              1451 Conchester Highway
                           Garnet Valley, PA 19060

Time: 1:00 - 2:00 (7u/8u)
           2:00 - 3:00 (9u/10u)

Price: Free

Week 1

7u/8u (Hitting)

9u/10u (Hitting)

Week 2

7u/8u (Infield)

9u/10u (Infield)

Week 3

7u/8u (Outfield/Catchers)

9u/10u (Outfield/Catchers)

Week 4

7u/8u (Hitting)

9u/10u (Pitching)


MSI Academy Baseball Camp, July 13-16, Dyer Fields

Click here for details.  For players 12 & under. 

Ryan Holsten Baseball Academy Camps, Weeks of July 20 and 27, St. Edmond's

Click here for more details.  For players in grades 1-9.  

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Upcoming Games

Friday,  May 29
PRACTICE Goorland Supply 5:30pm Dick Moore Field (BB#1)
PRACTICE Overtime Tickets 6:00pm Batting Cage Dyer # 1
Marini's @ Sprint Quality Printing 6:00pm Dyer Field #1
RawLaw @ Goorland Supply 8:00pm Dyer Field #1
Geico @ Day-Light Electric & Contracting 6:00pm Dyer Field #2
Del Vets (N) @ Wilmington (W) 6:00pm 18th & Franklin St (W)
Boston Market (N) @ Hy-Point (N) 6:00pm Naamans LL Complex
Horizon (B) @ Dyer Cafe (B) 6:00pm Dyer Fields
AA PRACTICE 6:00pm Brandywine Ballpark #2
Wilmington Amusements @ Ice Cream Shoppe 6:00pm Dyer5
Al's Sporting Goods @ Security, Inc. 6:00pm Dyer3
Saturday,  May 30
McCall's Insurance @ Bridge Studio 10:00am Dyer Field #1
Campanella's Auto @ Overtime Tickets 12:30pm Dyer Field #1
Brooks Quality Home Improvements @ Brandywine Hearing Center 10:00am Dyer Field #2
Horizon Services @ Shawn's Stars and Stripes 12:30pm Dick Moore Field (BB#1)
Maier's Shell @ Dental Associates of Delaware 12:30pm Dyer Field #2
2015 Big League
Caln #1 @ Brandywine 3:00pm Brandywine LL -- Dyer Fields
Del Vets (N) @ Boston Market (N) 5:00pm Naamans LL Complex
Horizon (B) @ Boston Market (B) 12:00pm Dyer Fields
Al's Sporting Goods (N) @ Davis Insurance (N) 12:00pm Naamans LL Complex
Mullen State Farm (N) @ Tiki Music (N) 2:30pm Naamans LL Complex
Waste Masters (B) @ Dodgers (W) 3:00pm 18th & Franklin St (W)
Young Conaway Stargatt & Taylor (N) @ Phillies (W) 5:30pm 18th & Franklin St (W)
Limestone Pension Assoc. @ Milestone Wealth Advisors 10:00am Brandywine Ballpark #2
Progressive Health of Delaware @ Crown Trophy 10:00am Dyer5
Holcomb Cabinetry @ Anzilotti Orthodontics 12:30pm Brandywine Ballpark #2
Greeley & Nistra Orthodontics @ Waste Masters 12:30pm Dyer5
Kimmel Carter @ Dick's Sporting Goods 10:00am Brandywine Ballpark #3
Cap'n Chucky's Crab Cake Co. @ McDonald's/DuKart Mgmt 10:00am Dyer4
Ellmore Auto @ First State Pharmacy 12:30pm Brandywine Ballpark #3
Barksdale School Portraits @ TEFC 12:30pm Dyer4
ValleyPoint Church @ Hypoint Dairy 3:00pm Brandywine Ballpark #2
Delaware Pediatrics @ Artisans' Bank 3:00pm Brandywine Ballpark #3
Five Guys Burgers & Fries @ Ferris Home Improvements 10:00am Brandywine Ballpark #4
Creative Landcare @ Forwood Manor 10:00am Dyer3
El Diablo Burritos @ Fairfax Hardware 12:30pm Brandywine Ballpark #4
Blue Rocks @ Styles Barber Shops (BAM) 12:30pm Dyer3
Sunday,  May 31
PRACTICE Marini's 11:00am Dyer Field #1
PRACTICE Goorland Supply 1:00pm Dick Moore Field (BB#1)
PRACTICE Campanella's Auto 1:00pm Dyer Field #1
PRACTICE Sprint Quality Printing 3:00pm Dyer Field #1
PRACTICE Bridge Studio 5:00pm Dyer Field #1
Hy-Point (N) @ Del Vets (N) 12:00pm Naamans LL Complex
Boston Market (N) PRACTICE 2:00pm Brandywine LL -- Dyer Jr/Sr Field
CRM (B) @ Boston Market (N) 2:30pm Naamans LL Complex
Progressive Health of Delaware PRACTICE 1:00pm Dyer5
Monday,  Jun 1
PRACTICE Goorland Supply 6:00pm Batting Cage Majors BB
Marini's @ McCall's Insurance 6:00pm Dick Moore Field (BB#1)
Overtime Tickets @ Sprint Quality Printing 6:00pm Dyer Field #1
Horizon Services @ Brandywine Hearing Center 6:00pm Brandywine Ballpark #2
Dental Associates of Delaware @ Shawn's Stars and Stripes 6:00pm Dyer Field #2
Dyer Cafe (B) @ Boston Market (B) 6:00pm Dyer Fields
Dodgers (W) @ Young Conaway Stargatt & Taylor (N) 6:00pm Naamans LL Complex
Waste Masters @ Wilmington Amusements 6:00pm Dyer5
Hypoint Dairy @ Cap'n Chucky's Crab Cake Co. 6:00pm Brandywine Ballpark #3
McDonald's/DuKart Mgmt @ Delaware Pediatrics 6:00pm Dyer4
Security, Inc. @ El Diablo Burritos 6:00pm Brandywine Ballpark #4
Five Guys Burgers & Fries @ Styles Barber Shops (BAM) 6:00pm Dyer3
Tuesday,  Jun 2
Campanella's Auto @ RawLaw 6:00pm Dyer Field #1
Maier's Shell @ Brooks Quality Home Improvements 6:00pm Dyer Field #2
Boston Market (N) @ CRM (B) 8:30pm Dyer Fields
Horizon (B) @ Waste Masters (B) 6:00pm Dyer Fields
Al's Sporting Goods (N) @ Mullen State Farm (N) 6:00pm Naamans LL Complex
Ice Cream Shoppe @ Greeley & Nistra Orthodontics 6:00pm Brandywine Ballpark #2
Crown Trophy @ 6:00pm Dyer5
Kimmel Carter @ Mosquito Mob 6:00pm Brandywine Ballpark #3
ValleyPoint Church @ Ellmore Auto 6:00pm Dyer4
Blue Rocks @ Fairfax Hardware 6:00pm Dyer3
Wednesday,  Jun 3
Sprint Quality Printing @ McCall's Insurance 6:00pm Dick Moore Field (BB#1)
Bridge Studio @ Goorland Supply 6:00pm Dyer Field #1
Geico @ Horizon Services 6:00pm Dyer Field #2
2015 Big League
New Castle @ Brandywine 7:00pm Brandywine LL -- Dyer Fields
Wilmington (W) @ Del Vets (N) 6:00pm Naamans LL Complex
Wilmington Amusements @ Progressive Health of Delaware 6:00pm Brandywine Ballpark #2
Delaware Pediatrics @ Dick's Sporting Goods 6:00pm Brandywine Ballpark #3
TEFC @ Artisans' Bank 6:00pm Dyer5
El Diablo Burritos @ Al's Sporting Goods 6:00pm Dyer3
Thursday,  Jun 4
Marini's @ Overtime Tickets 6:00pm Dyer Field #1
Shawn's Stars and Stripes @ Day-Light Electric & Contracting 6:00pm Dick Moore Field (BB#1)
Brandywine Hearing Center @ Brooks Quality Home Improvements 6:00pm Dyer Field #2
Dyer Cafe (B) @ Waste Masters (B) 6:00pm Dyer Fields
Davis Insurance (N) @ Tiki Music (N) 6:00pm Naamans LL Complex
Milestone Wealth Advisors @ Ice Cream Shoppe 6:00pm Brandywine Ballpark #2
Anzilotti Orthodontics @ Limestone Pension Assoc. 6:00pm Dyer5
Mosquito Mob @ ValleyPoint Church 6:00pm Brandywine Ballpark #3
First State Pharmacy @ Cap'n Chucky's Crab Cake Co. 6:00pm Dyer4
Creative Landcare @ Fairfax Hardware 6:00pm Brandywine Ballpark #4
Blue Rocks @ Security, Inc. 6:00pm Dyer3
Friday,  Jun 5
Sprint Quality Printing @ McCall's Insurance 6:00pm Dyer Field #1
RawLaw @ Bridge Studio 8:00pm Dyer Field #1
2015 Big League
West Bradford #1 @ Brandywine 7:00pm Brandywine LL -- Dyer Fields
CRM (B) @ Hy-Point (N) 6:00pm Naamans LL Complex
Boston Market (N) @ Wilmington (W) 7:00pm Joe L White Memorial Field (Wilmington LL)
AA PRACTICE 6:00pm Brandywine Ballpark #2
Progressive Health of Delaware @ Greeley & Nistra Orthodontics 6:00pm Dyer5
Styles Barber Shops (BAM) @ Al's Sporting Goods 6:00pm Dyer3
Saturday,  Jun 6
Tiki Music (N) @ Dyer Cafe (B) 12:00pm Dyer Fields
Dodgers (W) @ Al's Sporting Goods (N) 12:00pm Naamans LL Complex
Boston Market (B) @ Phillies (W) 12:30pm 18th & Franklin St (W)
Davis Insurance (N) @ Horizon (B) 2:30pm Dyer Fields
Mullen State Farm (N) @ Young Conaway Stargatt & Taylor (N) 2:30pm Naamans LL Complex
Limestone Pension Assoc. @ Holcomb Cabinetry 10:00am Brandywine Ballpark #2
Waste Masters @ Milestone Wealth Advisors 10:00am Dyer5
Ice Cream Shoppe @ Anzilotti Orthodontics 12:30pm Brandywine Ballpark #2 @ Wilmington Amusements 12:30pm Dyer5
Kimmel Carter @ Artisans' Bank 10:00am Brandywine Ballpark #3
Barksdale School Portraits @ McDonald's/DuKart Mgmt 10:00am Dyer4
Mosquito Mob @ First State Pharmacy 12:30pm Brandywine Ballpark #3
ValleyPoint Church @ TEFC 12:30pm Dyer4
Hypoint Dairy @ Dick's Sporting Goods 3:00pm Brandywine Ballpark #2
Ellmore Auto @ Delaware Pediatrics 3:00pm Brandywine Ballpark #3
Blue Rocks @ Creative Landcare 10:00am Dyer3
Ferris Home Improvements @ Fairfax Hardware 12:30pm Dyer3
Sunday,  Jun 7
Boston Market (N) @ Del Vets (N) 2:30pm Naamans LL Complex
CRM (B) @ Wilmington (W) 3:00pm 18th and Franklin Streets
Boston Market (N) @ Hy-Point (N) 5:00pm Naamans LL Complex
Del Vets (N) @ Wilmington (W) 5:30pm 18th & Franklin St (W)
Mullen State Farm (N) @ Tiki Music (N) 12:00pm Naamans LL Complex
Progressive Health of Delaware PRACTICE 1:00pm Dyer5

For a complete schedule listing, click here!