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Improve your game by taking advantage of the following clinics and camps:

MSI Academy Free May Clinics @ MSI

This FREE clinic to Brandywine Little Leaguers will run four weeks and will feature instruction in hitting, fielding and pitching.  Players interested in participating can join the clinic for all four sessions or choose the session(s) they are most interested in.  Each session will run for an hour and will be led by one of MSI's Head Instructors, John Bellaver.

Full Camp Details



Camp Details

Dates: Sundays in May

Location: MSI Academy
                              1451 Conchester Highway
                           Garnet Valley, PA 19060

Time: 1:00 - 2:00 (7u/8u)
           2:00 - 3:00 (9u/10u)

Price: Free

Week 1

7u/8u (Hitting)

9u/10u (Hitting)

Week 2

7u/8u (Infield)

9u/10u (Infield)

Week 3

7u/8u (Outfield/Catchers)

9u/10u (Outfield/Catchers)

Week 4

7u/8u (Hitting)

9u/10u (Pitching)


MSI Academy Baseball Camp, July 13-16, Dyer Fields

Click here for details.  For players 12 & under. 

Ryan Holsten Baseball Academy Camps, Weeks of July 20 and 27, St. Edmond's

Click here for more details.  For players in grades 1-9.  

Fundraisers for Billy Phillips, Diagnosed with Leukemia

Billy Phillips, one of the top players to come through Brandywine Little League, was diagnosed with Leukemia on March 10. Billy is currently a senior at Saint Mark's High School and, as a hard-throwing lefty, is committed to the University of Maryland. Billy has a "Mamba Mentality" to help beat this but, in the meantime, medical bills will be piling up so donate what you can to help Billy and his wonderful family including Michelle, his Mom, and Matty, his brother and BLL All-Star. Billy, the BLL Community is praying and pulling for you!  ‪#‎BP15‬



Several former BLL players have also organized a fundraiser for Billy Phillips by selling wristbands that say, ‪#‎BP15‬ and "Mamba Mentality," a mentality that Billy uses on the mound and in his fight against cancer. Wristbands will be available on Opening Day for $5 each.  


Click here to read the recent article from the News Journal on Billy's story.


Brandywine "Rocks" Big League Team -- Register Now; Organizational Meeting: 7 PM, April 22

Baseball players, age 16 to 18, who reside or go to school in New Castle County are eligible to play Big League Baseball this spring/summer.  The Brandywine "Rocks" compete in the Delaware Valley Big League Baseball Association against teams from Delaware and Pennsylvania.  The 12-game regular season runs from May 2 to June 21.  Brandywine will also participate in the Snyder Memorial Invitational Tournament, which concludes on Memorial Day and benefits the Ronald McDonald Houses of Philadelphia and Delaware.  Following the regular season, a Del Val Champion will be determined in an eight team playoff and a DE District 2 Champion will be determined in a separate four-team playoff.  Brandywine players will be eligible to participate on the Delaware District 2 All Star team, which is a combined team representing each of the four Delaware District 2 teams: Brandywine, Canal, New Castle and Wilmington.  Players interested in participating should contact David Bacher, Vikki McGarvey, or John Faulkner (contact into in the Board of Directors listing on tab to left).  More information about the Del Val Big League Baseball Association can be found here.  Then click here to register.  Cost is $200. Any player interested in participating or learning more about Big League baseball should attend an Organizational Meeting (Parents are welcome to attend) on Wednesday, 22 April at 7 at the Brandywine Ballpark Clubhouse.  

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Upcoming Games

Tuesday,  Apr 28
PRACTICE Marini's 6:00pm Dick Moore Field (BB#1)
Bridge Studio @ McCall's Insurance 6:00pm Dyer Field #1
Shawn's Stars and Stripes @ Day-Light Electric & Contracting 6:00pm Dyer Field #2
Phillies (W) @ Horizon (B) 6:00pm Dyer Fields
Waste Masters @ Greeley & Nistra Orthodontics 6:00pm Brandywine Ballpark #2 @ Crown Trophy 6:00pm Dyer5
First State Pharmacy @ Mosquito Mob 6:00pm Brandywine Ballpark #3
Artisans' Bank @ Kimmel Carter 6:00pm Dyer4
Al's Sporting Goods @ El Diablo Burritos 6:00pm Brandywine Ballpark #4
Forwood Manor @ Five Guys Burgers & Fries 6:00pm Dyer3
Wednesday,  Apr 29
PRACTICE Campanella's Auto 6:00pm Batting Cage Dyer # 1
Overtime Tickets @ Marini's 6:00pm Dyer Field #1
PRACTICE Horizon Services 6:00pm Batting Cage Dyer #2
PRACTICE Brandywine Hearing Center 6:00pm Bechtel Park
Brooks Quality Home Improvements @ Dental Associates of Delaware 6:00pm Dyer Field #2
Dodgers (W) @ Waste Masters (B) 6:00pm Dyer Fields
Ice Cream Shoppe @ Milestone Wealth Advisors 6:00pm Brandywine Ballpark #2
Wilmington Amusements PRACTICE 6:00pm Dyer5
ValleyPoint Church @ Delaware Pediatrics 6:00pm Brandywine Ballpark #3
Cap'n Chucky's Crab Cake Co. @ Hypoint Dairy 6:00pm Dyer5
Fairfax Hardware @ Ferris Home Improvements 6:00pm Dyer3
Thursday,  Apr 30
PRACTICE Sprint Quality Printing 6:00pm Batting Cage Dyer # 1
PRACTICE Goorland Supply 6:00pm Batting Cage Majors BB
PRACTICE Bridge Studio 6:00pm Dick Moore Field (BB#1)
McCall's Insurance @ Campanella's Auto 6:00pm Dyer Field #1
PRACTICE Shawn's Stars and Stripes 6:00pm Bechtel Park
Brandywine Hearing Center @ Horizon Services 6:00pm Dyer Field #2
Davis Insurance (N) @ Mullen State Farm (N) 5:30pm Naamans LL Complex
Tiki Music (N) @ Boston Market (B) 6:00pm Dyer Fields
Limestone Pension Assoc. @ Anzilotti Orthodontics 6:00pm Brandywine Ballpark #2
Greeley & Nistra Orthodontics @ Progressive Health of Delaware 6:00pm Dyer5
Mosquito Mob @ Artisans' Bank 6:00pm Brandywine Ballpark #3
Barksdale School Portraits @ Kimmel Carter 6:00pm Dyer4
Styles Barber Shops (BAM) @ Forwood Manor 6:00pm Dyer3
Friday,  May 1
PRACTICE Goorland Supply 6:00pm Batting Cage Dyer # 1
Overtime Tickets @ McCall's Insurance 6:00pm Dyer Field #1
PRACTICE Dental Associates of Delaware 6:00pm Bechtel Park
Brooks Quality Home Improvements @ Maier's Shell 6:00pm Dyer Field #2
Del Vets (N) @ Wilmington (W) 5:30pm 18th & Franklin St (W)
Hy-Point (N) @ CRM (B) 8:00pm Dyer Fields
Wilmington Amusements PRACTICE 6:00pm Brandywine Ballpark #2
Milestone Wealth Advisors @ Waste Masters 6:00pm Dyer5
Blue Rocks @ Al's Sporting Goods 6:00pm Dyer3
Saturday,  May 2
Sprint Quality Printing @ RawLaw 10:00am Dick Moore Field (BB#1)
Bridge Studio @ Campanella's Auto 10:00am Dyer Field #1
Goorland Supply @ Marini's 12:30pm Dyer Field #1
Geico @ Brandywine Hearing Center 10:00am Dyer Field #2
Shawn's Stars and Stripes @ Dental Associates of Delaware 12:30pm Dick Moore Field (BB#1)
Day-Light Electric & Contracting @ Horizon Services 12:30pm Dyer Field #2
Boston Market (B) @ Waste Masters (B) 12:00pm Dyer Fields
Horizon (B) @ Young Conaway Stargatt & Taylor (N) 12:00pm Naamans LL Complex
Mullen State Farm (N) @ Tiki Music (N) 2:30pm Naamans LL Complex
Al's Sporting Goods (N) @ Phillies (W) 3:00pm 18th & Franklin St (W)
Dyer Cafe (B) PRACTICE 3:00pm Brandywine LL -- Dyer Fields
Davis Insurance (N) @ Dodgers (W) 5:30pm 18th & Franklin St (W)
Holcomb Cabinetry @ Limestone Pension Assoc. 10:00am Brandywine Ballpark #2
Crown Trophy @ Wilmington Amusements 10:00am Dyer5
Anzilotti Orthodontics @ Ice Cream Shoppe 12:30pm Brandywine Ballpark #2 @ Greeley & Nistra Orthodontics 12:30pm Dyer5
Kimmel Carter @ Hypoint Dairy 10:00am Brandywine Ballpark #3
Dick's Sporting Goods @ Artisans' Bank 10:00am Dyer4
TEFC @ Ellmore Auto 12:30pm Brandywine Ballpark #3
Delaware Pediatrics @ ValleyPoint Church 12:30pm Dyer4
First State Pharmacy @ Barksdale School Portraits 3:00pm Brandywine Ballpark #2
McDonald's/DuKart Mgmt @ Cap'n Chucky's Crab Cake Co. 3:00pm Brandywine Ballpark #3
Ferris Home Improvements @ Five Guys Burgers & Fries 10:00am Brandywine Ballpark #4
Security, Inc. @ Fairfax Hardware 10:00am Dyer3
El Diablo Burritos @ Creative Landcare 12:30pm Brandywine Ballpark #4
Forwood Manor @ Styles Barber Shops (BAM) 12:30pm Dyer3
Sunday,  May 3
PRACTICE Marini's 11:00am Dick Moore Field (BB#1)
PRACTICE Overtime Tickets 11:00am Dyer Field #1
PRACTICE McCall's Insurance 1:00pm Dyer Field #1
PRACTICE Sprint Quality Printing 3:00pm Brandywine LL -- Dyer Fields
PRACTICE Campanella's Auto 3:00pm Dyer Field #1
PRACTICE RawLaw 5:00pm Dick Moore Field (BB#1)
PRACTICE Bridge Studio 5:00pm Dyer Field #1
2015 Big League
PRACTICE Brandywine 1:00pm Brandywine LL -- Dyer Fields
Avon Grove @ Brandywine 3:00pm Brandywine LL -- Dyer Fields
Wilmington (W) @ Boston Market (N) 12:00pm Naamans LL Complex
Del Vets (N) @ Hy-Point (N) 2:30pm Naamans LL Complex
AA PRACTICE 11:00am Brandywine Ballpark #2
Progressive Health of Delaware PRACTICE 1:00pm Dyer5
Monday,  May 4
RawLaw @ Campanella's Auto 6:00pm Dick Moore Field (BB#1)
Overtime Tickets @ Sprint Quality Printing 6:00pm Dyer Field #1
Shawn's Stars and Stripes @ Horizon Services 6:00pm Brandywine Ballpark #2
Dental Associates of Delaware @ Day-Light Electric & Contracting 6:00pm Dyer Field #2
Phillies (W) @ Dodgers (W) 5:30pm 18th & Franklin St (W)
Mullen State Farm (N) @ Waste Masters (B) 6:00pm Dyer Fields
Waste Masters @ Anzilotti Orthodontics 6:00pm Dyer5
Hypoint Dairy @ ValleyPoint Church 6:00pm Brandywine Ballpark #3
Kimmel Carter @ Barksdale School Portraits 6:00pm Dyer4
Forwood Manor @ Ferris Home Improvements 6:00pm Brandywine Ballpark #4
Five Guys Burgers & Fries @ Security, Inc. 6:00pm Dyer3
Tuesday,  May 5
PRACTICE Marini's 6:00pm Dick Moore Field (BB#1)
Goorland Supply @ Bridge Studio 6:00pm Dyer Field #1
Brandywine Hearing Center @ Maier's Shell 6:00pm Dyer Field #2
Del Vets (N) @ Boston Market (N) 5:30pm Naamans LL Complex
Young Conaway Stargatt & Taylor (N) @ Boston Market (B) 6:00pm Dyer Fields
Ice Cream Shoppe @ Holcomb Cabinetry 6:00pm Brandywine Ballpark #2
Greeley & Nistra Orthodontics @ Crown Trophy 6:00pm Dyer5
Artisans' Bank @ Mosquito Mob 6:00pm Brandywine Ballpark #3
Cap'n Chucky's Crab Cake Co. @ Ellmore Auto 6:00pm Dyer4
Al's Sporting Goods @ Styles Barber Shops (BAM) 6:00pm Brandywine Ballpark #4
Creative Landcare @ Blue Rocks 6:00pm Dyer3
Wednesday,  May 6
McCall's Insurance @ Marini's 6:00pm Dyer Field #1
Geico @ Day-Light Electric & Contracting 6:00pm Bechtel Park
Brooks Quality Home Improvements @ Horizon Services 6:00pm Dyer Field #2
Waste Masters (B) @ Phillies (W) 5:30pm 18th & Franklin St (W)
Tiki Music (N) @ Horizon (B) 6:00pm Dyer Fields
Anzilotti Orthodontics @ Progressive Health of Delaware 6:00pm Brandywine Ballpark #2
Barksdale School Portraits @ Hypoint Dairy 6:00pm Brandywine Ballpark #3
First State Pharmacy @ Kimmel Carter 6:00pm Dyer5
Ferris Home Improvements @ Security, Inc. 6:00pm Brandywine Ballpark #4
Fairfax Hardware @ El Diablo Burritos 6:00pm Dyer3
Thursday,  May 7
Campanella's Auto @ Goorland Supply 6:00pm Dick Moore Field (BB#1)
Sprint Quality Printing @ Bridge Studio 6:00pm Dyer Field #1
Geico @ Shawn's Stars and Stripes 6:00pm Dyer Field #2
Dodgers (W) @ Al's Sporting Goods (N) 5:30pm Naamans LL Complex
Limestone Pension Assoc. @ Ice Cream Shoppe 6:00pm Brandywine Ballpark #2
Holcomb Cabinetry @ Waste Masters 6:00pm Dyer5
Artisans' Bank @ TEFC 6:00pm Brandywine Ballpark #3
Ellmore Auto @ Mosquito Mob 6:00pm Dyer4
Al's Sporting Goods @ Forwood Manor 6:00pm Dyer3

For a complete schedule listing, click here!