Evals Finished Let the Season Begin

     With the evals done an the draft scheduled for Sunday, the season will be beginning next week, October 1. 

     It looks like we will have enough players to have a combined Gold/Silver Division with 3 teams and 2 teams for Bronze Division.  

     We might not have a lot of teams, but I'm excited that the season is on.  First games are tentatively scheduled for 10/6 and 10/8.  Once teams are picked and the schedule is set i will post an announcement about opening weekend.  

Thanks Everybody! Let's make it a great season!


Letter From the Commissioner

Parents and coaches.       

     As of September 2017, I've taken over the job as hockey commissioner. My hope for the league is to restore it to its former glory.  However, I cannot do this alone.  I have ideas of changes that can be made, but I need your help.  The fall season is already begun, and some changes I can make now and some will take longer and need your support.  Between this season and spring season I plan on having a parents/coach meeting were everyone can voice their ideas and concerns for the league.  The purpose of this is to show support for the changes that we hope to make.  My experiences and those of parents with whom I've spoken tell of a league that was fun and gave the kids great hockey experience.  We can get there again with if we all work together.  
If you have any questions or suggestions please email me or text/call.

(570) 460-7310

Brian Layman



Rained Out Feature

BHL is offering a feature to help communicate with canceled games due to the weather.  Anyone with a cell phone with texting ability can sign up.

If a game is canceled, we will type a message on the "Rainedout" website and the site will send you a text message notifying you about the status of the game.

We will also send out messages if there is the threat of weather as well, but indicating that games are still on schedule.

Here is the link:

Join BHL text alerts on Rainedout


You can also text "BHLSPRING2017" to 84483