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Opening Day Court Jesters vs Rec Coaches
58 Days
Basketball Registration July 20th - October 1st
2014-15 Basketball League Rules

Basketball Registration July 20th - October 1st

It will be $70 to register for Grades (Boys and Girls)

4th through 8th

9th Grade Girls

9th Through 12th Grade Boys

12 game season plus playoffs (no playoffs for 4th grade boys)

T-Shirt and Medals


Court Jesters vs Brick Recreation Basketball Coaches

1 Ticket comes with your registration to our Opening Day on Friday 12/4 @ BMHS

Tickets can be purchased at our Recreation Office for $5 Children 4 and under are free

Get your ticket NOW while supplies last


Monday 10/19 @ LR

4th Boy 6pm

5th Boy 6:45pm

6th Boy 7:45pm


Tuesday 10/20 @LR

7th Boy 6:00pm

8th Boy 7:00 pm


Wednesday 10/21 @LR

4th Girl 6:00pm

5th Girl 6:30pm

6th Girl 7:00pm


Thursday 10/22 @LR

7th Girl 6:00pm

8th Girl 6:30pm

9th Girl 7:00pm