Last Updated: February 28, 2015
  • Bridgeport Bombers "The Best Travel Baseball/Softball Club in Chicago"
  • 2007 Triple Crown State Champions
  • 2009 NIML Champions
  • 2005 CABA State Champions
  • 2009 Runner-up CABA State Championship

Bombers Banquet Date Set!!!


Mark your calendars for March 21, 2015 for the Annual Bombers Banquet Bash! The party will begin at 6pm and will last until I say it's over! The banquet will be held at the stronghold of the Bombers, The Bombers Academy. Yes!  The Bombers Academy!

We have many exciting plans for the evening which I cannot disclose.  Also, this year, cell phones or cameras will not be allowed at banquet.  

This is a mandatory event where each kid will get their jersey and be officially announced as a Bomber!


Purchased ticket one week before banquet:

Adults $30

Children (3 -14) $10

Purchase at the Door:

 Adults $40

Children (3 -14) $10

This pricing is the same for everyone!  We do not discriminate. Yes, I am glad you are on a diet and won't eat much but you still have to pay the same amount as the guy who plans on going up fours times and drinking all the lobster butter. I am sorry you came 17 minutes late but you have to pay the same as the guy who came 30 minutes early trying to sneak in without paying. If you are allergic to shellfish, you still have to pay the same amount as the guy who likes chicken. If you are planning just to drink water and bring your own packets of coffee and three crackers, you need to pay the same as the guy who has 25 beers and one scallop. If you have a bum leg and can't get to the sweets table four times, have someone go for you.  Your paying the same amount. If your child looks 20 but he has a drivers license saying he's 14, then he will be charged the kids rate.  As always, players are FREE!  Not that type of player, a Bridgeport Bomber player.  He/she must also be on a current Bombers Roster or had their number retired.

Tickets will be available for purchase at The Bombers Academy beginning in mid-February.

The number one question we get each year, besides is the Chairman gonna give a great speech again, is what should we wear?  Is this formal ? Casual? Sporty?

The only advice we give is to wear something comfortable, the Chairmans speech is ususally long, so sitting for four hours in your clubbing jeans can be painful. Dancing can become contagious so be comfortable.  Some will dress to impress and some will barely shower. Some will wear Prada, others will wear Panda. Others will walk in with their shoes polished like they own the place. Just dress comfortably and enjoy the evening.

The executive board of superior baseball operations of The Bridgeport Bombers is requiring all families to please let your coach know by February 1st the following information so we can plan banquet accordingly.  Shoot them en email or text please. ASAP

1) Are you allergic to shellfish?

2) Do you prefer 60, 70, 80s, Rap, or country music?  Send one favorite song! (One per family)

3) Do you prefer a champaign toast or tequila toast?

4) Do you have a tuxedo or would be willing to rent one?

5) Number of people attending.

6) What is your favorite color?


This information will be used to make this banquet a special day in all our lives!





Girls Start Fallball!!


Bombers Headed to Cooperstown Dreams Park

July 3, 2015

The Bombers have received their invite to attend the Week of July 4th to Cooperstown DreamsPark. 

The Bridgeport Bombers twelve year old team will be the 9th Bomber team (2006, 2008,2009, 2011,2012,2013(2),2014,2015) that will attend the Cooperstown Dreams Park Tournament.

For those that dont know about the Tournament it is considered the greatest expereience for a 12 year old player. The Bombers past teams that went there still rememeber the fun that they had and considered that one of their greatest trips of all time. Over 3,000 teams get turned down a year to attend Cooperstown Dreams park. The Bombers cherish their invite every year.

I highly reccomend that you visit the website below for additional details.

Cooperstown Dreams Park

Gerardo Esquivel Named Director of Player Development!

July 21, 2014


The Bridgeport Bombers Executive Council is excited to announce Gerardo Esquivel has been named Director of Player Development for the Bridgeport Bombers. Gerardo over the past year has worked with the Bombers and demonstrated his great knowledge of the game. In addition, to his college expeience that he brings to the Bombers, the kids love working with him.

Gerardo played four years at Kansas State and was instrumental in his senior year leading Kansas State to a game away from the College World Series. Gerardo was drafted in the 24th round of the 2009 Major League baseball amateur draft by the Chicago Cubs.

The Bombers family is excited to add Gerardo and his experience to a great stable of coaches and instructors.  Most Bomber coaches have won more tourneys in one week than other clubs have won in their entire history.  Gerardo will develop and run practices for the Bombers to ensure correct intruction for our youth.  Gerardo will help in continuing to fill up the trophy case.

"The addition of Gerardo, in conjunction with the return of Sam Palace of the Washington Nationals, gives the Bombers unparallelled instruction in Chicago Travel Baseball." - Pete Shimkus (Founder and President)  

WHO ARE WE............ BOMBERS!!


Janet Galvin-Director of Softball Operations!

The Bridgeport Bombers are excited to announce Janet Galvin as Director of Softball Operations.  Janet will be responsible for player development for the softball division of the Bridgeport Bombers.  In addition, Janet will coach our 11U team.

 "The Bridgeport Bombers are excited about the development of our girls softball program and feel lucky to have Janet." - President Pete Shimkus

Janet will also be developing camps and clinics for all to help develop their softball skills.  Camps and clinics will be held at the new Bombers Training Academy (  Watch website for dates and times.

Janet comes to the Bombers after a successful career in both fast pitch and 16” softball. Janet attended Lourdes High School where she participated in a variety of sports. In 2005, she was inducted into the Girls Catholic Athletic Conference (CGAC) Hall of Fame.  After Lourdes, she attended Lewis University on a softball scholarship and played softball and volleyball. While at Lewis, she set several records that remain unbroken to this day. At Lewis, Janet was a 3 time MVP, and was selected to the Great Lakes Valley All Conference teams several times. In 1992, she was inducted into the Lewis University Hall of Fame. Janet alsohad a tremendous career playing 16” softball playing for many great teams such as Desparados-Rose n Crown, Shinnicks-Bad Attitude, and Wilson. In 2008, Janet was inducted into the 16” Softball Hall of Fame.  


In addition to her stellar playing career, Janet has coached and managed many softball and volleyball teams for the past 30 years.  Janet is the former Director and Head coach of the Chicago Rockets Softball team. Janet brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Bombers.


Janet is currently employed by the City of Chicago. She and her husband, Jim, have two children, James who is studying to be a Chiropractor at Logan College of Chiropractic in Chesterfield Missouri and daughter Julie is a sophomore at Saint Mary’s College Notre Dame, Indiana.


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Upcoming Games/Practices

Friday,  Apr 10
Bridgeport Bombers (12s) @ POSITION/TBD TBA Season Tipoff (HoChunk)
Bridgeport Bombers (9s) @ POSITION/TBD TBA Season Tipoff (HoChunk)
Saturday,  Apr 11
Bridgeport Bombers (12s) @ POSITION/TBD TBA Season Tipoff (HoChunk)
Bridgeport Bombers (9s) @ POSITION/TBD TBA Season Tipoff (HoChunk)
Sunday,  Apr 12
Bridgeport Bombers (12s) @ POSITION/TBD TBA Season Tipoff (HoChunk)
Bridgeport Bombers (9s) @ POSITION/TBD TBA Season Tipoff (HoChunk)
Friday,  Apr 17
Bridgeport Bombers (11s) @ POSITION/TBD TBA Spring Break Classic(HoChunk)
Bridgeport Bombers (12s) @ POSITION/TBD TBA Spring Break Classic(HoChunk)
Bridgeport Bombers (9s) @ POSITION/TBD TBA Spring Break Classic(HoChunk)
Saturday,  Apr 18
Bridgeport Bombers (11s) @ POSITION/TBD TBA Spring Break Classic(HoChunk)
Bridgeport Bombers (12s) @ POSITION/TBD TBA Spring Break Classic(HoChunk)
Bridgeport Bombers (9s) @ POSITION/TBD TBA Spring Break Classic(HoChunk)
Sunday,  Apr 19
Bridgeport Bombers (11s) @ POSITION/TBD TBA Spring Break Classic(HoChunk)
Bridgeport Bombers (12s) @ POSITION/TBD TBA Spring Break Classic(HoChunk)
Bridgeport Bombers (9s) @ POSITION/TBD TBA Spring Break Classic(HoChunk)
Wednesday,  Apr 22
Bridgeport Bombers (9s) @ Dirtbags 5:30pm Gouwens Park, South Holland, IL

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Upcoming Events

Sunday,  Mar 1
Team Practice (14s) 11:00am Bomber's Training Academy
Private Event - Shimkus 4:00pm Bomber's Training Academy
Private Event - Shimkus 6:00pm Bomber's Training Academy
Monday,  Mar 2
Softball Practice 12:00pm Bomber's Training Academy
Hitting / Pitching / Infield (14) 7:30pm Bomber's Training Academy
Tuesday,  Mar 3
Hitting/Pitching/Infield (9,12) 6:00pm Bomber's Training Academy
Wednesday,  Mar 4
Softball Practice 6:00pm Bomber's Training Academy
Hitting / Pitching/ Infield (10,14) 7:30pm Bomber's Training Academy
Thursday,  Mar 5
Hitting/Pitching/Infield (9,12) 6:30pm Bomber's Training Academy
Friday,  Mar 6
Hitting/Pitching/infield (11s) 6:00pm Bomber's Training Academy
Saturday,  Mar 7
Team Practice (11s) 8:00am Bomber's Training Academy
Team Practice (10s) 9:30am Bomber's Training Academy
Team Practice (12s) 11:00am Bomber's Training Academy
Team Practice (9s) 12:30pm Bomber's Training Academy

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