***CAPTAINS***: When filling out your line ups, make sure you put FIRST & LAST NAMES. This is important for figuring Playoff eligibility.


Pick -Up RULE: A team is allowed to pick up a maximum of 2 players from other teams to avoid a forfeit. Those 2 players must play catcher & Right Field & bat in the last 2 spots of the batting order. At NO TIME will the team who are using players from other teams be allowed to play with 10 players.

Now I don't want guys running up to me asking me if they can pick up 3 players to your breadth, the answer is NO....the rule is the rule.

Also the League will NOT Tolerate any verbal or physical abuse to another player or umpire. If said happens, player will be suspended for the remainder of the days games, if it happens in the second game of a double header, the player will be suspended for the upcoming weekends' games. If it happens a second time, the player is suspended for the rest of the season AND PLAYOFFS! Keep the tempers on low, its an alumni league.

Anyone interested in entering a team in the John Knight softball tournament on Saturday July 28th up at Mt Greenwood Park & St. Christina fields, please contact Brian Knight '11 @ (773) 480-4390. The cost per team is $300.  John Knight was a '78 grad of Rice, killed in the line of duty in 1999.



                                            Bob Amedio'93




 The cost of the League will be $725 paid in full by June 25th, $775 if paid after June 25th..$375 is due at Captains' meeting on April 19th, 2018. All $ MUST BE PAID BY JULY 15TH!


Field #1 McAuley N.W

Field #2 McAuley Grass S.E

Field #3 Rice Football Field N.E

Field #4: Rice Football Field S.W

Field #5 Crusader Diamond

Field #6 Rice Grass NE