Last Updated: March 24, 2017
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Congrats to the winners at the Finals in Westfield on Saturday 3/11/17:

7/8 White NCAA      Tantasqua defeated Wside 51-49

5/6 White NCAA      Holyoke defeated Agawam AA 39-35

5/6 Red Div.              Tantasqua defeated Northampton 48-25

7/8 Red Div.              Holyoke Knights defeated Chicopee Pacers 67-41

5/6 NIT                       Chicopee Pacers defeated East Longmeadow 53-38

5/6 Blue/Green NCAA    Quaboag defeated Ludlow 37-35

7/8 NIT                       Turners Falls defeated Monson 61-42

7/8 Blue/Green NCAA     South Hadley defeated Ware 61-42

5/6 CIT                        Ware defeated Southampton B

7/8 CIT                         Granby defeated Belchertown 44 - 24             


Please keep in mind, the BSABL plays NO ROLE in team/coach selection, player registrations, tryout policies, etc...  The individual programs handle all of that and interested parents MUST contact them directly.  The director's information is listed in the "Contact Info" page or by contacting your local Parks & Recreation Department.  DO NOT CONTACT THE BSABL COMMISSIONERS ABOUT ANY OF THIS.

If you are looking for the Girls Suburban League, visit their website at: 


League rules, bylaws, roster forms, etc... can all be found under the "Handouts" section.

Tournament information is listed under the "Outside Tournaments/Clinics" in the column at the left.