Last Updated: September 17, 2016
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2016 Player Physical Requirements

The BAMFL has made terrific strides as a program since entering the UFYL in the 2013 season. This is evidenced by first; our increased participation, and second; the amount of wins we were able to accumulate last season. The BAMFL executive board, board of directors, and coaches have joined Butler Golden Tornado Head Varsity Football Coach, Rob Densmore, in his quest to Be Relentless and Never Satisfied.  We are continuing to work towards the betterment of our league. We have been working since the last game of 2015 for a better 2016 season. It is our goal to have our football players working towards the same goal. This season the BAMFL is asking its football players to prepare for the 2016 season.  This preparation includes exercises to help with conditioning, player safety and reduce the risk of injury. We ask that players be able to complete the following exercises prior to the start of practice on August 1.

Varsity Expectations

20 Push Ups

Be Able to Run 2 Laps around the Field

2 sets of 10  Mountain Climbers

2 sets 10 Burpees with a  Squat Thrust

With 30 second rest between each set

JV Expectations

15 Push Ups

Be Able to Run 2 Laps around the Field

2 sets of 8  Mountain Climbers

2 sets 8 Burpees with a Squat Thrust

With 30 second rest between each set

Mites Expectations

10 Push Ups

Be Able to Run 1 Lap around the Field

1 set of 10 Mountain Climbers

1 set 10 Burpees with a Squat Thrust

With 30 second rest between each set


*****Please search burpee and mountain climber online if not sure how to perform exercise*****


Upcoming Games/Practices

Saturday, Sep 24
Varsity 138lb
Pine Richland @ Butler3:00pmButler Memorial Park
Junior Varsity 118lb
Pine Richland @ Butler1:00pmButler Memorial Park
Mites 98lb
Pine Richland @ Butler11:00amButler Memorial Park
Cardinals @ Blue Streaks9:00amButler Memorial Park
Yellow Jackets @ Mustangs10:00amButler Memorial Park
Saturday, Oct 1
Varsity 138lb
Butler @ Mars5:00pmMars Boro Field
Junior Varsity 118lb
Butler @ Mars3:00pmMars Boro Field
Mites 98lb
Butler @ Mars7:00pmMars Boro Field
Cardinals @ Yellow Jackets9:00amButler Memorial Park
Mustangs @ Blue Streaks10:00amButler Memorial Park
Saturday, Oct 8
Varsity 138lb
Butler @ Highlands7:00pmBushman Field
Junior Varsity 118lb
Butler @ Highlands5:00pmTBA
Mites 98lb
Butler @ Highlands3:00pmTBA
Yellow Jackets @ Blue Streaks9:00amButler Memorial Park
Cardinals @ Mustangs10:00amButler Memorial Park
Thursday, Oct 13
Mustangs @ Yellow Jackets6:00pmButler Memorial Park
Blue Streaks @ Cardinals7:00pmButler Memorial Park
Saturday, Oct 15
Varsity 138lb
Butler @ Hampton5:00pmHampton High School
Junior Varsity 118lb
Butler @ Hampton3:00pmHampton High School
Mites 98lb
Butler @ Hampton1:00pmHampton High School

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Upcoming Events

Saturday, Nov 5
UYFL SUPER BOWLButler Memorial Park

For a complete calendar listing, click here!