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Sunday September 6th Schedule

Franklin Red Sox vs. New Jersey Bucks @ 10am Bundt Park

Sunday September 7th Schedule

Liberty Bell Division

 Warminster Indians vs. Holland Mariners @ 9am TBD

Skippack Cubs vs. North Wales Braves @ 9am at Hostelley 

  Skippack Phillies vs. Royersford Rockies @ 9am at Manderach

   Telford Rangers vs. Radnor Raiders @ 9am at Radnor HS

  W. Norriton A's vs. Hatfield Pirates @ 10am at School Road

Twin Rivers/Classic Division 

 W. Rockhill Rangers vs. Hatboro Royals @ 9am at Hatboro A.A.

Easton Brewers vs. Emmaus Dodgers 1pm at Emmaus Comm. Park

Schwenksville Indians vs. Perkasie A's @ 9am at Kulp

    Hatboro Rays vs. Warrington Generals @ 10am at Barness

 Shruty's Pub Moondogs vs. Harleysville Angels @ 10am at H-Ville

   Hatfield Orioles vs. Hilltown D-Backs @ 10am at Hilltown












Upcoming Games

Saturday,  Sep 6
45+ Twin Rivers Division
Franklin Red Sox @ New Jersey Bucks 10:00am Bundt Park
Sunday,  Sep 7
30+ Liberty Bell Division
Warminster Indians @ Holland Mariners 9:00am Council Rock South HS
Skippack Cubs @ North Wales Braves 9:00am Hostelley Field
Skippack Phillies @ Royersford Rockies 9:00am Manderach Park
Telford Rangers @ Radnor Raiders 9:00am Radnor High School
Hatfield Pirates @ West Norriton A's 10:00am School Road Park
45+ Classic Division
West Rockhill Rangers @ Hatboro Royals 9:00am Hatboro A.A.
Schwenksville Indians @ Perkasie Athletics 9:00am Kulp Park
Hatboro Rays @ Warrington Generals 10:00am Barness Park
Shruty's Pub Moondogs @ Harleysville Angels 10:00am Harleysville Community Center
Hatfield Orioles @ Hilltown D-Backs 10:00am Hilltown Memorial Park
45+ Twin Rivers Division
Easton Brewers @ Emmaus Dodgers 1:00pm Emmaus Community Park
Saturday,  Sep 13
45+ Twin Rivers Division
Emmaus Dodgers @ Franklin Red Sox 12:30pm Limeport Stadium
Shruty's Pub Moondogs @ Franklin Red Sox 4:30pm Limeport Stadium
Sunday,  Sep 14
45+ Classic Division
Hatboro Royals @ Harleysville Angels 9:00am Harleysville Community Center
Warrington Generals @ West Rockhill Rangers 10:00am James Memorial Park
Perkasie Athletics @ Hatfield Orioles 10:00am School Road Park
45+ Twin Rivers Division
Easton Brewers @ New Jersey Bucks 10:00am Bundt Park
Hilltown D-Backs @ Pottstown Pirates 10:00am Pottstown Memorial Park
Sunday,  Sep 21
45+ Classic Division
West Rockhill Rangers @ Hatboro Rays 9:00am Hatboro A.A.
Pottstown Pirates @ Perkasie Athletics 9:00am Kulp Park
Schwenksville Indians @ Hatfield Orioles 9:00am School Road Park
Harleysville Angels @ Warrington Generals 10:00am Barness Park
Hatboro Royals @ Hatboro Rays 12:00pm Hatboro A.A.
45+ Twin Rivers Division
Shruty's Pub Moondogs @ Easton Brewers 10:00am Hackett's Park
New Jersey Bucks @ Emmaus Dodgers 1:00pm Emmaus Community Park
Emmaus Dodgers @ New Jersey Bucks 4:30pm Emmaus Community Park

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

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