Last Updated: February 7, 2017
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Opening Day is set for this Sunday Jan 29th.  We will not play the following Super Bowl Sunday.  The schedule is listed below.  Please check as all games and times are subject to change.  The season schedule will be posted shortly.  Division Rules are linked on the left hand side of the website.

Upcoming Games/Practices

Sunday, Mar 5
Itty Biddy
J. Rigby @ G. Golden12:00pmBrother Peter Gym
L. Hawkins @ I. Willis12:50pmBrother Peter Gym
Junior Biddy
J. Forte @ S. Avery1:40pmBrother Peter Gym
T. Longo @ C. Yanga2:35pmBrother Peter Gym
D. Bell @ J. Forte3:30pmBrother Peter Gym
L. Ladner @ D. Bradley4:25pmBrother Peter Gym
M. Van Buren @ L. Haynes5:20pmBrother Peter Gym
K. Redmond @ D. Burnett6:15pmBrother Peter Gym
Girls Division
A. Wilson @ L. Seal3:30pmBlaze Gym
G. Hoffmann @ R. Kane4:20pmBlaze Gym
L. Seal @ T. Hawkins5:10pmBlaze Gym
Sunday, Mar 12
Itty Biddy
L. Hawkins @ J. Rigby12:00pmBrother Peter Gym
I. Willis @ G. Golden12:50pmBrother Peter Gym
Junior Biddy
C. Yanga @ S. Avery1:40pmBrother Peter Gym
T. Longo @ J. Forte2:35pmBrother Peter Gym
D. Bell @ C. Yanga3:30pmBrother Peter Gym
L. Haynes @ L. Ladner4:25pmBrother Peter Gym
K. Redmond @ D. Bradley5:20pmBrother Peter Gym
M. Van Buren @ D. Burnett6:15pmBrother Peter Gym

For a complete schedule listing, click here!