Last Updated: April 19, 2015

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Regular Season Champions

Congratulations to SNC-Lavalin Longhorns!

2014 Regular Season & LEAGUE Champions







The Coatesville Adult Baseball League (CABL) was founded in 1923 and continues to bring together a variety of sportsmanship and brotherhood throughout its campaign. Currently we are a wood bat league with 7 teams and over 120 players; bringing their baseball skills from many different levels.

The Coatesville Adult Baseball League is committed to providing an opportunity to play real baseball at a competitive level on a regular basis in a professionally managed environment. CABL welcomes new teams and players and offers new friendships and business contacts that extend beyond the seasons.

CABL is a fast-growing adult baseball organization with strong roots in southern Chester County. Started in 1923, CABL continues to unite a common passion for playing and enjoying the great American pastime. CABL players are committed athletes of various skill levels. They posses a strong respect for the league and their professions and in turn make every experience more enjoyable.

CABL adheres to standard baseball rules but had adopted a personal set of rules and regulations which offer a greater level of sportsmanship. The league generally starts in the beginning of May and runs until mid August. All games are 7 innings and are played on weeknights. Playoffs start in the beginning of August and run over the weeknights and weekends.

Media Attention:
The Coatesville Adult Baseball League is featured in the Daily Local Newspaper (, who performs an outstanding job of covering all our games.

Community Benefits:
CABL has established a long-term relationship with the city of Coatesville and they continue to provide well maintenance field in which we call home.



Interested in Joining the Coatesville Adult Baseball League?
Please sign our GUESTBOOK and include your name, email, postions you can play, and your estimated skill level or past baseball expirience. Or, you can send me an email with the same information. Team Entry Deadline is 12/31/2014 for the 2015 Season. Any teams interested in joining for 2015 MUST find a home field (at least 12-13 games from mid-May to end of July). The league will vote for any new teams. Expect the league fees to be $2500-$3000 (does not include uniforms).

Upcoming Games

Monday,  May 4
CABL 2015
SNC-Lavalin Longhorns @ Barnstormers 5:45pm Ash Park
Tuesday,  May 5
CABL 2015
Ramcon Masons @ Barnstormers 5:45pm Octorara Varsity
A.J. Blosenski Steelbirds @ Brewers 5:45pm Shadyside Park (West Bradford)
Wednesday,  May 6
CABL 2015
Brewers @ Ramcon Masons 5:45pm Ash Park
Thursday,  May 7
CABL 2015
Affordable Grass Guys @ SNC-Lavalin Longhorns 5:45pm East Bradford
Victory Brewing Co. @ A.J. Blosenski Steelbirds 5:45pm Octorara Varsity
Friday,  May 8
CABL 2015
Victory Brewing Co. @ Affordable Grass Guys 5:45pm Ash Park

For a complete schedule listing, click here!