Last Updated: October 29, 2014

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  • Forestville Falcons Mitey Mites Win Big East Region State Championship
  • Mont. Village Chiefs Jr. Peewees Win Big East Region State Championship

Mission Statement

The Capital Beltway League is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit youth football organization, comprised of community based Youth Sports Clubs located in Washington DC and the Prince Georges & Montgomery County areas of Maryland. 

The Capital Beltway League was founded and incorporated in 1969 by Max Cunningham, Dwight Schum and Michael Weed in Montgomery County, Md. Their goal was to combat juvenile delinquency by organizing, establishing, promoting and supporting team sports for youngsters. 

The Capital Beltway League is comprised of volunteers providing competent leadership and positive adult mentors. Our volunteers teach the fundamentals and mechanics of youth football to youths aged between 5 to 14. There is an emphasis on team play, “esprit de corps”, sportsmanship and a healthy competition within the league. 

Our primary objective is to provide the essential guidance and tools necessary to develop positive social values, resilient character traits and to instill a desire and ability to compete fairly, to be courageous in defeat and the humility to win with grace. 

Mike Keys

Upcoming Games/Practices

Friday,  Oct 31
(3) Cadets
(4) Mont. Village @ (3) Southern Maryland 6:45pm Ridge Road Recreation Ctr-D2 Championship
(6) Jr. Midgets
(4) Peppermill @ (2) Forestville 8:45pm Ridge Road Recreation Ctr-D2 Championship
Saturday,  Nov 1
(1)Tiny Mites
(3) Mont. Village @ (1) Forestville (Black) 9:00am Spingarn HS-D1 Championship
(2) Mitey Mites
(2) Ridge Road @ (1) Mont. Village 10:30am Spingarn HS-D1 Championship
(3) Cadets
(2) Forestville @ (1) Peppermill 12:00pm Spingarn HS-D1 Championship
(4) Jr. PeeWee
(2) Mont. Village @ (1) Woodridge 1:30pm Spingarn HS-D1 Championship
(5) PeeWee
(3) Lamond Riggs @ (1) Mont. Village 3:00pm Spingarn HS-D1 Championship
(6) Jr. Midgets
(3) Lamond Riggs @ (1) White Oak 4:30pm Spingarn HS-D1 Championship
(7) 14U
(2) Peppermill @ (1) Mont. Village 6:00pm Spingarn HS-D1 Championship

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