Last Updated: March 25, 2015 
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Please take a look at the Senior Essays.

They are under 2015 Scholarship Essay.

The girls all did an amazing job.

Thank You and Good Luck!!

 Bailey, Elli, Janelle and Kaitlin


Cardinal Flight Good Will Award


It has come to my attention that we have an anonymous donor that would like to do something positive for our organization.

This person will donate $100.00/year to Cardinal Flight in the name of Good Will.  This person is from Cardinal Flight past and knows what it takes for a volunteer organization to run well.  This person is trying to give back and say Thank You for everything you do even when it goes unnoticed.

The recipient can be anyone associated with Cardinal Flight. Parent, grandparents, player, coach etc.

You can nominate someone be writing a letter stating why you think this person is worthy of this award. This should be someone you know that gives above and beyond for Cardinal Flight.

The deadline for all nominations will be April 1st, 2015. Please send all letters to me (email and mailing address are below) and I will make sure all board member are able to read and vote on this matter.

I am proud that someone has stepped up and put a very positive light on the Cardinal Flight Program.  I am a firm believer that everything we do for our girls will help them be better players, people and leaders in their future.

Thank You,

Greg Adams

Cardinal Flight President

17047 51st Ave. N

Chippewa Falls, WI 54729