Last Updated: April 11, 2014

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  • 2014 Arkansas State Championships November 15-16

Changes for the 2014 season will move us inline with the other 95% of Arkansas on ages. We won't allow any 7th graders in public or private schools to compete in our senior  division next season. Our new divisions are as follows--- Freshman tackle ( 5-6 ) not 7 before August 1st ,  Sophomore ( 7-8) tackle not 9 before August 1st , Junior tackle ( 9-10 ) not 11 before February 1st , and Senior tackle ( not 13 before August 1st or in 7th grade at public or private school. We also will offer to gauge interest a girls flag for ages  7 thru 9.  The founding members of the CAYFL have chosen to go back to why this league was born years ago. Parents should cheer their team and coaches should respect the game enough to act professional .The effect of parents fighting and coaches being unprofessional are better left for the new league in town to put up with in their quest to add any and everyone . The CAYFL has chosen to teach football and life lessons instead of striving to win at any and all cost to our dignity. The game is played by children looking for role models . Police being called because of adults actions is not a model we choose to be accepted as normal every week. When the players get to school football they will not have parents or coaches allowed to act out in such fashion so we want to send our players to the next level knowing what is acceptable behavior in how to act in public, honoring their opponents during and after the game by showing sportsmanship , knowing the basics of the game at a young age and  realizing not all you hear from others with their own agenda is true. Please consider us in the next season if you want your child to play football . We have 32 teams from organizations committed to getting back to what we founded the CAYFL for. Others will say we are folding or they left because of this or that. They say these things to cause strife and build themselves up. Truth of all things is we choose to hold our games in an environment no one would be scared to attend and watch their teams play. Team info online updated soon.

Central Arkansas Youth Football League