Last Updated: October 31, 2014

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  • CAYFL Super Bowl Saturday November 1 2014
  • 2014 Arkansas State Championships November 15-16
  • Playoff semifinals October 25th 2014
2014 Championship Saturday Super Bowl
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2014 Arkansas State Youth Football Championship Tournament Form

2014 CAYFL MEMBERS--BRYANT HORNETS --SHERWOOD WOLVES --MAUMELLE WILDCATS --ARCH STREET REBELS --MAYFLOWER EAGLES --OAK GROVE HORNETS --NLR PAL ENFORCERS --                                                                                                                                 2014  STATE TOURNEY SPOTS LEFT TILL CLOSED, 7-8/3RD GRADE = 3,... 4TH GRADE =3,....9-10 / 5TH GRADE = 3,.. 6TH GRADE = 3, .. 11-12 YEAR OLDS = 2 ,... FLAG = 2

Upcoming Games

Saturday,  Nov 1
Freshman Tackle
Nlr Pal Enforcers @ Mayflower Eagles 11:45am Maumelle High School
Sophomore Tackle
Conway Cats @ Bryant Hornets 9:30am Maumelle High School
Oak Grove Hornets @ Purple Wildcats 1:00pm Maumelle High School
Junior Tackle
Nlr Pal Enforcers @ Maumelle Orange 10:35am Maumelle High School
Bryant Hornets @ Sherwood Black Wolves 2:40pm Maumelle High School
Senior Tackle
Sherwood Wolves @ Bryant Hornets 4:00pm Maumelle High School
CHEER 5-9 @ CHEER 5-9 12:45pm Maumelle High School
CHEER9-12 @ CHEER9-12 2:20pm Maumelle High School

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

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