Last Updated: April 28, 2016
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Cinco de Mayo Tournament














as of 2/28/16 9:33pm

Dogs on Leashes @ CAYL

CAYL Parents & Coaches,

If you will have dogs at the CAYL Fields, please make sure that they are always kept on a leash and supervised by an adult at all times. Also, please ensure that the dogs stay off of the ball fields, as this is where all of our children play baseball or softball and often times simply sit an play in the dirt.

Thanks in advance,

CAYL Board

2016 Sponsors Needed



Central Austin Youth League is a non-profit, volunteer organization that relies on registration fees, fundraisers and sponsors to fund our community's organization. A sponsorship is a great way to advertise your business and ensure all the children of our community have a place to play baseball/softball.
For more information contact :
Samuel Nunez, 512-486-0140


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Rainout Number - Will be updated after 2PM

Please call 512-496-1557 for the most current information on whether games will be played or cancelled. Please send a text message first for quicker response.

Upcoming Games

Thursday, Apr 28
Shetland BB (4-6)
Incredibles SBB @ Braves SBB6:00pmCastillo
Cubs-Shetland BB @ Texas Aces SBB6:00pmMartinez
Pinto BB (7-8)
Little Indians PBB @ NAO7:00pmNAO
POSITION/TBD @ Turn 2 PBB7:15pmMartinez
Mustang BB (9-10)
Vaqueros MBB @ Turn 2 MBB7:15pmCastillo
Concession Stand Duty
Little Indians SBB @ Little Indians SBB5:30pmConcession Stand
Friday, Apr 29
Shetland SB (4-6)
ATX Diamonds @ Heartbreakers SSB6:00pmCastillo
Mustang SB (9-10)
Dirty Dozen MSB @ Lady Braves MSB6:00pmMartinez
Dirty Dozen MSB @ Texas Twisters MSB7:30pmMartinez
Concession Stand Duty
Turn 2 SSB @ Turn 2 SSB5:30pmConcession Stand
Saturday, Apr 30
Shetland BB (4-6)
Texas Aces SBB @ Pflugerville10:00amPflugerville
Incredibles SBB @ Cubs-Shetland BB10:15amCastillo
Texas Aces SBB @ Pflugerville11:15amPflugerville
Cubs-Shetland BB @ Braves SBB11:30amCastillo
Little Indians SBB @ NAO SBB1:00pmNAO
Shetland SB (4-6)
Heartbreakers SSB @ ATX Diamonds9:00amMartinez
Hays Purple Crush @ Turn Two SSB10:15amMartinez
HUTTO ssb @ Turn Two SSB11:30amMartinez
Pinto BB (7-8)
Turn 2 PBB @ Little Indians PBB9:00amCastillo
Pinto SB (7-8)
Playmakerz PSB @ Hays Pinto Softball10:00amHays
Turn 2 PSB @ CPYL12:00pmCPYL
Mustang BB (9-10)
Turn 2 MBB @ Vaqueros MBB12:45pmCastillo
Mustang SB (9-10)
Lady Braves MSB @ Texas Twisters MSB9:00amCappuchino
Bronco SB (11-12)
Turn 2 Red BSB @ CPYL12:00pmCPYL
Turn 2 Blue BSB @ CPYL1:30pmCPYL
Concession Stand Duty
Cruzaders PSB @ Cruzaders PSB8:00amConcession Stand
Incredibles SBB @ Incredibles SBB11:00amConcession Stand
Tuesday, May 3
Mustang BB (9-10)
Vaqueros MBB @ North Shore6:45pmNorth Shore

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