Last Updated: October 2, 2014

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Field Clean Up
CAYL Cares

Fall Ball Schedules are posted



 Coaches:  Please contact a board member if you have a player who has not registered!!

Field Clean Up


Coaches and Team Moms:  This Fall we will be implementing a "By Assignment" Field Clean Up Day


Your team is able to complete the assignment when you choose as long as it occurs prior to season start date of Sept. 16.  Marcos and Ramon will be available on Monday and Wednesday to give you access  to  riding mower.  



  • Cut weeds down along all fences
  • Spray Weed Killer
  • Pick up trash
  • Empty Trash Cans (place filled trash bags into dumpster)
  • Clean dugouts including cleaning dirt off pavement
  • Turn and Drag fields
  • Cut grass
  • Capuchino and Haros fields:  Large Vine & Weed roots must be dug up and pulled out of outfield fence




Capuchino Field:  Monsters SBB   Monsters MSB     Monsters SSB

Martinez Field:  Knockaroundz (all teams)

Castillo Field:  Cobras MBB      Cruzaders  MSB   Cruzaders SSB

Haros Field      Diamonds  PSB      Diamonds MSB  Turn 2 MSB Valdez

Mendoza Field  Turn 2 Chavez MSB   Turn 2 SSB     Twisters PSB    






Dogs on Leashes @ CAYL

CAYL Parents & Coaches,

If you will have dogs at the CAYL Fields, please make sure that they are always kept on a leash and supervised by an adult at all times. Also, please ensure that the dogs stay off of the ball fields, as this is where all of our children play baseball or softball and often times simply sit an play in the dirt.

Thanks in advance,

CAYL Board

2014 Sponsors Needed

Central Austin Youth League is a non-profit, volunteer organization that relies on registration fees, fundraisers and sponsors to fund our community's organization. A sponsorship is a great way to advertise your business and ensure all the children of our community have a place to play baseball/softball.
For more information contact :
Selina Aguirre, 512-750-6891


Get the latest up-to-date information about events, schedules, rainouts, and the league. To sign up, simply click on the "Join Our E-Mail List" link under the Email Mailbox.

Rainout Number - Will be updated after 2PM

Please call 512-496-1557 for the most current information on whether games will be played or cancelled. Please send a text message first for quicker response.

Upcoming Games

Monday,  Oct 20
Pinto SB (7-8)
Balcones @ Texas Twisters PSB 7:00pm Martinez
Tuesday,  Oct 21
Shetland BB (5-6)
Turn 2 Shetland SB- David @ Monsters SBB 6:00pm Martinez
Pinto SB (7-8)
Knockaroundz PSB @ Texas Twisters PSB 7:15pm Martinez
Concession Stand Duty
Diamonds MSB @ Diamonds MSB 5:30pm Concession Stand
Wednesday,  Oct 22
Shetland BB (5-6)
Cruzaders SSB @ Knockaroundz SSB-Benny 6:00pm Martinez
Pinto SB (7-8)
Knockaroundz PSB @ Austin Diamonds-Pinto SB 7:15pm Martinez
Concession Stand Duty
Cruzaders MSB @ Cruzaders MSB 5:30pm Concession Stand
Thursday,  Oct 23
Shetland BB (5-6)
Tiny Monsters SSB-Mondo @ Knockaroundz 6:00pm Martinez
Mustang BB (9-10)
POSITION/TBD @ Cobras 7:00pm Castillo
Mustang SB (9-10)
Cruzaders-Mustang SB @ Chavez-Turn 2 MSB 6:00pm Cappuchino
Chavez-Turn 2 MSB @ Lady Monsters MSB 7:15pm Cappuchino
Valdez-Turn 2 MSB @ Austin Diamonds MSB 7:15pm Martinez
Concession Stand Duty
Turn 2 SSB @ Turn 2 SSB 5:30pm Concession Stand

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Central Austin Youth League

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