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T-Ball & 12U Tournament Brackets

May 26, 2017

The tournament brackets for T-ball and 12U are ready.  They are posted under Tournaments in the menu on the left hand side of the home screen.  These do not have the teams put in yet but they do have the seed numbers on each game.  As soon as all games are completed tomorrow and scores are put in we will update with the team names in there seeded slots. We will post the remaining tournament brackets in the next few days.   

Some Updated Rules

May 17, 2017

There have been a few concerns brought to our attention this season of some rules that we needed to address.  Here is an update of some rules that we as a board have decided are effective immediately.  We will get actual local rules updated and reposted at our earliest convenience but for now this is were these rules are posted. 

Tball bats:  As long as the bat says Tball and is NOT a big barrel or softball bat, we will allow it.  Tball is the only age division that we will allow to use a bat that does not have the thumb print or USSSA stamp on it. 

12U & 14U Must Bat Lineup: In the regular season games, we are requiring 12U & 14U to bat their entire lineup each game.  This overrides the rules of USSSA where they do not have to do this.  CCBSA however will allow you to not bat your entire lineup in each game during the end of season tournament if you wish. 

Chalking the Field: Home team is required to chalk the field before each game, unless the field does not need chalking.  Therefore, home team coaches should be arriving early enough to each game to allow themselves time to do this before the game is scheduled to begin.

Coaches in Dugouts: This is not a new rule, but one that we have been trying to get everyone to abide by all season with not a whole lot of luck at times.  Tball and 8U are allowed 4 coaches in the dugouts / on the field during a game.  All other age divisions are only allowed 3.  This includes any team moms or anyone that maybe be helping out.  ALL coaches / team moms or any adult in the dugout or on the field with the players during a game OR practice must have turned in a background check to CCBSA at the beginning of the season.  If you have not done this, you are NOT allowed on the field or in the dugout at any time. 

If you have any questions or concerns about the rules concerning your age division, please contact your commissioner.  Thank you!


Tentative Dates for End of Season Tournaments

May 10, 2017

Here are the TENATIVE dates for the end of season tournaments. Please keep in mind these are subject to change if bad weather causes us to have to extend our season at all.

T-Ball: 5/30/17 - 6/3/17

8U:  6/5/17 - 6/10/17

10U:  6/5/17 - 6/10/17

12U: 5/30:17 - 6/3/17

14U:  6/5/17 - 6/10/17


Rules for 2017 Season

Just a reminder we are following the USSSA rules this year, we have also posted the local rules for our league under handouts.  Please become familiar with all these rules. 

Concession Buyout Option

Each team will be required to work concessions this year.  We will be offering a buyout option for those that do not wish to work their allotted time slot.  If you choose to buyout, it will $50 in advance and you must let Anvia Badgett or Charlotta Price know at least 7 days in advance that you will be taking this option.  If you choose to not show up for you allotted time and do not do the buyout option ahead of time, there will be a $70 fine to your team and your team will not be allowed to play the next scheduled game until the fine is paid.  Feel free to contact Anvia Badgett at anvia619@yahoo.com with any questions you may have in regards to this.  Thank you.

New Rules for 2017

January 17, 2017

Starting in the Spring of 2017 CCBSA will now be using USSSA Rules.  There is a link to these rules under Links in the left hand column. 

Crandall ISD

CCBSA would like to send a HUGE thank you to CISD for all their continued support! You are greatly appreciated!

Upcoming Games/Practices

Saturday, May 27
Comets Tball @ Kemp Diamonds & Studs Tball8:30amCrandall Field 2
Aggies Tball @ Kemp Goonies Tball10:00amCrandall Field 2
Thunder 8U @ Mayhem 8U11:30amCrandall Field 2
Mayhem 8U @ Pirates 8U1:00pmCrandall Field 2
Indians 8U @ Kemp Jackets 8U2:30pmCrandall Field 2
Bucks 10U @ Pirates 10U Cullum4:00pmCrandall Field 2
Rough Riders 12U @ Dodgers 12U10:00amCrandall Field 1
Pirates 12U @ Scurry Sox 12U12:00pmCrandall Field 1
Scurry Sox 12U @ Crew 12U2:00pmCrandall Field 1

For a complete schedule listing, click here!