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5/27/16 Games Rescheduled for 5/31/16

The 10U games that got rained out on Friday 5/27/16 have been rescheduled for Tuesday 5/31/16 on Field 1. The 12U games that were originally scheduled for Tuesday 5/31/16 have been rescheduled for Thursday 6/2/16. Concession schedules will remain the same as your originally scheduled game days. 

Games Rained Out Today 5/27/16

All games are rained out for today 5/27/16. We will keep an eye on the fields and let you know first thing tomorrow morning about tomorrow's games. 

5/19 Games Rescheduled for Field 1 & Field 2

The 12U games that were rained out on Thursday 5/19/16 have been rescheduled for 5/31/16 on Field 1. Game times are the same & concessions will remain the same, just the date has been changed.

 The 2 games that were rained out on Thursday 5/19/16 have been rescheduled for Monday 5/30/16 on Field 2. Game times are the same & concessions will remain the same, just the date has been changed.

Games Rescheduled & Updated Concession Schedules

May 18, 2016 – 11:00 PM

All makeup games have been rescheduled.  Please look over the schedules carefully as there have been some changes made to some.of the originally scheduled games. Concession schedules have been updated as well, please look under handouts for those.  

Tenative End of Season Tournament Dates

Here are the tenative dates for each age divisions end of season tournaments. This is just tenative! We hope to be able to keep true to these dates, but it really is up to Mother Nature at this point if we can get all games in for each age division  by this time. 

Tball - June 6th - June 11th

8U - June 7th - June 11th

10U - June 13th - June 18th

12U - June 6th - June 11th

14U - June 13th - June 18th


Posted Rules for T-ball & 8U

April 20, 2016 – 03:00 PM

There has been some confusion in previous games for T-ball and/or 8U about some of the rules.  We would like to just make sure everyone understands we are to play by the rules as they are listed in our rule book.  Here are just a few to help clear things up.

1. T-ball & 8U: Time will be called when the lead runner stops and an infielder has possession of the ball in the infield.  The ball does NOT have to be in the circle for time to be called.

2. T-ball: Pitcher must have at least one foot on the rubber until the ball is hit.

3. T-ball: 3rd Baseman must be at least 30 feet from home plate when the ball is hit.  That is the half-way point from home to 3rd.

Please note that we refer to our rules which are located under handouts on our website.  Where there is something not specifically stated we then refer to Pony Rules and after that if there is still nothing specifically stated we would refer to MLB Rules.

2016 CCBSA Opening Night

Concession Buyout Option

Each team will be required to work concessions this year.  We will be offering a buyout option for those that do not wish to work their allotted time slot.  If you choose to buyout, it will $50 in advance and you must let Anvia Badgett or Charlotta Price know at least 7 days in advance that you will be taking this option.  If you choose to not show up for you allotted time and do not do the buyout option ahead of time, there will be a $70 fine to your team and your team will not be allowed to play the next scheduled game until the fine is paid.  Feel free to contact Anvia Badgett at anvia619@yahoo.com with any questions you may have in regards to this.  Thank you.

Crandall ISD

CCBSA would like to send a HUGE thank you to CISD for all their continued support! You are greatly appreciated!

Upcoming Games/Practices

Saturday, May 28
Pirates @ Indians8:00amCrandall Field 2
Rangers @ Challengers9:30amCrandall Field 2
Kemp Texans @ Lil Monsters11:00amCrandall Field 2
Crew 8U @ Kemp Strikers 8U9:30amCrandall Field 1
Kemp Outlaws 8U @ Predators 8U11:00amCrandall Field 1
Predators 8U @ Kemp Strikers 8U12:30pmCrandall Field 2
Kemp Dodgers 10U @ Pirates 10U2:00pmCrandall Field 2
Senators @ Kemp Dodgers 10U3:45pmCrandall Field 2
Predators 14U @ Seagoville Angels1:30pmCrandall Field 1
Monday, May 30
Kemp Texans @ Badgers6:15pmCrandall Field 2
Pirates 8U @ Crew 8U7:45pmCrandall Field 2
Tuesday, May 31
Lil Monsters @ Indians6:15pmCrandall Field 2
Challengers @ Indians7:45pmCrandall Field 2
Senators @ Commanders6:15pmCrandall Field 1
Pirates 10U @ Kemp Sting 10U8:00pmCrandall Field 1
Crew 14U @ Kaufman 14U6:15pmKaufman
Outlaws 14U @ Longhorns 14U8:15pmKaufman

For a complete schedule listing, click here!