Last Updated: August 15, 2017 
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  • 2016-2017 Peri Clark Cup!

Upcoming Games

Sunday, Aug 27
2017 Otto Massara Cup
Sleep Center FC @ Aguias PSC10:00amSouthside Park (O'Neil Field)
United FC @ Real Santa Rosa12:00pmSouthside Park (O'Neil Field)
AC Cruz Azul @ Everton2:00pmSouthside Park (O'Neil Field)
DOXA NorCal @ Deportivo Lincoln4:00pmSouthside Park (O'Neil Field)
Primero De Mayo @ Barracudas6:00pmSouthside Park (O'Neil Field)
El Carmen @ Woodland6:00pmWoodland Community Center
Sunday, Sep 10
2017 Otto Massara Cup
Woodland @ Primero De Mayo9:00amSouthside Park (O'Neil Field)
Barracudas @ El Carmen11:00amSouthside Park (O'Neil Field)
Aguias PSC @ AC Cruz Azul1:00pmSouthside Park (O'Neil Field)
Everton @ Sleep Center FC3:00pmSouthside Park (O'Neil Field)
Real Santa Rosa @ DOXA NorCal5:00pmSouthside Park (O'Neil Field)
Deportivo Lincoln @ United FC6:00pmSouthside Park (O'Neil Field)

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  • 2016 Otto Massara Cup Champions
    Congratulations Deportivo Lincoln!