Last Updated: August 26, 2014

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Mission Statement
Commerce City Youth Athletics believes that our programs help teach children about the importance of commitment, discipline, and teamwork. These skills will be beneficial to our participants throughout their adult lives. We believe our programs motivate our youths physically, to support good health, mentally, to enable them to think for themselves, and civically, to develop pride in our community and to represent our community in a positive manner. It also allows Commerce City residents to view competitive youth sports for free.

More about us...
Commerce City Youth Athletics is a non-profit organization. We as a league are committed to honesty, integrity and a commitment to provide low cost registration fees so that as many as possible youth children may join one of the sports we provide. We have football teams, basketball teams, girls’ traveling softball and a cheerleading squad that cheers for all the football teams. We are able to provide these programs through registration fees, fundraisers, and donations. All officers and coaches are non-paid volunteers. No one involved in our program receives payment for the time, energy and services they provide to CCYA. Our Coaches, Team Parents, Committee members and Board members take time away from their families to donate many hours a week to our organization. We hope that each and every one of you appreciates all that they give to our children. Please remember we are NOT a CITY operated or funded program.

We conduct very important fundraisers for our organization every year, that without, we would have to raise our registration fees. The money raised is used to pay for the equipment, uniforms that we purchase, as well as the cost of team fees, etc. Please support these worth while fundraising projects. We do accept money donations. You can mail these donations to:

Commerce City Youth Athletics
C/O Chuck Ingram
6820 East 77th Avenue
Commerce City, CO 80022

If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail us, sign in on the guest page and leave a message or visit our Contact Page.

Thank You for your support,

Board members

Board Member Names and E-mail addresses may be found on the contact page

Upcoming Games

Saturday,  Sep 6
CCMFL Football League
8 Lafayette Bobcats LA8A @ 8 CCYA RAIDERS CC8A 9:00am CCYA
9 CCYA RAIDERS CC9A @ 9 Northglenn Huskers NG9A 9:00am Northglenn
10 CCYA RAIDERS CC10A @ 10 Windsor Wizards WN10A 10:00am Severance Middle School
11 Erie Tigers Black EE11A @ 11 CCYA RAIDERS CC11A 11:00am CCYA
12 CCYA RAIDERS CC12A @ 12 HH 12A 11:00am Flynn
13 Hyland Hills Titans HH13C @ 13 CCYA RAIDERS CC13A 1:00pm CCYA
Saturday,  Sep 13
CCMFL Football League
7 Northglenn Eagles NG7B @ 7 CCYA RAIDERS CC7A 9:00am CCYA
10 Northglenn Redskins NG10A @ 10 CCYA RAIDERS CC10A 11:00am CCYA
8 CCYA RAIDERS CC8A @ 8 HH Bulldogs 8B 11:00am HH Carroll Butts Park SOUTH
11 BL 11A @ 11 CCYA RAIDERS CC11A 1:00pm CCYA
9 CCYA RAIDERS CC9A @ 9 HH 9A 1:00pm HH Carroll Butts Park SOUTH
12 BE12A @ 12 CCYA RAIDERS CC12A 3:00pm CCYA
13 CCYA RAIDERS CC13A @ 13 St Vrain Trojans ST13F 3:00pm Clark Centennial Park
Saturday,  Sep 20
CCMFL Football League
8 CCYA RAIDERS CC8A @ 8 Raptors ST8A 9:00am Longmont Sandstone
11 CCYA RAIDERS CC11A @ 11 BS11A 10:00am Strasburg - Five Acres Field
9 Northglen Lions NG9B @ 9 CCYA RAIDERS CC9A 11:00am CCYA
7 CCYA RAIDERS CC7A @ 7 Northglenn Broncos NG7A 12:00pm Northglenn
12 LA 12A @ 12 CCYA RAIDERS CC12A 1:00pm CCYA
10 Hyland Hills Hornets HH10B @ 10 CCYA RAIDERS CC10A 3:00pm CCYA

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

CCYA now offers Competitive Baseball!

Commerce City Youth Athletics

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