Welcome to the 2017 Clermont County Youth Football League.

We would like to welcome you to the home of the Clermont County Youth Football League. We are a competitive youth contact football league with weight restrictions at ages 5/6, 7 & 8 year olds. Ages 9,10 & 11/12 year olds are unlimited.

CCYFL gives its member organizations structure and guidance as they strive to develop the youth of their respective community and the league by teaching sportsmanship, ethics and respect for authority. has listed CCYFL as the #6 youth football organization in Cincinnati. Hats off to our great organizations that make us a strong league.
We Proudly Present Your 2017 CCYFL Super Bowl Champions:
Here is the official 2017 CCYFL Super Bowl Schedule:
Here is the official Playoff Seeding for the 2017 CCYFL Playoffs:
Here is the official Playoff schedule for the 2017 CCYFL Playoffs:



League Reps from the hosting organization, please remember to email Scott Donaldson and Cory Osborne the scores by Monday night.


Scott Donaldson:

Cory Osborne:





If you are an organization interested in joining CCYFL, please contact Scott Donaldson at president@ccyfl.comCCYFL has a great bunch of organizations, players, coaches and families.




Our goal is to provide our athletes, parents and spectators with the highest level of safety and fun. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

Contact the League President for any information or comments regarding CCYFL: