Last Updated: March 30, 2014

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March 9th CCYFL Monthly Meeting


Welcome to the 2013 Clermont County Youth Football League.

We would like to welcome you to the home of the Clermont County Youth Football League. We are a competitive youth contact football league with weight restrictions.

CCYFL gives its member organizations structure and guidance as they strive to develop the youth of their respective community and the league by teaching sportsmanship, ethics and respect for authority.

Our next meeting will be April 6 at noon.
Update from the March Monthly Meeting.

During the March meeting, CCYFL and it's Organizations voted to increase the weight limit of the 5/6, 7 and 8 year old teams by 5%. Here is the updated 2014 weight restrictions.


Age Group

Weight Limit

5% Weigh in Limit

5 & 6

84.9 lbs



95.9 lbs



105.9 lbs








11 & 12







There was a vote to allow a player to move up one age level to play with his or her grade with stipulations. The vote was a tie with the Organizations which had to be decided by the Executive Board. The EB voted against the change.


There were some changes to the 2014 Rule Book.

  • No filming of other organizations games you are not apart of.
  • Team books for Weigh-Ins, Play-offs and the Superbowl will be in numerical jersey order, not alphabetical order.
  • We will follow the Ohio High School Athletic Association Rule Book for football and jersey color.
  • Updates to dates, change weight restrictions and update field diagram.




CCYFL will be ordering Cheerleading mats for CCYFL events. CCYFL Organizations will be allowed to use to use the mats.



2014 CCYFL Schedule 


 The following Organizations have choice on CCYFL Post Season games, in order.

  • Bethel
  • Amelia
  • Batavia
Date Event Location
July 21 Start of Mandatory 2 Week Conditioning  
August 23 Weigh-Ins Goshen
September 6 Week 1 (1st game)  
September 13 Week 2  
September 20 Week 3  
September 27 Week 4  
October 4 Week 5  
October 11 Week 6  
October 17 Week 7  
October 25 & 26 1st Round of Playoffs  
November 1 & 2 2nd Round of Playoffs  
November 8 Superbowl  


 Conditioning / Heat Acclamation Rules: (

  • 5 days of heat acclamation. A player can use up to (2) two days of another sport like Baseball.
  • NO full pads or contact for the first week. Helmet and shoulder pads only. 


Use of any Tobacco Products will be grounds for ejection and fine for that game.

  • 1st offense will be a verbal warning for the Head Coach regardless if it's an assistant coach offender.
  •  2nd offense the Head Coach will be ejected from the game and fined $250.




If you are an organization interested in joining CCYFL, please contact Scott Donaldson at president@ccyfl.comCCYFL has a great bunch of organizations, players, coaches and families.




Our goal is to provide our athletes, parents and spectators with the highest level of safety and fun. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

Contact the League President for any information or comments regarding CCYFL: Scott Donaldson


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