Last Updated: June 23, 2017
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  • Congratulations to the 2017 Hall of Fame Inductees
    Joe DeMarco (Bobcats), Josh Kean (Bobcats, Canes), and Freddie Harris (Knights)
  • Blacksox win 2016 Title over Diamondbacks
    Tom Hopkins named Playoff MVP
  • Mets win third straight title in 2015
    Complete comeback win over Blacksox 3-2
  • 2015 Playoff MVP Scott Buniak
    Hits .500 in series to complete comeback over Blacksox
  • Mets win 2nd straight title in 2014
    Sweep playoffs 7-0
  • 2014 Playoff MVP Joe Slater
    Goes 3-0 in playoffs, 10-0 for season
  • Mets win their first Championship in 2012
    3-2 over Blacksox
  • 2013 Playoff MVP Bret Samboy
    Hits 3 championship series home runs to power Mets
  • Blacksox win their first championship in 2012
    Win series 3-2 over Brewers
  • Phil Weinman accepts 2012 Championship Trophy

2016 Award Winners and All-MABL Team

MVP - Matt Simoni (Diamondbacks)

Cy Young - Troy Conklin (Chatham)

Manager of the Year - Phil Weinman (Blacksox)

Rookie of the Year - Darren Conte (Chatham)

Pitcher - Troy Conklin (Chatham)

Pitcher - Matt Simoni (Diamondbacks)

Pitcher - Matt Trestick (Marino's)

Outfield - Matt Simoni (Diamondbacks)

Outfield - Dustin Conte (Chatham)

Outfield - Tom Hopkins (Blacksox)

Third Base - Luuk Visser (Brewers)

Shortstop - John Repepi (Diamondbacks)

Second Base - Casey Schoonmaker (Diamond Dogs)

First Base - Jordan McComb (Chatham)

Catcher - Rich Yanatos (Bombers)

Blacksox are the 2016 CDMABL Champions!!!


The Blacksox have won the 2016 CDMABL championship! This is their 2nd championship, and 1st since 2012. The Blacksox and Mets have now taken down the last 5 championships. The Blacksox defeated the Diamondbacks 12-3 in game 4 to win the best of 5 series 3-1 Tuesday night . Tom Hopkins was named MVP, pitching in 3 games and getting 2 wins, including the series clinching win in game 4 last night at Shuttleworth. In the same game he also contributed 3 hits, while Phil Weinman had 2 hits and 3 RBIs, while Zack Shellenger had 4 hits and 2 RBIs. Phil Weinman will now go on to manage a team in the all star game on Sunday. Information on the all star game is below. Congratulations to the 2016 Taproom Blacksox on going 18-3, and 6-1 in the playoffs to complete a great championship season!



Sun, Aug 21 - Noon HR Derby, 2pm warmups, 3pm game @ Shuttleworth


The 2016 CDMABL All-stars:


Tom Hopkins (Blacksox) - P/OF
Philip Weinman (Blacksox) - 1B
Dave Balsamo (Blacksox) - SS
Evan Yacowenia (Blacksox) - 2B/3B
Zack Shellenger (Blacksox) - C
Jordan Bernacet (Blacksox) - CF/P
Troy Conklin (Chatham) - P/OF
Darren Conte (Chatham) -INF
Dustin Conte (Chatham) - OF/C
Evan Young (Chatham) - P/2B
Mitch McComb (Chatham) - C
Scott Buniak (Mets) - OF/IF
John Fiorita (Mets) - OF
Joe Slater (Mets) - P/Util
Brady Farkas (Mets) - P
Dan Jones (D'Backs) - P
Matt Simoni (D'Backs) - P/OF
Mike Dessingue (D'Backs) - OF/ INF
John Repepi (D'Backs) - SS
Aaron Valvo (Marino's) - OF
Dan Cook (Marino's) - C
Matt Trestick (Marino's) - P
Casey Schoonmaker (Diamond Dogs) - INF
Wayne Burt (Diamond Dogs) -OF
CJ Liesenfelder (Diamond Dogs) - P
Mitch Landers (Angels) - SS
Joey Sportman (Angels) - 2B
Luuk Visser (Brewers) - 3B/C
Nick Goodman (Brewers) - SS
Rich Yanatos (Bombers) - C
Justin Cushing (Bombers) - SS/3B/2B
Jason Koney (Rockies) - CF
Josh Coreno (Rockies) - 3B


Managers from this year's championship matchup Jim Bonaparte and Phil Weinman will pick the all stars one by one on the day of the game.

2016 Playoff Schedule

Good luck to the 6 playoff teams, The Blacksox, Chatham, Mets, Diamondbacks, Marino's and Diamond Dogs. The top 2 teams Blacksox and Chatham get a first round bye.




Round 1- Best of 3


Sat, Jul 30 - Bob Moore  - 1230pm (Mets - 11, Diamond Dogs - 0, Slater W, 3-3 with a double, Rogers HR, 2 RBI) [Mets lead series 1-0)

Sat, Jul 30 - Bob Moore  - 5pm   (Marino's 4, Diamondbacks 3 [9 inn.],Trestick CG W, Audino Game Winning RBI ) [Marino's leads series 1-0)

Mon, Aug  1 - Bob Moore - 7pm (Diamondbacks - 4, Marino's - 1, Gonsalez W, C.Bonaparte SV, Bushee double, Hoffman 2 hits, 2 RBIS) [Series tied 1-1]

Tue, Aug  2 - Bob Moore - 7pm  (Diamond Dogs - 4, Mets - 1, Schaub W & 2-run HR, Schoonmaker 2 hits, 2 runs) [Series tied 1-1]

Wed, Aug 3 - C Diamond - 6pm (Diamond Dogs - 2, Mets 1, Leisenfelder W, Montesanti 2 hits, RBI) [Diamond Dogs win series 2-1]

Wed, Aug  3 - Bob Moore - 7pm (Diamondbacks - 7, Marino's 3, Simoni 3-run HR & CG W) [Diamondbacks win series 2-1]


Semi-Final Round - Best of 5


Thu, Aug  4 - Dutchman - 630pm ( Blacksox 7, Diamond Dogs 0, Hopkins CG W & 4 RBIs ) [Blacksox lead series 1-0]

Fri, Aug  5 - Dutchman - 7pm ( Chatham 2, Diamondbacks 1, Conklin CG W, 9 Ks, Gorman RBI single) [Chatham leads series 1-0]

Sat, Aug  6 - Shuttleworth - 1230 ( Blacksox 7, Diamond Dogs 0) [Blacksox lead series 2-0]

Sat, Aug  6 - Shuttleworth - 3pm ( Diamondbacks 9, Chatham 0, Ripepi CG 1 hit shutout & 2 hits, C. Bonaparte 2-run HR, Simoni & Bushee 2 hits each) [Series tied 1-1]

Sun, Aug  7 - Dutchman - 1230pm ( Blacksox 7, Diamond Dogs 1, Bernacet 2 doubles, single, 2 RBIs, web gem catch) [ Blacksox win series 3-0]

Sun, Aug  7 - Chatham BR - 3pm ( Chatham 6, Diamondbacks 1, E.Young CG W, Sirani double, RBI, Simoni solo HR) [Chatham leads series 2-1]

Mon, Aug  8 (OFF)

Tue, Aug  9 - Shuttleworth - 730pm ( Diamondbacks 13, Chatham 3, Simoni CG W & 2 hits, C. Bonaparte 3-run HR, 6 RBI, Madchero, Mohr & Hoffman 2 hits each) [Series tied 2-2]

Thu, Aug 11 - Shuttleworth - 730pm (Diamondbacks 12, Chatham 4, D. Jones CG W, Simoni 2 hits & 4 RBIs, Repepi Triple, single, 3 runs, Bushee 3 singles & 4 runs, Mohr 3 RBI triple, C. Bonaparte double) [Diamondbacks win series 3-2]


Championship Round - Best of 5


Fri, Aug 12 - Dutchman - 7pm (Blacksox 10, Diamondbacks 8, Weinman 2 hits, SB, Balsamo 2 hits, 2 RBIs) [Blacksox lead series 1-0]

Sat, Aug 13 - Dutchman - 1230pm ( Blacksox 6, Diamondbacks 3, Hopkins CG W, Bernacet & Weinman 3 hits each) [Blacksox lead series 2-0]

Sun, Aug 14 - Dutchman - 5pm ( Diamondbacks 5, Blacksox 3, Simoni CG W & go ahead RBI double, Repepi 3 hits, Bushee 2 hits) [Blacksox lead series 2-1]

Mon, Aug 15 - OFF

Tue, Aug 16 - 7pm Shuttleworth ( Blacksox 12, Diamondbacks 3, Weinman 2 hits, 3 RBIs, Schellenger 4 hits, 2 RBIs, Hopkins 3 hits & CG W)


All star game


Sun, Aug 21 - Noon HR Derby, 2pm warmups, 3pm game @ Shuttleworth


The 2016 CDMABL All-stars:


Tom Hopkins (Blacksox) - P/OF
Philip Weinman (Blacksox) - 1B
Dave Balsamo (Blacksox) - SS
Evan Yacowenia (Blacksox) - 2B/3B
Zack Shellenger (Blacksox) - C
Jordan Bernacet (Blacksox) - CF/P
Troy Conklin (Chatham) - P/OF
Darren Conte (Chatham) -INF
Dustin Conte (Chatham) - OF/C
Evan Young (Chatham) - P/2B
Mitch McComb (Chatham) - C
Scott Buniak (Mets) - OF/IF
John Fiorita (Mets) - OF
Joe Slater (Mets) - P/Util
Brady Farkas (Mets) - P
Dan Jones (D'Backs) - P
Matt Simoni (D'Backs) - P/OF
Mike Dessingue (D'Backs) - OF/ INF
John Repepi (D'Backs) - SS
Aaron Valvo (Marino's) - OF
Dan Cook (Marino's) - C
Matt Trestick (Marino's) - P
Casey Schoonmaker (Diamond Dogs) - INF
Wayne Burt (Diamond Dogs) -OF
CJ Liesenfelder (Diamond Dogs) - P
Mitch Landers (Angels) - SS
Joey Sportman (Angels) - 2B
Luuk Visser (Brewers) - 3B/C
Nick Goodman (Brewers) - SS
Rich Yanatos (Bombers) - C
Justin Cushing (Bombers) - SS/3B/2B
Jason Koney (Rockies) - CF
Josh Coreno (Rockies) - 3B


Managers from last year's championship matchup Joe Slater and Phil Weinman will manage and select all-stars on the day of the game to form the teams.



The 2016 Schedule is now posted!

The CDMABL 2016 schedule is now complete, please reference the schedule link. The season will officially open on Sunday, May 1st. Last year's and 3 time champion Mets will open with a doubleheader at Bob Moore, 3pm and 530pm. Between games, the 18 division (dating back to 1994 under league names TCL, NABA and now CDMABL) will hold its 1st league hall of fame induction. The first hall of fame class includes BJ Roberts (C), Erik Miller (2B), Jim Shook (P), Jami Burnetter (SS) and Jim Kisselburgh (Manager). Come out, watch some great baseball, and support the league in what will now be an annual tradition!

2015 CDMABL All-League Award Winners

Congrats to all of the winners listed below:

C - Marcus Kent (Devils)
1B- Phil Weinman (Blacksox)
2B - Evan Yacowenia (Blacksox)
SS - Dave Balsamo (Blacksox)
3B - Brian Hoffman (D'Backs)
OF- Tom Hopkins (Blacksox)
OF- Greg Jette (Mets)
OF- Matt Simoni (D'Backs)
P- Tom Hopkins (Blacksox)
P- Brian Conroy (Devils)
P- Dan Jones (D'Backs)

Cy Young- Tom Hopkins (Blacksox)
Manager of the year- Joe Slater (Mets)
ROY - Marcus Kent (Devils)
MVP- Brian Hoffman (D'Backs)

Mets CDMABL Champions 2013, 2014, 2015

Mets Three-Peat!!!! Come back down 2-0 in the championship series to beat the Black Sox in 5!

The Mets, who were once down 2-0 in the championship series, won today at Dutchman field in Guilderland, beating the Blacksox 8-1, and taking down their third consecutive CDMABL 18+ Division championship! The 18+ division dates back to 1994 (formerly TCL 1994-2002 and NABA 2003-2007), and this is the first time any team has won 3 championships in a row, and the first time a team has come back to win a series down two games to zero. The Mets have now 3 total championships (2013, 2014, 2015) and have tied Graffiti's (1995, 1996, 1999), Titans (1997, 1998, 2000) for all-time championships, and are now only behind the Colonie Knights (2004, 2005, 2007, 2011) by 1.

The Mets were lead by series MVP Scott Buniak, who hit over .500, had a .700 OBP, and had 8 RBIs in the championship series. Greg Jette also contributed with 2 HRs in the series, and Joe Slater pitched 15 innings and gave up only 3 runs, zero earned. Every Met contributed to this year's championship team, and were the most resilient team of the 3 championship teams fighting back from 2-0 in the series, including in a must win game having to face one of the league's best pitchers Tom Hopkins from the Black sox, on the road to winning it all. Congrats to the Mets, and also the Blacksox, two great teams who had incredible seasons. Pictures will be posted soon! Thanks to all teams for another fun and successful year in the CDMABL!

Game 5 - Blacksox vs Mets - The 2015 CDMABL Championship is decided tomorrow!

Come out and see the winner takes all Game 5 - Blacksox vs Mets 11am at Dutchmen Field in Guilderland! Mets were down 2-0 in the series by two 1-run losses and have battled back to win 2 in a row and force a game 5. Come out and see some great baseball between two great teams!


Sat, Aug 15th - 11am @ Dutchmen - #1 (Blacksox) vs #2 (Mets)  - Mets 8, Blacksox 1 (Jette HR, Slater 2 hits and CG W, Mets win championship series 3-2)



Blacksox vs Mets Championship Series starts Tuesday at Shuttleworth!

The defending two in a row championship Mets look for an unprecedented three-peat, as they take on the number #1 seed and also previous CDMABL championship winning Blacksox. The Blacksox look to avenge their championship series loss 2 years ago to the Mets, which was a classic series that went 5 games. This will be a great matchup between two teams stacked with talent, for anyone who wants to come out to a beautiful field to watch some great baseball! The championship schedule is below, good luck to both teams!



2015 Championship Series - Best of 5




Tue, Aug 11th - 7pm @ Shuttleworth - #1 (Blacksox) vs #2 (Mets)  - Blacksox 1, Mets 0 (Ullman W, Defrucio SV, Blacksox get out of bases loaded jam in the 7th inning to hold onto the win and go up 1-0 in the championship series)


Wed, Aug 12th - 7pm @ Shuttleworth - #2 (Mets) vs #1 (Blacksox)  - Blacksox 5, Mets 4 (Preston CG W, Blacksox lead series 2-0)


Thu, Aug 13th - 7pm @ Shuttleworth - #1 (Blacksox) vs #2 (Mets)   - Mets 12, Blacksox 2 ( Buniak HR, 5 RBIs, Rogers HR, Farkas W, Blacksox lead series 2-1)


Fri, Aug 14th - 7pm @ Bob Moore - #2 (Mets) vs #1 (Blacksox) - Mets 11, Blacksox 8 ( G.Jette Grand Slam, Jurczynski 2-run HR, Manilenko W, Series tied 2-2)


Sat, Aug 15th - 11am @ Dutchman - #1 (Blacksox) vs #2 (Mets)


Sun, Aug 16th - 1230pm @ Bob Moore- (Championship matchup) (rainout makeup day if needed)


CDMABL 18+ Playoff Schedule



Round 1 - Best of 3


Sat, Aug 1st - 1230pm @ Bob Moore - #8 (Brewers) vs #9 (Rockies) - Brewers 8, Rockies 2


Sun, Aug 2nd  - 1130am @ Bob Moore - #1 (Blacksox) vs #8 (Brewers) - Blacksox 9, Brewers 0 ( Weinman & Hopkins 3-3 with 3 RBIs each, Hopkins W) - Blacksox lead series 1-0

Sun, Aug 2nd -  2pm @ Bob Moore  #4 (Bombers) vs #5 (Devils)   -  Devils 5, Bombers 3  ( Bickley 2 RBI double, Church W) - Devils lead series 1-0

Sun, Aug 2nd -  5pm @ Bob Moore -  #3 (D'Backs) vs #6 (Chatham) - D'Backs 9, Chatham 4 ( Ripepi & J.McComb 3 run HR each) - D'Backs lead series 1-0

Sun, Aug 2nd  - 730pm @ Bob Moore - #2 (Mets) vs #7 (Marino's) - Mets 12, Marino's 0 (Novak, Jurczynski, Fiorita and Buniak HR each, Slater W) - Mets lead series 1-0


Mon, Aug 3rd  - 6pm @ Dutchman  - #7 (Marino's) vs #2 (Mets)  - Mets 13, Marino's 1 (Maldanado 3 hits, Farkas W) - Mets win series 2-0

Mon, Aug 3rd -  730pm @ Bob Moore - #6 (Chatham) vs #3 (D'Backs) [rainout continuation - Chatham 2, D'Backs 0 in the 4th inning]


Tue, Aug 4th - 6pm @ Dutchman - #8 (Brewers) vs #1 (Blacksox) -  Blacksox 7, Brewers 1  ( Ulmann CG W) - Blacksox win series 2-0

Tue, Aug 4th - 730pm @ Bob Moore - #5 (Devils) vs #4 (Bombers) - Bombers 7, Devils 3  (DiJohn 3 hits & 3 RBIs, Wildrick CG W) - Series tied 1-1


Wed, Aug 5th - 6pm @ Blatnick - #4 (Bombers) vs #5 (Devils) - Devils 11, Bombers 6  ( Bickley, P. Furey, Kent HR each, Wilkins 3 hits) - Devils win series 2-1

Wed, Aug 5th - 8pm @ Blatnick - #6 (Chatham) vs #3 (D'Backs)  - Chatham 3, D'Backs 1  ( Keeler double, Conklin W) - Series tied 1-1


Thu, Aug 6th - 8pm @ Blatnick - #3 (D'Backs) vs #6 (Chatham)  - Chatham 6, D'Backs 1 (E. Young W, 11 Ks)  - Chatham wins series 2-1



Round 2 - Best of 3


Fri, Aug 7th - 6pm @ Dutchman - #2 (Mets) vs #5 (Devils)  -  Mets 4, Devils 1  ( Sepulveda W) - Mets lead series 1-0

Fri, Aug 7th - 7pm @ Blatnick - #1 (Blacksox) vs #6 (Chatham)  - Blacksox 11, Chatham 1  ( Balsamo & Preston HR each, Preston & Shellenger 3 hits each, Hopkins W )  -  Blacksox lead series 1-0


Sat, Aug 8th - 1230pm @ Dutchman - #6 (Chatham) vs #1 (Blacksox)  - Blacksox 12, Chatham 1  ( Deluca 1B, 2B & HR, Preston W) - Blacksox win series 2-0

Sat, Aug 8th - 3pm @ Dutchman - #5 (Devils) vs #2 (Mets)  -  Mets 2, Devils 1 (9 inn.) ( Farkas W, double & game winning run, Slater SV) - Mets win series 2-0



Round 3 - Best of 5


Tue, Aug 11th - 7pm @ Shuttleworth - #1 (Blacksox) vs #2 (Mets)

Wed, Aug 12th - 7pm @ Shuttleworth - #1 (Blacksox) vs #2 (Mets)

Thu, Aug 13th - 7pm @ Shuttleworth - #2 (Mets) vs #1 (Blacksox)

Fri, Aug 14th - 7pm @ Bob Moore - #2 (Mets) vs #1 (Blacksox)(if necessary)

Sat, Aug 15th - 1230pm @ Dutchman - #1 (Blacksox) vs #2 (Mets)(if necessary)

Sun, Aug 16th - 1230pm @ Bob Moore- (Championship matchup) (rainout makeup day if needed)

Playoffs start in August

Just a reminder that the 18 division CDMABL playoffs begin in August, with a #8 vs #9 play-in game on Saturday, August 1st at 1230pm at Bob Moore. The 1 vs 8/9, 2 vs 7, 3 vs 6 and 4 vs 5 matchups all begin on Sunday, August 2nd. Best of three series Round 1 will run from Aug 2-6 (inc. if necessary games, rainout makeup days, etc), best of three series round 2 will run Aug 7-10, while the championship best of five series round 3 will run from Aug 11-16 (at Shuttleworth park/Dutchmen Field). Rounds 1 and 2 will be held at various fields including Dutchmen Field, Bob Moore and Blatnick Park. The exact schedule for all rounds, times and field locations will be posted soon as seedings are finalized and determined when the regular season wraps up on its final day on Thursday, July 30th. Good luck to all teams for the rest of the regular season and playoffs! 

All-Star Game Recap

At Dutchman field on Monday night, the 18 division CDMABL all-star game was played, with Team Slater facing off against Team Burek, a great match-up of the league's best players. But before the game, a HR Derby took place where Gary Bosko from the 33 division Mets team would show the 18 division how it's done, crushing 9 HRs in the 2nd round to blow away the competition and take home the prize money. Greg Jette from the 18 division Mets would once again finish 2nd, to another player who was locked in, reminiscent of the performance Mike Phillips put on last year.

After the show Gary put on, the All-star game would start off with a bang also. Evan Yacowenia from the Black Sox would lead-off the game with a first-pitch homerun, which would set the tone for Team Burek. After some early run support, and a run scored by Team Slater, pitcher Jon Neil from the Rockies would take over the game and night, throwing the full 9 innings for team Burek, allowing only 1 run and 5 hits. Jon would lead team Burek to a 6-1 win over Team Slater, in a game filled with great pitching and great defense. Brady Farkas and Dan Jones also threw well and a few scoreless innings for Team Slater, while Jason Koney helped out Team Burek on offense with a double, helping his teammate Neil with some run support, and with a number of late game walks and singles Team Burek would pull away. But the night belonged to Jon Neil, who was the clear-cut MVP of the night, pitching a gem against some of the league's best hitters. Congrats to Jon, Team Burek and all the all-stars for a great night of baseball!

All-star game - Monday, June 29th - 730pm @ Dutchman field

The All-star game will he held this year at Dutchman field in Guilderland, on Monday, June 29th at 730pm (630pm warmups). The teams will be split between the managers from the Championship series from last year, Joe Slater from the Mets (Team Slater) and Nick Burek (Team Burek), who will face-off against each other with all the other team's players divided up between the two sides. And before the game, there is a home run derby open to anyone, with a $10 buy in, the winner takes down half of the total amount! ( the other half goes to the league). The timeline is as follows, with players and positions for each team to be posted soon:

430 - food starts

5 - 630 - Home Run Derby

630 Warmups

730 Gametime

Hope to see everyone come out and support their team and players, and congrats to all who were selected!



Team Slater

Brian Hoffman - 3B  ( D'Backs)

Matt Simoni - P ( D'Backs)

Steve Mohr - SS/2B ( D'Backs)

Dan Jones  - P ( D'Backs)

John Repepi - SS ( D'Backs)

Joe Slater - P/3B/OF ( Mets)

John Fiorita - OF ( Mets)

Greg Jette - OF (Mets)

Brady Farkas - P (Mets)

Mitchell McComb - IF/C (Pirates)

Zach Keeler - IF/OF (Pirates)

Mike Rose - P/OF (Pirates)

Dom Banchi - INF (Marino's)

Eric Sahagian - P/OF (Marino's)

John Lucas - INF/OF (Rockies)


Team Burek

Dave Preston - P/INF/OF (Blacksox)

Dave Balsamo - SS (Blacksox)

Evan Yacowenia - INF (Blacksox)

Phil Weinman - 1B (Blacksox)

Casey Schnoomaker - 2B (Blacksox)

Rich Yanatos - INF/C (Bombers)

Rudy Fallas - 1B/DH (Bombers)

Dan Cejka - OF (Bombers)

Dan Furey - INF/OF (Devils)

Pete Furey - OF (Devils)

Marcus Kent - INF/DH (Devils)

Nick Burek - OF (Brewers)

Nigel Gorman - OF/3B/P (Brewers)

Luuk Visser - 3B/C (Brewers)

Jason Koney - OF (Rockies)

Jon Neil - P (Rockies)


Selected Players who were unable to attend to due injury or prior commitments:

Mike Bushee - OF (D'Backs)

Mike Neumann - C (Mets)

Dylan Cox - 2B (Pirates)

Andrew Wildrick - P/3B (Bombers)

Anthony Giuffrida - 2B (Bombers)

Spencer Marcus - P/1B/OF (Bombers)

Mets 2014 CDMABL Champions!

The Mets won their second straight CDMABL Championship, becoming the first 18+ division team to repeat since 2008. The Mets capped an impressive run in which they went undefeated for nearly three straight months. After losing 2 of their first 3 games to the East Greenbush Brewers, the Mets went an amazing 24 straight games without a loss, including sweeping the playoffs, avenging their early season losses to the Brewers in the Championship Series. Pitchers Joe Slater and Brady Farkas were named Co-MVP's of the Playoffs, both going 3-0 with a sub 1.00 ERA. Including playoffs, Slater went 10-0 on the season with Farkas 9-1. It should also be noted that longtime Met Kevin Manilenko turned in a gutsy complete game performance in game 2 of the championship series, keeping the hard-hitting Brewers off balance with a heavy dose of breaking balls.

Offensively in the playoffs, the Mets were lead by Greg Jette, Nate Novak, and Carlos Maldonado, who came on strong at the end of the year after recovering from multiple knee surgeries.
In the regular season, the Mets offense was led by Chris Nyman (.436), Greg Jette (.429, 14 RBI), Mike Neumann (.380, 11 RBI), John Fiorita (.351, 16 RBI), and Bret Samboy (.309, 17 RBI).

Congrats to the Mets, and to every team for making the 2014 CDMABL season a fun and successful one!

Championship Series: #1 Mets vs #2 Brewers

The Championship Series is set! The Mets, who won last year's 2013 Championship, will face-off against the Brewers, who made it to the 2012 Championship two years ago. Should be a great series, come out to watch the finals!


Brewers vs Mets

Tue, Aug 12th - 7pm (Rogowitz)  -  Mets 8, Brewers 5 [D. Ciarmiello HR, Rogers HR, Slater 6 2/3 IP, 1 ER ] (Mets lead series 1-0)
Thu, Aug 14th - 7pm (Rogowitz)  -  Mets 7, Brewers 4 [ Manilenko CG Win ]  (Mets lead series 2-0)
Fri, Aug 15th - 7pm (Rogowitz)  -  Mets 3, Brewers 1 (Mets win series 3-0)
Sat, Aug 16th - Noon (Rogowitz) (if necessary)
Sun, Aug 17th - Noon (Rogowitz) (if necessary)




1st Round Playoff Schedule

The 18 Division MABL 1st Round Playoff Schedule is now all set. Good luck to every team who made the playoffs!

Sun, Aug 3rd   - Noon (Rogowitz)  - 2 vs 7  (Bulldogs @ Brewers)    -  Brewers 5, Bulldogs 2   [N.Burek 2 doubles, Rehbun CG Win]
                     - 230pm (Rogowitz) - 4 vs 5  ( Devils @ D'Backs)      -  D'Backs 3, Devils 0   [Ullman CG SHO]
                     - 3pm (Bob Moore)  - 3 vs 6 ( Bombers @ Blacksox) -  Blacksox 5, Bombers 3   [Zimring 2 HRs, Preston CG Win]
                     -530pm (Bob Moore)  - 6 vs 3 (Blacksox @ Bombers) - Blacksox 11, Bombers 0   [Zimring 3 RBI Double, Preston 2 run HR, Hopkins 2-hit CG SHO]

Mon, Aug 4th  - 6pm (Rogowitz) - 1 vs 8  (A's @ Mets)                  - Mets 3, A's 2
                     - 815pm (Rogowitz) - 7 vs 2 (Brewers @ Bulldogs)   - Brewers 13, Bulldogs 2   [N.Burek HR, Henchey HR]

Tue, Aug 5th    - 6pm (Rogowitz)    - 5 vs 4 (D'Backs @ Devils)      - Devils 6, D'Backs 5 (8 inn.)
                      - 815pm (Rogowitz)   - 8 vs 1 (Mets @ A's)            - Mets 15, A's 3

Wed, Aug 6th   - 6pm (Rogowitz)   -  4 vs 5 ( Devils @ D'Backs)    - D'Backs 2, Devils 1 (9 inn.)



Look to the field directions for Rogowitz field (Rogowitz and Kuhn are both in Cook Park, make sure to go to the right one) under the Field Directions link. Round 2 runs Friday Aug 8th - Sunday Aug 10th (best of 3), and Round 3 Championship series runs Tuesday, August 12th - Sunday, August 17th (best of 5). Also note that the 815 games for Rogowitz do not have the 8pm cut off like at Bob Moore for the 1st game. And the curfew is longer than 1045 at Rogowitz so there should be no problem getting 2 games in a night.


Round 2

Fri, Aug 8th  - 545pm (Kuhn)  - 2 vs 3  (Blacksox @ Brewers)  -  Blacksox 6, Brewers 4 [ Preston 2-run HR, Yaco HR, 2B, 3 RBI, Hopkins CG Win ]
                  - 6pm (Rogowitz) - 1 vs 4 (D'Backs @ Mets)  -  Mets 5, D'Backs 0

Sat, Aug 9th   - 10am (Rogowitz)  - 3 vs 2 (Brewers @ Blacksox)   - Brewers 4, Blacksox 1
                     -1230pm (Rogowitz) - 4 vs 1 (Mets @ D'Backs)   - Mets 8, D'Backs 3

Sun, Aug 10th  - 10am (Rogowitz)
- 2 vs 3  (Blacksox @ Brewers)   - Brewers 7, Blacksox 0 [ Gorman 2-run HR, Busdiecker CG SHO ]      

Round 3

Tue, Aug 12th - 7pm (Rogowitz)
Wed, Aug 13th - 7pm (Rogowitz)
Thu, Aug 14th - 7pm (Rogowitz)
Fri, Aug 15th - 7pm (Rogowitz) (rainout makeup if needed)
Sat, Aug 16th - Noon (Rogowitz) (if necessary)
Sun, Aug 17th - Noon (Rogowitz) (if necessary)

2014 MABL All-Star game and HR Derby

The 2014 All-star game will be held at Dutchman field in Guilderland on Tuesday, July 1st @ 730pm (630 warmups). The teams will be divided up by current standings and last year's championship managers will be manging each team. The teams are listed below. And also note there will be a Home run Derby before the game starting at 515pm, 1st round entries will be cut off at 6pm. The buy in is $10 per person, must bring your own balls and winner gets half of the prize pool while the other half goes to the league. The HR derby is wood bat only. And all Tuesday night the concession stand will be open, so everyone is encouraged to buy from there throughout the night. Good luck to everyone and have fun!

Team Phil
Philip Weinman - Black Sox
Dave Preston - Black Sox
Evan Yacowenie - Black Sox
Dave Balsamo - Black Sox
Tom Hopkins - Black Sox
RJ Laurin - Brewers
Matt Kasper - Brewers
Nick Burek - Brewers
Justin Rebhun - Brewers
J McComb - Pirates
Dave Grimes - Pirates
Matt Fischer - Pirates
Justin Cushing - Bombers (n/a)
Spencer Marcus - Bombers (n/a)
Jeff Solomon - Bombers
Andrew Wildrick - Bombers
Luis Gonzalez - Bombers
Jim Tino - Dodgers
Jason Koney - Dodgers


Team Joe
Joe Slater - Mets
Brady Farkas - Mets
Mike Neumann - Mets
John Fiorita - Mets
Greg Jette - Mets
Joe Ullman - D’Backs
Ryan Williams - D’Backs
Steve Mohr - D’Backs
Chris Bonaparte - D’Backs
Pete Furey - Devils
Joey Sportman - Devils
Bobby Empie - Devils
Tony Parella - A’s
Andy Brown - A’s
Mike Phillips - A’s
Jordan Lomaestro - Bulldogs
Sean McEvoy - Bulldogs



Team Phil 11, Team Joe 4

Game MVP - Justin Rebhun (Brewers) - had key hits and RBIs to put Team Phil ahead

Homerun Derby winner - Mike Phillips (A's) - hit 6 total homeruns to edge out Greg Jette and Tony Parella in round 3

Other game notes - Game was 5-3 going into the 9th, Andrew Wildrick (Bombers) - 4 innings, 1 run allowed, Jason Koney (Dodgers) - 2 singles, Chris Bonaparte (D'Backs) - 2 singles


This week in CDMABL Baseball

On Wednesday night, the Diamondbacks would once again take on the Latham Ford Bombers. The result would be the same as the previous night, as the Diamondbacks would go onto win easily, 9-2. The game was tied 0-0 going into the 4th, at first it was a pitching duel between the Bombers Andrew Wildrick and the D'Backs Joe Ullman. But the D'Backs hitters would adjust and start driving the ball opposite field and put up a 5 spot in the 4th. The hitting was led by Chris Bonaparte's rbi single, 2 hits by Ryan Williams, and a long double by Ruffinen and Simoni. Brian Hoffman also contributed with a line drive single and Steve Mohr also had a RBI hit. The 5th inning scoring burst would be all they needed with Ullman throwing 5 scoreless innings. It would be too little, too late in the 7th when Luis Gonzalez on the Bombers hit a bomb, solo shot homerun. Next up for the D'Backs, this Wednesday they square off with the Black Sox in a battle of two top tier teams.


Bombers would play again on Sunday, and similar to the 4th inning of the D'Backs game, they would suffer an even worse single inning implosion in the 7th inning vs the Devils. Tied 2-2 in the 7th, a Devils player hit a ball in the infield with the bases loaded that hit a lip and shot into the outfield. The flood gates would open at this point, and the Devils would go onto win 11-2. Devils would play another game as part of a doubleheader, and would once again win and beat the hot Brewers team, 5-4. But the Brewers would bounce back to beat the Defending Champs, the Mets, 5-4.


In other action, the Blacksox would stay red hot and sweep the Bulldogs in a doubleheader at dutchman. Other games on Sunday included Dodgers going to Chatham for a doubleheader, and Mets playing the A's, which will be reported on in the next writeup.

D'backs stay hot, and Bombers win in a wild 7th inning

The Diamondbacks went to 3-0 behind the complete game 2 hit shut out with 12k's from Jeremy Canniff, who was making his season debut. The D'Backs managed only 1 hit themselves in the winning effort, a lead off hit from Steve Mohr who would score, which became the games only run in the 1st inning on a rbi ground out from Brian Hoffman after a perfect sac bunt by Chris Bonaparte.  Jeremy was also backed by good defense with a diving catch in left by Andy McCauley, which saved a tying run with 2 outs. Final, D'Backs 1, Pirates 0. Next up the Bombers again wed night at Bob moore.


Bombers swept their doubleheader this Sunday, beating the A's 12-1 in game 1, and in game 2 vs the Dodgers, Bombers went into the top of the 7th with a 5-3 lead. They would have a late inning collapse and gave up 8 runs in the 7th, only to come back in the bottom of the 7th to put up 6 runs for a 12-11 win, in a crazy final inning which ended with a Matt Gatta walk-off 2 RBI hit. This is already the Bombers 2nd walk-off win of the young season. Other highlights included a deep shot homerun by Jim Tino of the Dodgers, and a great diving catch by Dodger's centerfield Jason Koney. And most likely the 1st of one of the few times in the league this has happened, Bombers pitcher Spencer Marcus earned both wins of the doubleheader, pitching a complete game in the 1st game, and coming in for relief in the 2nd game. Next up Dodgers travel to Chatham for a doubleheader on Sunday.


Other scores from the weekend, Bulldogs lose to the Blacksox and Devils in close games, 4-1 and 5-1.

Diamondbacks improve to 2-0

Diamondbacks move to to 2-0 with a defeat of the Bombers 8-2 on Wednesday night at Bob Moore, backed by a complete game 3-hitter for Joe Ullman, who also had 9k's. To lead the offensive attack, Mike Ruffinen went 3-3 with 2 SBs, Brian Hoffman had a single and double, while Chris Bonaparte had a RBI single and a walk, and a long double was hit by Matt Simoni. Steve Mohr also singled and had 2 SBs. The Diamondbacks had a good team effort with some nice defense as well. Next up for the D'Backs is their first game versus the expansion Pirates on Mothers Day!

CDMABL 1st weekend results

The 2014 CDMABL season began on a chilly weekend, but was filled with some great baseball. The season opened at Bob Moore on Friday night with the Diamondbacks taking on the new Dodgers team. The game would open in the 1st with a controversial call at home plate after a run seemingly scored for the Dodgers, the player was called out due to interference by a Dodgers player. After this, the game would go the Diamondbacks way, with a good pitching performance by Joe Ullman, who went 4 innings giving up 2 hits and 2 walks and had 6 k's. The Diamondbacks offense was led by Matt Simoni, who crushed a double, while the rest of the offense put up a barrage of singles and walks. The Diamondbacks won 11-1, and the Dodgers look to settle in and bounce back next Sunday.


On Saturday, the Mets squared off against the Blacksox, a rematch of last year's championship series. This time Joe Slater would pitch against former Colonie Knight Leo Primeau. Both pitchers would do well, but Slater was dominant and threw a complete game, 3-hit shuout. All the runs were scored in the 2nd inning, led by Greg Jette's deep double, and Jimmy Rodgers 2 RBI single. The final would be 4-0, and next time these teams meet up it will once again be a battle of two great teams.


To finish out the weekend, the Bombers would travel out to Chatham to take on the new, young, fresh out of legion team, the Columbia Pirates, in a double header. In the 1st game, the Bombers would go up 2-0 quick, but in the 2nd inning, similar to the Dodgers game, there was a controversial runner interference call that took back a run that would have put the Bombers up 3-0 with the potential to break the game open. This changed the momentum, and the Pirates would mount a comeback led by their clean up hitter Brian Gauthier, who had 2 doubles. The game would end up a 12-3 final with the Pirates on top. The 2nd game the Bombers once again would jump out to a 2-0 lead, and once again gave up the lead with some costly errors and well-timed hits, and would go down 5-3. But in the bottom of the 7th, down 5-3, the Bombers would start a comeback, with a walk, fielder's choice and a single by Robert Wise. Bombers clean-up hitter Luis Gonzalez would single in the tying run, and in the last at-bat, new Bomber Eric Solomon would drive in the winning run on a hard hit single, and the Bombers would end up winning 6-5.

The CDMABL has gotten off to a great start, lets keep the good baseball going! Look to the schedule to see upcoming games.

2014 Season is about to begin!

The 2014 CDMABL season is set to kick off this Friday, May 2nd, when the Diamondbacks take on the brand new team the Dodgers at 730pm @ Bob Moore in Scotia. The Diamondbacks are the Indians team from last year under a new name, run by Jim Bonaparte. Jim has joined forces with his son Chris, who also brought over players from the now folded Tigers, to make the Diamondbacks even stronger this year. These players include Jason Blond, Steve Mohr, and Steve Hiller, in addition to other strong pickups the Diamondbacks have made. And the Dodgers are a new, young team run by Chris Meister, who brings in a team with a lineup filled with solid hitting.


The following day, Satuday May 3rd 10am @ Bob Moore (UPDATE: game day and time for Brewers/Bulldogs TBD) features the always solid Brewers vs the up and coming Bulldogs, who were real hot at the end of last year, led by great young pitching from players such as Paulo Audio, and good offense from players like Ricky Parker and Chris Murray. The Brewers look to improve with key additions such as adding former Colonie Knight RJ Laurin. This game is followed at 1230pm by a rematch of last year's classic championship series, which went 5 games and was filled with overall amazing pitching, defense and clutch homeruns, the Black Sox vs The Mets. These teams are full of perennial all-stars, with the Black Sox adding former Knight pitching great Leo Primeau and the Mets adding Carlos Maldanado, who replaces 17 year veteran and now retired Erik Miller.


On Sunday, May 4th, the Latham Ford Bombers square off vs another new and young team, the Columbia Pirates, in a doubleheader in Chatham starting at 10am. The Bombers looked to bolster their offense by adding former Colonie Knights Eric and Jeff Solomon this off-season, and also free agent Bryan Byrnes. The Columbia Pirates look to do damage this year playing many of their games on their home field in Chatham. And finally, The Devils play the A's at 11am @ Bob Moore Sunday afternoon. The Devils look to improve on a good season last year with additions such as Kevin Burr, while the A's look to continue a great offensive season from last year by adding players such as Ryan Parmer to an already stacked offensive lineup.


Every team plays on opening weekend, so try to come out and catch a game or two this weekend, it's going to be a fun and competitve year for the CDMABL! Please check the 2014 schedule link of the website for all of May's schedule, June and July will be posted soon.

Upcoming League Games

Saturday, Jun 24
2017 Season
Glenville Construction Bombers @ Bad News Pirates12:30pmChatham BR field
Bad News Pirates @ Capital Region Rockies3:00pmChatham BR field
Jankow Ducks @ 2001 CIA Diamond Dogs5:30pmBob Moore
Sunday, Jun 25
2017 Season
Breathe Easy Mets @ ChemEnergy Angels11:30amCentral Albany Babe Ruth
Breathe Easy Mets @ 2001 CIA Diamond Dogs2:00pmCentral Albany Babe Ruth
Taproom Black Sox @ Jankow Ducks3:00pmBob Moore
Marino's Pizza @ Taproom Black Sox5:30pmBob Moore
Marino's Pizza @ Glenville Construction Bombers8:00pmBob Moore
Tuesday, Jun 27
2017 Season
ChemEnergy Angels @ Glenville Construction Bombers6:00pmCentral Albany Babe Ruth
Thursday, Jun 29
2017 Season
Jankow Ducks @ Glenville Construction Bombers5:45pmBob Moore
Capital Region Rockies @ 2001 CIA Diamond Dogs6:00pmCentral Albany Babe Ruth
Breathe Easy Mets @ ChemEnergy Angels6:00pmSchenectady B Diamond
Bad News Pirates @ Marino's Pizza8:00pmDutchman Field
Glenville Construction Bombers @ Taproom Black Sox8:15pmBob Moore
Saturday, Jul 1
2017 Season
Capital Region Rockies @ Bad News Pirates12:30pmChatham BR field
Bad News Pirates @ Capital Region Rockies3:00pmChatham BR field
Thursday, Jul 6
2017 Season
Capital Region Rockies @ 2001 CIA Diamond Dogs6:00pmSchenectady B Diamond
Jankow Ducks @ Marino's Pizza8:00pmDutchman Field

For a complete schedule listing, click here!