Try this link for games

So many of you were clicking on the link and getting your times when those were not set. Once the link is Live, it's Live so if you clicked on it earlier, didn't mean your schedule were all set. Some did change. You can look at it now:

The online link will not show a bracket because of how the tourney is set up but you can see your pool games. Championship games, times and schedules are below.
We did the VERY BEST WE COULD.  So if you have an 8AM game but playing later in the day, I'm sorry. The scheduling process takes hours upon hours and times are set.

OK, now to some rule clarification based on the 50 emails I received:

If the home team is batting but losing when the inning started, however takes the lead when as time expired or during the inning, then the home team wins.
What about the visiting team which everyone keeps asking?
If the visiting team is up to bat, doesn't finish the inning and time expires, then the score reverts to the last completed inning. Even if the visiting team took the lead but the inning was not completed. Before you say this is not fair, its a common rule and Google other tournaments and you will see the same rule.

The current rules state no more than 6 in a day, 8 overall. This is an extenuating circumstance. So a pitcher can pitch more 3 inning in a game. Can pitch 5 in one game so to speak and still pitch but 6 will still be the limit. It is about the safety and I would rather take some heat if coaches out there are all for pitching 8 innings.

Championship Game Times:

6U 1 seed vs 2 seed 7:20 CM 3

7U 1 seed vs 2 seed 7:20 CP 9

8U Bracket 1 A-1 vs F-1 7:20 CP 1

Bracket 2 B-1 vs E-1 7:20 CP 2

Bracket 3 C-1 vs D-1 7:20 CP 3

9U Bracket 1 1 seed vs 4 seed 8:30 CM 6

Bracket 2 2 seed vs 3 seed 8:30 CM 5

10U 1 seed vs 2 seed 8:30 CP 7

11U 1 seed vs 2 seed 7:20 CP 5

12U 1 seed vs 2 seed 8:30 CM 7

13/14 1 A-1 vs B-1 8:30 CP 4



Welcome to the tournament website of Central All Star Promotions, LLC. This website will include details on all of our scheduled events during the 2017 tournament season. 

We have managed tournaments in Forsyth County for the last 10 years and continue to grow. We offer All-Stars, A-AA Travel and Softball tournaments (All-stars and Travel are not combined and do not play each other). Dick's Sporting Goods is also a proud sponsor of our tournaments so you can sign-up with the confidence of a major organization backing.



All-Star Tournaments:

Will be played in beautiful Forsyth County. We cater to "A", "B" and "C" All Star teams through our scheduling preferences. Our tournaments make very effort to work with ALL-STAR teams with their schedules, level of play and designed the rules to make it easy on the coach and players as well as accommodate all the other leagues out there such as Dizzy Dean, Dixie Youth, Little League and Cal Ripken. If enough "B" and "C" teams sign up, we'll create a separate bracket for those teams or ensure that the first 2 pool games are against similar talent. Not many or if any tournaments will do that for B and C teams. In addition, our tournament entry fees are among the lowest around plus the play in more than one tournament, it's even cheaper. 

Baseball ages we are accepting: 5U, 6U, 7U, 8U, 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U ,13/14U 15/16U for baseball. 

Bulldog Bash Update: Games will start Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday with games at Central Park and Dobbs Creek. Dobbs is just a couple miles from Central Park. This tournament has a high demand if you look at the "Who's Coming" page and to accommodate, again we'll start games Thursday. The more "local" teams meaning not a very far commute have a higher probability of playing Thursday.


A-AA Travel Tournaments:

Our Travel tournaments cater to A and AA teams only, where travel teams can feel comfortable about playing other travel teams similar in talent or similar with their overall record.  In addition, we verify these travel team's record to the best of our ability to help ensure level competition. Travel ages offered are 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, 13U, 14U and 15U. AAA teams can enter but must play up an age group.




What does it cost to play in the All-Star, A-AA Travel or Softball Tournaments?

Our price is among the lowest anywhere - just $310 with a 3 game guarantee. Play in more than 1 event, save $25 each tourney. That means your 3rd tourney would only cost $260 to enter. Ask for referral discounts.  


More Chances to Win Trophies than other tournaments:

If an age group has 14 or more paid teams, then we'll offer 2 separate brackets (Gold and Silver), enhancing your teams odds of winning trophies. 


Sawnee Mountain, Bennett, Central Park and Coal Mountain Park:

Our parks are some of the best Georgia has plus conveniently located right off GA 400. So if you are coming from Gwinnett, Hall, Walton, Cobb, Fulton, Cherokee, Dawson, Lumpkin, Dekalb, White, and Jackson, counties, we are within a short driving distance. We also offer multiple, state of the art play grounds for the younger kids, concessions with comprehensive menus, pavilions for teams to rest, bleacher covers for those hot days, walking trails and if the parents have time, tennis courts in-between games.    



Sawnee Mountain All Star Showdown May 26-28
Central All Star Invitational June 9-11
All Star Summer Slam June 16-18
Bulldog Bash June 22-25 
Georgia World Series of All Stars July 7-9
Sawnee Mountain Travel Showdown May 26-28
Central Invitational June 9-11
Summer Slam June 16-18
Georgia World Series July 7-9



For more Information....Email: 






Thank you for all the teams that participated in 2016. All Results can be found on: