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2017 Registration Info

2017 Registration Dates and Times have been set.


Thursday, February 23rd at the Chippewa Valley YMCA from 6:30 - 9:00pm


Opens Monday, February 6th and will be available online thru Sunday, March 5th

To register ONLINE for the 2017 season, CLICK HERE


Print the PDF entry form below and mail the form & payment to the address on the form.



Any registration questions, please send an email to Greg Misfeldt at




This year, 2017, CFYB will be implementing a 8/31 cutoff date at each league/age level.

WHY THE CHANGE? In 2011, Little League conducted very detailed participation research. As a result of that research, we learned that parents, players, and volunteers wanted to see Little League become, as a whole, a younger program, and give children an easier way to play Little League with their classmates. Since the research concluded, Little League revamped its Tee Ball program, established a Coach Pitch Program, and changed its residency requirements to allow children to play in the league where their school is located. Adjusting the Age Determination Date will help us achieve the goal of making Little League younger. And, making the date August 31, the same that many schools in many states use for student registration, allows Little Leaguers to play with their classmates.


*The new cutoff dates are effective immediately for T-ball and instructional league players.

**Kids with birthdates in the ranges below have an option to remain in the league using the previous 4/30 cutoff date OR the new 8/30 cutoff date. Review the options carefully when filling out your registration form.

***This is a ONE TIME offer. Once the decision is made this year, the player will remain at this age level until they are done in CFYB.

****This age level choice will also be the All-Star level the player will play at thru their remaining CFYB career.

Examples –

Birth Date - 8/10/2007 – With the old 4/30 cutoff date, player would be a 1st year minor (as they would only be 9 by 4/30/17).  If they would use the new 8/31 cutoff, they would be a 2nd year minor (as he would be 10 by 8/31/17).  Thus, during registration, they would choose “Minors” to move to a 2nd year Minor or “Minors A” to stay a 1st year minor.

Birth Date – 6/25/2006 - With the old 4/30 cutoff date, they would be a 2nd year minor (as they would only be 10 by 4/30/17).  If they would use the new 8/31 cutoff, he would be a 1st year Major (as they would be 11 by 8/31/17).  Thus, during registration, they would choose “Majors” to move to a 1st year Major, or “Minor B” to stay a 2nd year minor.

Minors (Ages 9-10) - Age on 8/31/17

Minors A (Age 10 from 5/1/17 - 8/31/17) - Birthdates 5/1/07 - 8/31/07 - Use the 4/30 cutoff and remain a 1st year Minor

Minors B (Age 11 from 5/1/17 - 8/31/17) - Birthdates 5/1/06 - 8/31/06 - Use the 4/30 cutoff and remain a 2nd year Minor

Majors (Ages 11-12) - Age on 8/31/17

Majors A (Age 12 from 5/1/17 - 8/31/17) - Birthdates 5/1/05 - 8/31/05 - Use the 4/30 cutoff and remain a 1st year Major

Majors B (Age 13 from 5/1/17 - 8/31/17) - Birthdates 5/1/04 - 8/31/04 - Use the 4/30 cutoff and remain a 2nd year Major

Pony League (Ages 13-14) - Age on 8/31/17

Ponies A (Age 14 from 5/1/17 - 8/31/17) - Birthdates 5/1/03 - 8/31/03 - Use the 4/30 cutoff and remain a 1st year Pony

Ponies B (Age 15 from 5/1/17 - 8/31/17) - Birthdates 5/1/02 - 8/31/02 - Use the 4/30 cutoff and remain a 2nd year Pony

When completing you ONLINE REGISTRATION, please CHOOSE the MINORS A or B, MAJORS A or B, or PONIES A or B option to use/remain using the 4/30 cutoff date.

We realize this may be confusing, if you have questions, please email Greg Misfeldt at


Thank You to our Fun Night sponsors!

 Fun night was a huge success.  Please click on this fun night thank you link to for more details.

Support our Sponsors

CFYB would like to thank all of our sponsors for supporting our program and our youth.  We truly appreciate them and hope you will support the local businesses and organizations that support our program.  THANK YOU!

Parking Information

Please use the Hockey Arena parking lot for all CFYB events.  DO NOT use the Mayo Clinic lot as that is reserved for Mayo Clinic patients and employees.