Last Updated: October 2, 2015
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  • AAU Club number WW5E8C
  • Established 2011
  • 501(c)3

Off-Season Training

Now that the season has come to an end, the real work begins. With each of the players preparing for the coming school season and any other sport they may be participating in basketball should not be put to the side. For the High School kids with a real interest in pursuing basketball at the next level now is the time to put the work into your Complete Game!

We will be offering skills & conditioning training for all who are interested. Simply fill out the training request form and submit it to us and we will be glad to oblige. The for is located in our online forms tab. We have made it simple enough to even pay for your session online if you choose too.

The focus will be on enhancing you child natural skill level as well as his/her IQ of the game. We look forward to working with you soon.

(We Obtain Life Values & Essential Skills)

The Wolves Organization is dedicated in its simplest form to teach the basic principles of basketball, but more over to develop the character and mental fortitude to succeed despite life’s many obstacles. This January we embark on something new and hopefully life changing for all the families who chose to be a part of it. Stay tuned as we look to inspire change for the better in the Youth Basketball sporting arena.



(Spoken Word)

One Body, One Mind

Our Game, Our Time
Our games COMPLETE, our game is sound
Another steps UP, when one goes down
Our time is NOW so we make our stand
Play hard and FIGHT to the FINISH, down to the last man.

Pre-Game Prayer

Lord, strengthen our spirit and our mind and get us through any trying time. Don't let a selfish spirit take control as we play this game with our heart and soul. Right now we pray to you up above, keep us safe as we play this game we love.