Last Updated: November 25, 2015
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  • AAU Club number WW5E8C
  • Established 2011
  • 501(c)3
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We will be having tryouts for grades 5th thru 8th for the upcoming season. The tryouts will be held at:

First United Methodist Church
311 Roaring Springs
DeSoto, TX 75115

[tryout flyer]

All interested families need to be aware that this team will be doing some traveling when they make their decision. We will be looking to build a team not simply fill spots on a team. The potential child will be evaluated on their ability to play, learn and fit into the team concept. Also, the parents/guardians will be evaluated on their compatibility with the CG WOLVES Brand.

We are completely aware of how this may sound to some, but we are unquestionably concerned with the image of the brand and how it is represented. We aim to always set the highest character examples for our student athletes and that extends into the stands with the parents. One other trait of the WOLVES Brand is we project a family environment and feel because that is what we consider all of our families within the Organization. With that being said, we completely understand we are here to teach the game of basketball at a very high level.

With that high level of teaching/training, we are looking for players who are willing to work extremely hard both on and more importantly off the court. That means we expect our kids to be their best in the classroom at all times. We have plans in place to help our athletes with school work in which they may be struggling to understand.

Once you have been informed of whether or not you've been invited to join our program all necessary information on the pending season will be shared with the families.


(We Obtain Life Values & Essential Skills)

The Wolves Organization is dedicated in its simplest form to teach the basic principles of basketball, but more over to develop the character and mental fortitude to succeed despite life’s many obstacles. This January we embark on something new and hopefully life changing for all the families who chose to be a part of it. Stay tuned as we look to inspire change for the better in the Youth Basketball sporting arena.



<(Spoken Word)

One Body, One Mind

Our Game, Our Time
Our games COMPLETE, our game is sound
Another steps UP, when one goes down
Our time is NOW so we make our stand
Play hard and FIGHT to the FINISH, down to the last man.

Pre-Game Prayer

Lord, strengthen our spirit and our mind and get us through any trying time. Don't let a selfish spirit take control as we play this game with our heart and soul. Right now we pray to you up above, keep us safe as we play this game we love.