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Welcome to the 2017 Football Season

  • Duece
    STIFF ARM!!!!
  • Cheer Team
    Lets Cheer!!
  • Taking the field
    Ready to go!!
  • Silly picture
  • RUN
    Who let the dogs out!!!
  • Cheer
    T A K E take that ball away!!
  • Cheer
    We want A TD!!!
  • Flag
    Playing Flag Football
  • Having fun
    Pose for the camera
  • Going in for the TD

2017 Football and Cheer Schedule


Attention Parents,

Many parents have had questions on where and when our practices and games take place. (please read entire document

Official practices for tackle football will begin on July 24th, this week will be every day practice from 6-8 Mon-Fri, this is our conditioning week and kids can not miss this. It is league rules that all kids playing tackle football must have ten consecutive hours of conditioning before putting pads on. If a child misses a conditioning practice they will have to make it up, however it puts them behind on plays and fundamentals.

Cheer and Flag may participate in the conditioning week but it is not mandatory for them.


All Practices (Cheer,Flag, and football in pads)

Begin on July 31

They are at Kissam elementary in Chapel Hill

Practices start at 6pm and finish at 8 (flag normally is done by 7:30)

Practices are on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday until school starts, After school starts we practice only on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-8 at Kissam.

*game participation is determined by practice participation*

All Games are on Saturdays 

They are at Chapel Hill High School Stadium for home games, we do travel for away games but most are local

Flag plays at 9am

Freshmen play at 10am

Sophmore play at 12pm

Juniors play at 2pm

all games are typically over by 4:30 pm every Saturday

There is a gate fee for every home and away game

Fees are as follows (fees should be the same at every game you attend wiether home or away, until the playoff occur and then the fees go up

ages 0-5 get in free

ages 5-12(if not playing or cheering) $1

ages 12 and up $2

Play off games fees do change

ages 0-5 free

ages 5-12 (if not playing or cheer) $2

ages 12 and up $3

* All gate fees go to help pay for stadium costs, such as electric fees, water fees, clean up fees, clock operators and referee fees, they are necessary to give your child the experience of playing in a high school stadium

Thanks for being part of our organization




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