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  • Chewing Tobbaco is not allowed in the facility!!! Anyone one caught using will be asked to leave!!
  • USA Hockey Membership runs from September 1st, 2016 through August 31st, 2017
  • A Player must play in 6 games to be eligible to play in the playoffs.

********No Important news to report at this time!!!***********

Upcoming Games

Tuesday, May 30
A/B Open
Revelry Brewing @ Geno's8:00pmPalace Rink
StormWorks Capital @ Green Arrow9:15pmPalace Rink
Thursday, Jun 1
Over 35 League
Fireants @ Liberty Cedar7:45pmPalace Rink
StormWorks Capital @ White On DI9:00pmPalace Rink
Sunday, Jun 4
D League
Chucktown Dragons @ Griffins5:00pmPalace Rink
Holycity Icemen @ BioHazard6:15pmPalace Rink
FMR @ Thunderbirds7:00pmRoyal Rink
Road Kill @ Honeybadgers7:30pmPalace Rink
Misfits @ Pollywogs8:45pmPalace Rink
C1 League
Hawks @ Chargers8:15pmRoyal Rink
Boeing Jets @ Hurricanes9:30pmRoyal Rink
C2 League
Blades @ Clams12:00pmPalace Rink
Firebirds @ Betty Ford1:15pmPalace Rink
Charleston Tribe @ Sharks2:30pmPalace Rink
Puckheads @ ODB3:45pmPalace Rink
Tuesday, Jun 6
A/B Open
StormWorks Capital @ Geno's8:00pmPalace Rink
Green Arrow @ Revelry Brewing9:15pmPalace Rink

For a complete schedule listing, click here!