Last Updated: February 28, 2015

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Court # 1                               Court # 3

10AM    4th Grade 1-8         10AM  4th Grade 9-16

11:15AM   5A Boys              11:15AM   5B Boys

                                             Court # 2

12:30PM   6A Boys             12:30PM   6B Boys

1:45PM    5/6 Girls               1:45PM    4/5 Girls

3PM       7th Boys 1-9          3PM   7th Boys 10-19

4:15PM  8A Boys                 4:15PM  8B Boys

                                            Court # 3

                                            4:15PM   7/8 Girls




For teams that haven't sent their registration fee please mail to 33 Pershing Ave  Milltown, N.J 08850.

Please send before the playoffs start


Home team please e-mail the scores of your games

Weekend Scores should be e-mailed by Monday the latest



 Regular season will end on Sunday 3/1

Schedule your makeup games on or before 3/1



Playoffs will start on Monday 3/2


Championship Games will be held at Sandburg Middle School on sunday 3/22


New Rule For 2014 

On a foul shot the players that occupy the lanes may leave on the release of the foul shot. All other players including the shooter must wait for ball to hit the rim before they can release.


Rules for 4/5 Girls Division

Defensive Players must stay in the arc until 4 minutes left in the game, defense will be able to half court press the last 4 minutes of the game

Director Contact Information





Director & Founder

Dr. Dave Weiss


Vivian Cleworth (Schedule Coordinator & Website Administrator)

Cell (732) 236-9006



Dennis Scanlon  President



Al Holtje   Vice President/Referee Assignor


For questions and concerns please email If your contact information is missing or incorrectly presented on the website please submit your corrections to Required contact information includes e-mail address, primary phone number and alternate phone number.

League Schedule

Sunday,  Mar 1
BOYS 10U - (Blue) B (5th Grade)
Middletown Heat @ North Brunswick Raiders 11:15am Linwood Middle School - Aux. Gym (North Brunswick)
Edison Thunder @ Sacred Heart 1:15pm Cardinal McCarick High School
BOYS 10U - (Red) A (5th Grade)
Next Level Youth @ North Brunswick Bulldogs 12:30am Linwood Middle School - Aux. Gym (North Brunswick)
BOYS 11U - (Blue) B (6th Grade)
Franklin Heat U10 @ Marlboro 4:15pm Marlboro Recreation Center
BOYS 11U - (Red) A (6th Grade)
North Plainfield NBN @ East Brunswick Bears 9:15am East Brunswick High School
Edison Black Bears @ Marlboro Mustangs 12:30pm Marlboro Recreation Center
Old Bridge Knights @ North Brunswick 4:15pm North Brunswick Township High School - Court 1
BOYS 12U - (7th Grade)
Rebels Basketball @ Middletown Heat-A 10:30am Indian Hill School (Holmdel)
Rebels Basketball @ Perth Amboy All Stars 1:45pm Richardson School
North Brunswick Bulldogs @ Next Level Youth 3:00pm North Brunswick Township High School - Court 2
East Brunswick @ Sacred Heart 2 5:00pm Cardinal McCarick High School
Holmdel Hornets @ North Brunswick Bulldogs 5:30pm North Brunswick Township High School - Court 1
BOYS 13U - (Blue) B (8th Grade)
Matawan Travel @ Sacred Heart 1 2:30pm Cardinal McCarick High School
Raritan Bay Area YMCA Rockets @ North Brunswick Raiders 5:30pm North Brunswick Township High School - Court 2
BOYS 13U - (Red) A (8th Grade)
Clark Crusaders @ North Brunswick Raiders Blue 4:15pm North Brunswick Township High School - Court 2
BOYS 9U - (4th Grade)
Clark Crusaders-Patterson @ Marlboro-Goldstein 1:45pm Marlboro Recreation Center
Clark Crusaders-Patterson @ Sacred Heart 3:45pm Cardinal McCarick High School
GIRLS 4th Grade
North Plainfield @ Perth Amboy Elite 12:30pm Richardson School
South Brunswick Vikings-Jiorle @ Monroe Falcons 4:30pm Monroe Township Community Center # 1
Perth Amboy Elite @ Sacred Heart 6:15pm Cardinal McCarick High School
GIRLS 6th Grade
Next Level @ North Brunswick Raiders TBA Linwood Middle School - Aux. Gym (North Brunswick)
GIRLS 7th Grade
Princeton Recreation @ East Brunswick 10:30am East Brunswick High School
Manalapan Thunder @ Marlboro Mustangs 3:00pm Marlboro Recreation Center
GIRLS 5th Grade
Old Bridge Knights @ South Brunswick Vikings-Hamilton 12:50pm North Brunswick Township High School - Court 3
South Brunswick Vikings-Hamilton @ Clark Crusaders TBA North Brunswick Township High School - Court 3
Clark-Parin @ Sacred Heart 7:15pm Cardinal McCarick High School
Tuesday,  Mar 3
BOYS 10U - (Red) A (5th Grade)
Next Level Youth @ West Windsor Plainsboro Hoopsters 7:00pm Grover Middle School(West Windsor)
Thursday,  Mar 5
BOYS 12U - (7th Grade)
POSITION/TBD @ Franklin Heat 7:45am Franklin High School
BOYS 13U - (Red) A (8th Grade)
POSITION/TBD @ Monroe 7:30pm Applegarth Elementry School (Monroe)
Friday,  Mar 6
BOYS 10U - (Red) A (5th Grade)
POSITION/TBD @ Franklin Heat U10 7:30pm Sampson G. Smith School
Saturday,  Mar 7
BOYS 13U - (Blue) B (8th Grade)
POSITION/TBD @ Edison 11:45am Woodrow Wilson Middle School (Edison)
GIRLS 6th Grade
POSITION/TBD @ Hillborough Travel 3:00pm Hillsborough Middle School

For a complete schedule listing, click here!