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  • 2016 Opening Day
    First Pitch By Mayor Lori DeRemer
  • Cement Poured for Dug Outs at Happy Valley Park
    2016 Happy Valley Park Ball Fields Get Upgrades
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County Dates for JBO levels 3rd - 8th - 
  • April 4th Gladstone high school 7pm is Mandatory County Coach Meeting. At least 1 representative from each team must attend. 
  • April 8th at north Marion high school 1-3pm is Running of the Bulls. State JBO website will not post tourney info until after ROTB to increase attendance. Coaches should plan to attend to choose tournaments for the season, bring monies to pay for these tournaments.
  •  All levels (3rd - 8th grade) will start league games the week of April 16th. 

Kindergarten and first grade tball season will begin around early April and go through the end of the school year.  Our facebook page is regularly updated, it's a great source of information.

2018 Spring Assessment Dates

Sunday, February 25th

General Assessments

3/4 Noon

5/6 2PM

7/8 4PM

Sunday, March 4th Transitional Assessments (Noon) and Federal Tryouts (by invitation)

All tryouts are at Clackamas High School baseball fields and big house hitting facility

Please plan to check in 15 minutes early at the snack shack.  Dress WARM we will likely be outside.



Please note that proof of grade is required for all levels.


Midget, Junior & Senior teams will be selected via draft the week of March 5th, and notified before Spring Break.  The season will begin early April.  Depending on how well each team does, the season can run through the State tournament in July (check the calendar for dates).

TBALL  - All kindergarten and first graders - Coaches are given rosters around the first week in April.  This season runs from mid-April through the last week of school.


If you were not at the 2017 Clackamas Baseball Crab Feed & Auction, Ryan Schlunz put together this amazing video.  It's worth the time to watch it.  Clackamas Baseball is so much more than a place to play a game.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKxKXLneCd8&feature=youtu.be

Level and Age Group of Play

Level and Age Group

The following are general age groups for Clackamas Junior Baseball. The goal with Junior Baseball is to match the player to the appropriate skill level. The following are general age groups associated with each level.

T-Ball: Kindergarten and 1st Grade

(date of birth must be BEFORE September 1, 2012 to play)-Jerseys Supplied but Grey Baseball Pants are at additional purchase

Transitional: 2nd Grade-Jerseys Supplied but Grey Baseball Pants are at additional purchase

Midget Level: 3rd and 4th Grade

Junior Level: 5th and 6th Grade

Senior Level: 7th and 8th Grade

Within the Midget, Junior and Senior Age Groups, there are three levels of play which are outlined as follows:

Federal – The most advanced players skill wise generally play at this level.

American – Advanced

National – Developing Skills


Player Development

Junior baseball provides the opportunity for any child to play with youth of comparable skill and age levels.  This differs from other organizations that have wide ranges of age and skill levels playing together on the same teams, limiting player development and the playing time of some players.  Our most skilled players team with like skilled players.  Our moderate to lesser skilled levels compete with similar players from other areas.

Playing Field

Our field size is adjusted for each of three age levels.  This allows players to play on a field that matches their strength.  Less often does a single player dominate a game.  At the same time the quality of play is better at the lesser skill levels.

Real Baseball Rules

Players learn skills and tactics consistent with high school rules. Base runners lead off, pitchers throw from the stretch, and at most levels a "dropped third strike" is live.  This helps players develop more quickly and gain a more advanced understanding of the game.  At the same time, our lesser skill and age levels play with a per inning run limit to keep the score and game in perspective.


Our season is more focused on summer play than other organizations.  We generally begin in mid to late April and continue through July.  Teams that wish to play more enter tournaments, available at all levels, on weekends.


Midgets through Seniors, at all skill levels, compete for births in County and State competition against other teams in their skill and age levels.

Clackamas Junior Baseball has won many County and State Championships! The majority of players on the 2008, 2010 and 2017 Clackamas High School 6A Baseball State Championship Teams played youth baseball for Clackamas Junior Baseball!

Clackamas Junior Baseball works closely with Clackamas High School Varsity Coach, 2008 6A High School Baseball Coach of the Year, John Arntson, in developing a baseball program that teaches proper baseball fundamentals for any level of play.


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