How to report scores

Please read the following for score reporting this year.

As always the winning coach reports.

If the game is a tie the HOME coach reports. In the event of a 0-0 tie please email Jason Baker. 

To report scores do the following:

1. Click Administration at the bottom of the left side menu. NOT THE LOGIN LINK!!! The Correct link is under MAIN MENU!!! 

2. Log into the site with the username and password provided to you by your district rep. (you may change your password if you like)

3. Hover over Results

4. Click Game Results (quick Entry by day)

5. Enter your score in the boxes DO NOT CLICK EDIT!!! this is very important.

6. Visitor score is listed first, so please be aware of that. 

7. Once your score is entered click the Save Score button.


If you have any questions please contact Jason Baker at

District Abbreviations

  • Amelia = AME
  • Bethel = BET
  • CNE = CNE
  • Felicity = FEL
  • Goshen = GOS
  • Hamersville = HAM
  • New Richmond = NR
  • Williamsburg = WIL
  • Western Brown = WB



Schedule and Usernames are now loaded.

Usernames are constructed as follows; District + Age Group (example FELGU7 would be the username for Felicity Girls U7 team.

IF there are two of the same age group teams in your district (example would be  two GU7 teams in Felicity )  the last name of the coach has been added to the username (Example FELGU7Baker and FELGU7Smith) 

All passwords are “password” without the quotes and all lowercase.


Any questions email Jason Baker a

Updates to the schedules are currently in progress, all updates should be completed by no later than 8/24/2015.