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      2014 Clovis Rockets Board Members


Mike Ortiz - President
Galen Stearns - Treasurer
Ryan Pascual - Web Master
Joe Broussard - Player Representative
Kent Donis - Equipment Coordinator
TBA - Fundraising Coordinator
Tammie Blair - Member At Large
TBA - Member At Large
TBA - Member At Large

Don't just be a part of the movement!




The Clovis Rockets has been a respected Girls "A" Fastpitch Softball Organization in the Central Valley for over 15 years. As all of you know Girls Fastpitch Softball has gone through an enormous amount of change in the past few years some good and some less than positive for everyone involved. 

Like with any great organization you will have many years of success mixed in with some challenging times when it is imparative you remain true to your organizations core values.  As President of the Rockets I give it my all to ensure that every decision made by the Rockets in some way benefits our players. I work tirelessly with our coaches to make sure that we don't forget that we must stay true to  the "Girls" and the "Game".  One thing that has truly saddened me over the past few years is that Loyalty has been replaced by selfishness.  Many players, parents, coaches, and board members have substituted the developement of the players with short term victories which at best satisfy only their egos.  As the Rockets President I make every effort to promote the Clovis Rockets but I also understand that some players believe in the vision and mission of the organization they currently play for....I whole heartedly respect that decision.

Unfortunately these type of players are becoming few and far between. There are too many players out there with team gear from virtually every travel organization in the valley by the time they reach the 14U level.  This has resulted in players who face challenges make the decision to change their colors rather than to fight through the adversity. There is no doubt that this philosophy has translated to the field where I see players who no longer know how to give it their all...but instead respond to difficult situations by placing blame on others, pretending to be the victim, and quitting rather than finding a way to win.


Make no mistake....the Clovis Rockets are about WINNING but what separates us is that we refuse to do it at the sacrifice of the player.  I expect our coaches to push our players to get the best from them...but not to the point where we break a player and she ends up hating the game she once loved.  The Rockets are constantly working on better understanding the recruiting process as it reaches down into the younger age groups and helping our parents distinguish a recruiting opportunity from a money grab.  We also make realistic decisions as to which tournaments we need to expose our players to....with so many softball associations touting their tournament as a "must attend". 

If you have some of the same thoughts and would like to be part of a different approach...feel free to call me and we can discuss further to see if the Rockets might in fact be a long-term possibility for your daughter.


 President Clovis Rockets

             Mike Ortiz 

         559 469-6227





The Mission of the Clovis Rockets Girls "A" Fastpitch Organization is to establish an environment that promotes girls softball to the stage where our players can compete at the highest level of competition.

The Goal of the Clovis Rockets is to advance to National Championships, develop young athletes who qualify for college scholarships, and promote the skills of all players in the program. The Rockets home field is in Clovis, California at the Buchanan Softball Complex




Congratulations to the following Rockets Head Coaches for the 2014 Summer season.


10U - Sidney James 940-1491

12U - David Diaz 352-7916

14U - Paul Blair  905-6004

16U - Kent Donis  240-5868

18 Gold - Mike Ortiz  469-6227 


Rocket players - practice hard and play with love and respect for the game!!

Believe and achieve!! 


ROCKET EXCELLENCE!! ROCKET PRIDE!!                       


Seeking 18 Gold Players

Our 18 Gold program has been saving a couple of roster spots for two special players who feel thay have a unique skill set to contribute to the game. If you want an opportunity to be a part of something special this summer please contact Coach Ortiz to schedule a private tryout.


Mike Ortiz 559 469-6227


CONGRATULATIONS To Samantha Blair and all of the 18 Gold Players on the Clovis High Varsity Team with their MaxPreps Ranking of #14 in the Nation!
























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