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ISI 2018 Post Season Training

ISI Wrestling will be hosting an Elite and Advanced post season training camp at the Wizards facility from 3/13 to 6/28. For more details click on the 2018 ISI POST Season Training Registration Form.

Wizards Picture Link



To all Wizard families:

We have a collection of Wizard photos from over the years.  The link to the Wizard Smug Mug photo album is: https://crystallakewizards.smugmug.com/, please go take a look!!  We have taken many photos from past seasons.  Check out the site to see if you can find any of your wrestler.

The albums/pictures have no restrictions. You can download and print any of the pictures, and there is no charge. You may order prints or gifts directly from the site or download the pictures you want onto a disk and take it to any store. 

Pictures are very important part of the Wizards Family.  If you have any pictures or videos and want to upload them to our photo albums, please submit them to our dropbox.  It's very easy to use and you can upload one or several at a time.  Please indicate the tournament they are from.  https://crystallakewizards.smugmug.com/upload/PwL65k/uploads

With that in mind, we are always looking for more people to take photos at tournaments of as many Wizards they can.  If you have interest in helping out periodically at tournaments you will be attending, that would be so helpful.  Volunteering to do this does not mean that you have to do it at every tournament either.  

Contact web@clwizards.com with any questions.

New Email Logs

We have added a new section to the website to keep important emails and team communications in one place. You will frequently receive important communications via email and we often find ourselves digging through our inboxes to find that important information. This new section will be an archive of all important emails sent to the club. Take a look, the information you have been looking for most likely will be in our Email Logs.










Overall Team Awarded 1st Place
Christian Olsen Champ 
Chris Moore Champ 
Brody Hallin Champ
Tony Alvarado 2nd Place
Josh Glover 2nd Place
Sam Henkle 3rd Place
Lou Gaddy 3rd Place
Nick Davidson 4th Place
Nik Jimenez 4thPlace
Ryder Hunkins 4th Place
Alex Picchi 4th Place
Kristin Declercq 5th Place
Luca Munaretto 6th Place


Dominic Munaretto 1st Place, Intermediate Elite 55
Caden Casimino 1st Place, Intermediate Elite 95
Nicolas Davidson 2nd Place, Novice Elite 84
Brody Hallin 3rd Place, Senior Elite 122


Overall Team Awarded 6th Place
Chris Moore Champion 
Christian Olsen 3rd Place 
Brody Hallin 4th Place
Ryder Hunkins 4th Place
Dillon Carlson 5th Place
Domenic Munaretto 5th Place
Kristian Declercq 5th Place
Nicholas Marchese 6th Place


Chris Moore Champion 
Bryce Casimino 2nd Place
Dillon Carlson 3rd Place
Brody Halin 3rd Place
Nick Marchese 3rd Place
Kristian DeClercq 3rd Place
Tommy McNeil 4th Place
Tony Alvarado 6th Place
Colton Madura 6th Place


Wizard wrestlers and family members come together to give back by packing meals for
“Feed My Starving Children (FMSC)” to help eliminate starvation in children throughout the world. 









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