Last Updated: July 26, 2017
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Central Ontario Baseball Association (COBA)

This site is intended as a resource for coaches, players and parents to access schedules and standings for their divisions in COBA. If your particular division is not updated please contact your series convener.
The Central Ontario Baseball Association Inc. was formed in 1984. It was previously known as the Halton County Baseball Association. The HCBA was founded in 1920, but our earliest records available, date back to only 1944.
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Upcoming Games

Wednesday, Jul 26
Minor Rookie
Burlington 2 @ Halton Hills6:00pmThe Barn
Mississauga Southwest @ Burlington Bulls6:15pmBrant Hills D3
Waterdown @ Oakville 26:15pmBronte Park
Rookie T1
Halton Hills @ Brampton6:00pmSesqui 1
Mississauga North @ Hamilton6:00pmWilliam McCulloch
Burlington @ Oakville6:15pmWest Oaks Trail
Rookie T2
Brampton 2 @ Waterdown6:15pmJoe Sams 3
Mississauga Southwest 2 @ Mississauga North 26:15pmSyntex
Minor Mosquito T1
Brampton @ Mississauga North6:15pmMeadowvale North 3
Minor Mosquito T2
Halton Hills 2 @ Oakville 26:15pmPalermo 2
Major Mosquito T1
Brampton @ Hamilton6:00pmMohawk 3
Major Mosquito T2
Halton Hills @ Hamilton8:15pmMahoney A
Mosquito Select
Milton Select 1 @ Mississauga SW Select (minor)6:00pmGarthwood Park
Mississauga SW Select 1 @ Mississauga Majors Red6:15pmLakeview West
Minor Peewee T1
Oakville 1 @ Milton6:00pmBrian Best 1
Minor Peewee T2
Mississauga SW 2 @ Hamilton6:00pmMahoney A
Brampton @ Halton Hills6:00pmProspect 1
Major Peewee T1
Oakville 2 @ Etobicoke8:30pmQueensway South
Brampton @ Oakville 18:30pmWest Oaks Trail
Mississauga Majors @ Mississauga North8:40pmMeadowvale North 3
Major Peewee T2
Mississauga SW @ Halton Hills6:00pmGellert 2
Burlington 1 @ Waterdown6:15pmJoe Sams 2
Peewee Select
Milton @ Brampton8:30pmSesqui 1
Minor Bantam T1
Oakville 2 @ Mississauga North6:00pmFallingbrook
Etobicoke @ Burlington8:30pmIreland 1
Brampton @ Mississauga SW 18:30pmSouth Common
Minor Bantam T2
Halton Hills Select @ Brampton6:00pmTeramoto
Major Bantam T1
Brampton @ Hamilton7:00pmHeritage Green
Minor Midget T1
Oakville @ Mississauga Majors8:30pmMississauga Valleys
Minor Midget T2
Mississauga Majors Select @ Waterdown6:15pmJoe Sams 1
Burlington (16u) @ Erindale8:30pmNinth Line South
Midget T1
Milton @ Halton Hills7:00pmFairgrounds 1
Burlington @ Brampton Select7:30pmFCCC
Waterdown @ Mississauga North7:30pmMeadowvale North 1
Brampton @ Niagara Falls7:30pmOaks Park
Junior T1
Royal York @ Mississauga SW7:30pmClarkson
Burlington @ Guelph7:30pmDavid E Hastings Stadium
Thursday, Jul 27
Minor Rookie
Burlington Bulls @ Hamilton Cardinals6:00pmInch Park
Rookie T1
Burlington @ Milton6:00pmBronte Meadows
Rookie T2
Mississauga North 2 @ Hamilton 26:00pmMcQuesten
Halton Hills 2 @ Burlington 26:15pmBrant Hills D3
Milton 2 @ Oakville 26:15pmBronte Park
Minor Mosquito T1
Mississauga North @ Burlington6:15pmFairgrounds
Oakville @ Hamilton6:15pmWest Oak Trails
Major Mosquito T1
Oakville 1 @ Mississauga Majors6:15pmLakeview West
Major Mosquito T2
Halton Hills @ Brampton6:00pmCentury Gardens
Mosquito Select
Milton Select 1 @ Mississauga SW Select 16:00pmTom Chater North
Brampton Select (Minor) @ Mississauga North Select6:15pmMeadowvale North 3
Minor Peewee T1
Milton @ Brampton6:00pmConservation Red
Mississauga SW @ Etobicoke6:00pmQueensway South
Hamilton @ Oakville 18:30pmWest Oaks Trail
Minor Peewee T2
Halton Hills @ Mississauga SW 26:00pmTom Chater West
Waterdown @ Burlington 26:15pmRoly Bird D1
Brampton @ Oakville8:30pmPalermo 2
Major Peewee T1
Milton @ Mississauga Majors Red8:30pmWaterworks
Major Peewee T2
Halton Hills @ Burlington 16:15pmIreland 4
Burlington 2 @ Erindale8:30pmQ2
Peewee Select
Mississauga SW @ Mississauga North8:45pmMeadowvale North 3
Minor Bantam T1
Mississauga Majors @ Hamilton7:00pmHeritage Green
Minor Bantam T2
Halton Hills @ Halton Hills Select6:00pmFairgrounds 1
Oakville @ Brampton6:00pmFCCC
Welland @ Ancaster6:15pmMatthew Krol
Major Bantam T1
Mississauga North 2 @ Mississauga North8:40pmMeadowvale North 1
Major Bantam T2
Mississauga SW @ Halton Hills 28:30pmFairgrounds 1
Ancaster @ Burlington8:30pmIreland 1
Bantam Select
Brampton @ MiltonPostponedMilton Community Park #2
Brampton (Minor) @ Mississauga Majors Red8:30pmMartin Dobkin
Minor Midget T1
Mississauga North @ Niagara Falls7:30pmOaks Park
Mississauga SW @ Brampton8:30pmFCCC
Minor Midget T2
Mississauga SW Select @ Burlington (15u)6:15pmMillcroft Park D2
Burlington (16u) @ Mississauga Majors Select8:30pmMississauga Valleys
Midget T1
Halton Hills @ Mississauga SWPostponedClarkson
Niagara Falls @ Waterdown7:30pmJoe Sams 1
Junior T1
Mississauga North @ Brantford8:00pmArnold Anderson
Friday, Jul 28
Minor Rookie
Halton Hills @ Mississauga Southwest6:00pmTom Chater North
Rookie T1
Hamilton @ Oakville6:15pmBronte Atheletic
Brampton @ Mississauga Majors6:15pmCrookes Park
Mosquito Select
Mississauga Majors Red @ Halton Hills Select6:00pmProspect 1
Minor Peewee T1
Burlington @ Mississauga SW6:00pmTom Chater West
Minor Peewee T2
Oakville @ Burlington 26:15pmDoug Wright Park
Oakville @ Burlington 2PostponedDoug Wright Park
Major Peewee T1
Burlington @ Hamilton6:00pmAlexander Park 4
Brampton @ Etobicoke6:00pmTom Riley
Saturday, Jul 29
Minor Peewee T1
Brampton @ Burlington9:00amIreland 4
Minor Bantam T1
Mississauga Majors @ Niagara Falls11:00amOaks Park
Niagara Falls @ Mississauga Majors2:00pmOaks Park
Minor Midget T1
Oakville @ Niagara Falls10:00amRiveroaks
Niagara Falls @ Oakville12:30pmRiver Oaks
Junior T1
Stratford @ Burlington1:05pmNelson Park D1
Royal York @ Hamilton2:00pmBernie Arbour
Mississauga North @ Hamilton7:00pmBernie Arbour
Burlington @ Oakville7:00pmNelson
Sunday, Jul 30
Major Mosquito T1
Niagara Falls @ Mississauga North10:30amMeadowvale North 3
Mississauga North @ Niagara Falls1:00pmMeadowvale North 3
Minor Peewee T2
Hamilton @ Halton Hills9:00amProspect 1
Hamilton @ Halton Hills12:00pmProspect 1
Brampton @ WaterdownPostponedJoe Sams 2
Major Peewee T1
Brampton @ Mississauga Majors Red9:00amRathwood Park
Brampton @ Mississauga Majors Red12:00pmRathwood Park
Oakville 1 @ Oakville 23:00pmWest Oaks Trail
Oakville 1 @ Mississauga North8:40pmMeadowvale North 3
Junior T1
Burlington @ Dundas1:00pmVolunteer Park
Dundas @ Burlington4:00pmVolunteer
Royal York @ Halton Hills7:00pmFairgrounds 1
Guelph @ Port Dover7:00pmHarry Misner Park

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