Last Updated: August 1, 2014

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Welcome to the home of the

Central Ontario Baseball Association (COBA)

This site is intended as a resource for coaches, players and parents to access schedules and standings for their divisions in COBA. If your particular division is not updated please contact your series convener.
The Central Ontario Baseball Association Inc. was formed in 1984. It was previously known as the Halton County Baseball Association. The HCBA was founded in 1920, but our earliest records available, date back to only 1944.
Please see the Headlines section (top right corner) for time-sensitive information.


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Upcoming Games

Friday,  Aug 1
Minor Peewee T1
Milton Mets 1 @ Etobicoke Rangers 6:30pm Millwood
Major Peewee T2
Oakville A's 2 @ Milton Mets 1 6:15pm Maplehurst
Major Bantam T2
Waterdown Wolves @ Oakville A's 2 8:30pm Riveroaks
Martingrove @ Toronto Playgrounds 7:30pm Christie Pits
Saturday,  Aug 2
Minor Bantam T2
MNBA Tigers 2 @ Oakville A's 2 3:00pm Riveroaks
Sunday,  Aug 3
Minor Rookie
Oakville A's 1 @ MSBA Twins 2:00pm Tom Chater North
Major Mosquito T1
St Catharines @ Etobicoke Rangers 10:00am Kernahan Park
Etobicoke Rangers @ St Catharines 12:30pm Kernahan Park
Major Peewee T1
Oakville A's 1 @ Burlington Bulls 1 10:00am Ireland A
Major Bantam T2
MNBA Tigers 2 @ Niagara Falls 3:00pm Oaks Park
Monday,  Aug 4
Minor Rookie
Oakville A's 1 @ Milton Mets Jr 6:00pm Maplehurst
Major Rookie
Milton Mets Sr @ Burlington Bulls 1 6:00pm Brant Hills
Mississauga Majors @ Hamilton Cardinals 6:00pm McQuesten
MNBA Tigers 1 @ Oakville A's 1 6:00pm West Oak Trails
Minor Mosquito T1
Etobicoke Rangers @ Milton 1 6:00pm Brian Best
Hamilton Cardinals @ Brampton Royals 1 Postponed Century
Brampton Royals 1 @ Hamilton Cardinals 8:30pm McQuesten
Minor Mosquito T2
Oakville 2 @ Brampton Royals 2 6:00pm Century
Waterdown Wolves @ Georgetown Eagles 1 6:00pm Fairgrounds 2
Major Mosquito T2
Oakville A's 2 @ Burlington Bulls 2 6:15pm Ireland B
Minor Peewee T1
Mississauga Majors @ Etobicoke Rangers 8:30pm Millwood
Brampton Royals 1 @ Oakville A's 1 8:30pm West Oak Trails
Major Peewee T1
Etobicoke Rangers @ Georgetown Eagles 1 6:00pm Trafalgar Sports Park
Brampton Royals 1 @ Burlington Bulls 1 6:15pm Ireland A
Minor Bantam T1
MSBA Twins @ Brampton Royals 1 6:00pm FCCC
Minor Bantam T2
Oakville A's 2 @ MNBA Tigers 2 6:00pm Rivergrove 1
Brampton Royals 2 @ Milton Mets 1 7:30pm Milton Comm Park 1
Major Bantam T1
Brampton Royals 1 @ Oakville A's 1 7:30pm Oakville Park
Major Bantam T2
Waterdown Wolves @ Brampton Royals 2 6:00pm Chris Gibson
Waterdown Wolves @ Brampton Royals 2 8:30pm Chris Gibson
Minor Midget T1
Brampton Royals 2 @ Brampton Royals 1 8:30pm FCCC
Major Midget T1
Ancaster @ MSBA Twins 5:00pm Matthew Krol
MSBA Twins @ Ancaster 7:30pm Matthew Krol
Brampton Royals 1 @ MNBA Tigers 97 7:30pm Meadowvale North
Hamilton Cardinals @ Milton Mets 7:30pm Milton Comm Park #2
MNBA Tigers @ Brampton Royals 2 7:30pm Dave Dash
Tuesday,  Aug 5
Minor Rookie
Burlington Bulls 3 @ MSBA Twins 6:00pm Tom Chater North
MNBA Tigers Jr @ Oakville A's 1 6:00pm West Oak Trails
Major Rookie
Georgetown Eagles 1 @ Milton Mets Sr 6:00pm Maplehurst
Burlington Bulls 2 @ Mississauga Majors 6:15pm Crook's Park
Minor Mosquito T1
MNBA Tigers 1 @ Milton 1 Postponed Brian Best
Burlington Bulls 1 @ Mississauga Majors 6:15pm Lakeview
Oakville A's 1 @ Hamilton Cardinals 8:30pm West Oak Trails
Minor Mosquito T2
Georgetown Eagles 1 @ Burlington Bulls 2 6:00pm Brant Hills
Milton Mets 2 @ Waterdown Wolves 6:00pm Memorial 1
Major Mosquito T1
Mississauga Majors @ Hamilton Cardinals 6:00pm Mahoney
Georgetown Eagles 1 @ MSBA Twins 6:00pm Tom Chater
Major Mosquito T2
Georgetown Eagles 2 @ MNBA Tigers 3 6:00pm Meadowvale North 3
Minor Peewee T1
Milton Mets 1 @ Georgetown Eagles 1 6:00pm Fairgrounds 3
Brampton Royals 1 @ Mississauga Majors 6:00pm Waterworks
Oakville A's 1 @ MNBA Tigers 1 8:30pm Meadowvale North 3
Minor Peewee T2
Georgetown Eagles 2 @ Burlington Bulls 2 6:00pm Ireland A
Major Peewee T1
Georgetown Eagles 1 @ Hamilton Cardinals 6:00pm Mohawk Sports Park #3
MNBA Tigers 1 @ MSBA Twins 8:30pm Tom Chater
Major Peewee T2
Brampton Royals 2 @ Burlington Bulls 2 Postponed Ireland A
Minor Bantam T1
MSBA Twins @ Burlington Bulls 1 7:30pm Millcroft B
Brampton Royals 1 @ Burlington Bulls 1 8:30pm Ireland C
Oakville A's 1 @ Mississauga Majors 8:30pm Martin Dobkin
Minor Bantam T2
Brampton Royals 2 @ Ancaster 6:15pm Matthew Krol
Waterdown Wolves @ Georgetown Eagles 2 8:30pm Fairgrounds 1
Major Bantam T1
Etobicoke Rangers @ Georgetown Eagles 6:00pm Fairgrounds 1
MSBA Twins @ Hamilton Cardinals 7:00pm Heritage Green
Burlington Bulls 1 @ MNBA Tigers 1 8:00pm Rivergrove 1
Major Bantam T2
Niagara Falls @ Waterdown Wolves 6:00pm Joe Sams 1
Oakville A's 2 @ Burlington Bulls 2 6:00pm Riveroaks
Brampton Royals 2 @ Ancaster 8:30pm Matthew Krol
MNBA Tigers 2 @ Oakville A's 2 8:30pm Riveroaks
Minor Midget T1
Hamilton Cardinals @ Brampton Royals 2 6:15pm FCCC
Hamilton Cardinals @ Brampton Royals 2 8:30pm FCCC
Major Midget T1
MSBA Twins @ Niagara Falls 7:30pm Oaks Park
MNBA Tigers 97 @ Oakville A's 1 7:30pm Oakville Park
Milton Mets @ Brampton Royals 1 7:30pm Teramoto Red
Major Midget T2
Brampton Royal 2 @ Dundas 7:30pm Volunteer

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

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