Last Updated: September 30, 2014

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Countdown to End of the Season Tournament
11 Days

The 2014 Season will start August 16th!


The End of Season Tournament will be hosted by North Cobb the weekend of October 18th!


Check your team's schedules below or under the schedule link at left


 Metro Guidelines, Information and Meeting minutes are available under the Handouts tab

The Cobb County Metro Fastpitch program is a league of high school fastpitch feeder teams comprised from middle school players. The goal of the program is to bring together future players into their respective high school fastpitch programs. The program is open to rising 6th-8th graders; some schools are open to rising 5th graders also. To learn more about your specific high school's feeder program, select your high school under Menu. Please refer to the contact information of your respective school for more information and Metro teams try-out dates.

Teams typically hold try-out middle of June through the end of July. The season starts in the middle of August. The season ends with the end-of-season tournament scheduled for early-mid October.

There are also several fastpitch camps in June sponsored by the high schools. Please visit the high school websites.

Game Schedule Notes

Please note that the official game schedule is the one provided by your team coach and changes communicated by your team coach, as changes occur through out the season.

Common Questions Answered

• No new inning after 90 minutes or 7 innings (ITB if tie)
• No metal spikes
• Game balls and umpires provided by home team
• GHSA playing rules with ASA standards:
i) Jerseys must match and have unique numbers
ii) Headgear (hats, visors, sweatbands), if worn, must be the same color
iii) Hair control devices are not headgear, and need not match
iv) Jewelry may not be worn; any metal or hard item constitutes jewelry. Items that are not metal may be judged unsafe by an umpire; if not determined unsafe, they may be worn

Upcoming Games

Saturday,  Oct 4
North Paulding @ Allatoona 10:00am Allatoona
Hillgrove @ Hiram 10:00am Hiram
South Paulding @ Kell 10:00am Kell
Walton @ Kennesaw Mountain 10:00am Kennesaw Mountain
East Paulding @ Lassiter 10:00am Lassiter
North Cobb @ Pope 10:00am Pope
Harrison @ Sprayberry 10:00am Sprayberry
Harrison @ Campbell 10:00am Campbell
McEachern @ North Paulding 10:00am North Paulding
Hillgrove @ Allatoona 12:30pm Allatoona
Walton @ Hiram 12:30pm Hiram
North Cobb @ Lassiter 12:30pm Lassiter
Pebblebrook @ Pope 12:30pm Pope
Sunday,  Oct 5
Hiram @ Allatoona 2:00pm Allatoona
Hillgrove @ Kell 2:00pm Kell
Pope @ Kennesaw Mountain 2:00pm Kennesaw Mountain
East Paulding @ North Cobb 2:00pm North Cobb
Lassiter @ North Paulding 2:00pm North Paulding
Sprayberry @ Paulding 2:00pm Paulding
Walton @ South Paulding 2:00pm South Paulding
East Paulding @ Harrison 2:00pm Harrison
Lassiter @ McEachern 2:00pm McEachern
Hillgrove @ Pebblebrook 2:00pm Pebblebrook
Pope @ Allatoona 4:00pm Allatoona
Hiram @ North Cobb 4:00pm North Cobb
Campbell @ North Paulding 4:00pm North Paulding
Monday,  Oct 6
North Cobb @ Kennesaw Mountain 7:00pm Kennesaw Mountain
Sprayberry @ Pope 7:00pm Pope
Hillgrove @ Harrison 7:00pm Harrison
East Paulding @ Hiram 7:00pm Hiram
Allatoona @ North Cobb 7:00pm North Cobb
Saturday,  Oct 11
Sprayberry @ Hillgrove 10:00am Hillgrove
Allatoona @ Kennesaw Mountain 10:00am Kennesaw Mountain
Hiram @ Lassiter 10:00am Lassiter
Harrison @ North Cobb 10:00am North Cobb
Walton @ Paulding 10:00am Paulding
East Paulding @ Pope 10:00am Pope
North Paulding @ South Paulding 10:00am South Paulding
Allatoona @ Hiram 10:00am Hiram
Harrison @ North Paulding 10:00am North Paulding
Walton @ Hillgrove 12:30pm Hillgrove
East Paulding @ Lassiter 12:30pm Lassiter
Pebblebrook @ North Cobb 12:30pm North Cobb
McEachern @ Pope 12:30pm Pope

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Cobb County Metro Fastpitch

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