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Steve "Buzz" Brandon Benefit

March 14. 2015 from 2 -7 Perry Highway Hose Company

Food, Drink, Music Chinese Auction 50-50 Drawing and Games of Chance

Donation %5.00


On Aug. 20, 2014, a great supporter of the Erie sports scene suffered a stroke, which now has him recuperating and rehabilitating at an area rehabilitation center. Steve "Buzz" Brandon has always been a great ambassador for all of our local high school, college and professional sports teams. A graduate of McDowell high School and Mercyhurst College, Buzz excelled in baseball and basketball.

Steve has always gone out of his way to support the athletes at McDowell High School and all local high schools at every level of competition, both ladies and men's teams. It was never a surprise to see Buzz at a ninth-grade basketball game or a varsity football game anywhere in the Erie region. Along with sports he is a Vietnam Veteran and has served this community in several different ways. He retired from the Erie County Sherriff's Department at Lieutenant Rank. He is currently active with; The Times Old Newsies group, Wounded Warriors Project, Committee for McDowell Sports Hall of Fame Program, Old Codgers Softball Member.

He is now working hard to get his strength and abilities back. He is the father of 2 beautiful daughters, and a grandfather. He is a brother, nephew, uncle, cousin and most of all, a great friend to those who have been a part of his life in one way or another.

Let's show Steve our support for him as a way to thank him for all he has done!





21st this month, March - Erie Codger Winter Gathering.   


Carl and Sue Antonucci are at 611 Rondeau Drive in Erie are hosting a Codger Party for us at their house.   Easy to find.  Those without the GPS whatnot:  3 blocks west of Powell Ave (by airport):  right (toward Lake) onto Ardmore;  left onto Segue;  Rondaeu is ahead.


Plan on bringing either $5 or $10 each...I'll let us know if we should bring anything else (we still have responses coming in).  For those who enquire... we can bring anybody. 


BUT please RSVP to me.  Carl and I will take it from there.


and THANK YOU Sue!




Mike Murnock





Hi Codgers, want to play baseball this spring/summer? If you are, email Jim Travers at 38 and over men's league...real baseball..16 teams...we need pitching but an athlete helps as well....$200 full time players. Saturday only. 9 inning games..Travel all around cleveland....Players carpool from Ashtabula,,,

Part time will be considered




 photo IMG_0835.jpg


2014 Codger Pictures

Just click on Dan Shade and a slide show will begin

Thanks Mike Kieffer - Great Job with the photo's!!! 





Buzz is and will always be an Erie Codger! He had a stroke a few months ago and is on the rebound:) Thanks to his sister Patty Brandon Tomzak for his update!

— with Steve Brandon












Here is s video from Channel 12 of one of our night festivities at 11 and Hess.  We meet at 5:30 for practice time before the games that start at 6:00.   We are currently playing at 11th and 12 and Hess.  The 11th street field will be renovated  with work on the field and putting up new dugouts and fences for the next year's season,. so if you come looking for a game at this field go to the 13th and Wayne field for the rest of the season.













Latest Revision:   August 7, 2014





The softball league was founded on two basic principles – good sportsmanship and good fellowship. 


The league motto shall be “Many are called, All are chosen.”  The league has the right to expect members to embrace and display the highest standards of conduct and ethics, and demand that its members refrain from conduct that could injure the league or its purposes.  This code of conduct and ethics, which appears in Article III, establishes parameters within which members can compete in a positive atmosphere while promoting fair play and sportsmanship.


Failure to comply with this code may result in Discipline, which is dealt with under “Disciplinary Procedure” in Article IV.



Membership is open to any individual who reaches his/her fifty (50th) birthday any time during the calendar year.  Accordingly, anyone who turns 50 at any time during the year may play – even if his/her birthday occurs after the playing season ends.


Membership may not be denied on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation or physical challenge.



  1.  Each member shall:

  1.  Conduct himself in a manner considered reasonable to community behavior, and befitting a good sport.

  2. Comply with all league rules, and commissioners’ decisions.

  3. Treat all players, officials and spectators with fairness, respect and courtesy.

  4. Not engage in un-sportsman-like activities or in any misconduct while involved in a league activity.

  5. Only discuss their league problems with their manager. Managers then may take their concerns to the next level.


  1. For the purpose of this code, un-sportsman-like conduct includes but is not limited to the following:  (1) unfair, unethical or dishonorable conduct (2) any act which discredits or disgraces the league (3) vulgar, abusive or disrespectful language (4) attempts to intimidate (5) a flagrantly violent act, which could cause injury to an individual (6) taunting (7) persistent violation of any league rule.


  2. Further, the following specific acts are strictly forbidden:  (1) players persistently arguing a team manager’s decisions (2) use of alcohol or smoking tobacco of any form on the playing field, in dugouts or bench areas (3) fighting (4) overt public criticism of a player’s physical and/or mental errors.    






    The Commissioners or coaches will present the proscribed discipline to the offender. 




  1. NSA:  The NSA Rule Book shall be the criterion for all rules not specifically addressed by the rules adopted by this league.  In the event of a conflict between the NSA rules and the rules of this league, which are part of this document, the league rules shall clearly supersede the NSA Rule Book.




  1. SCORING: 

  1. During the 1st through 6th innings, a side will be retired when it makes 3 outs or scores 5 runs, whichever occurs first.  The 5 run rule does not apply during the 7th or higher innings.


  2. If a home run were hit over the outfield fence and that run would account for more than the allotted five (5) runs per inning, the offensive team can only credit five (5) runs.


  3. A player who begins a game will remain in the lineup for the entire game both offensively and defensively.  If a player is injured, he must be removed from the lineup for the remainder of the game.  (The intent of this rule is to discourage substitution of better players in place if poorer players for competitive reasons.)


  4. All players in the lineup must bat. 





  1. Runners who go to a base when a play is being made there will be called out.  The runner is responsible for avoiding all collisions at a base when a play is being made there and must run outside or inside the baseline as necessary to do so.  


  2. Two squares shall be placed on either side 2nd and 3rd bases to denote where an advancing runner is to go in the event of a play.  The runner is responsible for avoiding collisions/contact at the bases.  Failure to comply will result in the runner being called out.  If a base runner advances toward a base or returning to a base misses the base in order to avoid a collision, he shall be considered safe provided that he reaches the carpet prior to the fielder gaining control of the ball while in contact with the base.


  3. Runners going to first base must run to the outer base when a play is being made unless to do so will cause contact.  The fielder must touch the base.



  4. All base runners are allowed to run beside second and third base but must return to touch the base before advancing.


  5. A base runner may overrun any base by making the turn to the next base. In doing so, he is in jeopardy of being put out on a force play when returning to the base.


  6. Unless the base is blocked by a fielder, runners shall touch all bases when advancing.  A player who fails to touch a base is liable to be called out on appeal.


  7. All plays are considered force outs including runners returning to a base after a reverse.


  8. Runners may be tagged out but this is discouraged.


  9. A base runner advancing from 1st to 2nd or 2nd to 3rd or returning to 3rd, 2nd, or 1st may be put out by the fielder touching the base while having possession of the ball before the base runner touches the carpet.


  1. No tag is permitted at home plate; instead a separate home plate is used.  Touching the regular home plate is an automatic out.



  2. NO SLIDING. Automatic out.



  3. When a player is injured, all play stops. Runners continue to the base they were advancing toward and stop there.



  4. In rundowns only one reversal is allowed between bases.  Any movement toward a previously touched base is a reversal but to stop is not a reversal.  Once a reversal is made, the runner must retouch the base he reversed toward before he can advance.  For a double reverse or not retouching the preceding base upon reversing, the runner shall be declared out immediately and play shall be stopped; however runners may advance at their own risk.



  5. Runners who are returning to a base may overrun said base.


  6. Base runners may advance a maximum of one base beyond the one they are going to on an overthrow into the dugout or out of the field of play.


  7. Runners who leave the base before a ball is hit are OUT!




  1. No player will have a courtesy runner without his permission.


  2. A courtesy runner shall not be used because a person is slow.



  3. The courtesy runner, running from Home to 1st, will start facing the Backstop, behind an imaginary line extended from the Left Field Foul Line and may advance as far as play will allow.

  4. The courtesy runner will be the batter who made the last out unless that batter used a courtesy runner and/or is unable to run. Then it will be the next previous batter who made an out.  If it is a new inning the runner will be the individual who made the last out in the previous inning.  There is no limit on courtesy runners per inning.


  5. If the leadoff batter in the first inning of a game requires a courtesy runner, that runner shall be the player furthest down in the lineup who is able to run.  For example, the leadoff batter in a game is unable to run and the player furthest down in the lineup who bats 13th is unable to run, then the 12th player in the lineup becomes the courtesy runner, if he is able to run.


  6. A player may not be used as courtesy runner more than one time per inning.


  7. If a player being used as a courtesy runner is the scheduled batter, he shall be replaced on base and take his turn batting.






  1. Only six (6) players are permitted to be on the dirt portion of the infield in line with the baselines.  More than six (6) players in the infield will result in the runners being awarded one (1) base on the pitch.


  2. Deep outfielders must remain outside of the NO-FLY ZONE until a pitched ball is hit or crosses home plate.   



  3. An additional outfield rover will be added to make a total of 6 outfielders. At no time will there be more than 3 outfielders on the right field or left field side of an imaginary line extending from home plate through second base to the center field fence.


  4. The maximum number of defensive players shall be thirteen (13.)  Managers shall make reasonable efforts to have thirteen (13) players per team but may agree to play with less than thirteen (13).  Both teams shall use the same number of defensive players.



  1. GENERAL RULES:       


  1. LENGTH OF GAME:  All games are seven (7) innings unless the teams are tied at the end of seven innings.  Games may be shortened by the managers during inclement weather.


  2. LEGAL PITCH:   A legal pitch for the league shall be a minimum height of six (6) feet from the ground and a maximum of twelve (12) feet.


  3. REQUEST TO CHANGE TEAMS:  A player who wants to change teams must

          submit a written request to the league Commissioner.


  4. BAT WARMERS: Bat warmers will not be permitted.


  1. BASE COACHES: Base coaches must be familiar with Codger rules as they pertain to that function. The First base coach will call Illegal Pitches as well as plays at 1st and Home.  The Third base coach will call all plays at 2nd and 3rd.  The third base coach will call “infield flies”.  A base coach may request assistance from the other base coach if he desires. The decision of these coaches cannot be argued.


If there is no more than one out with runners on first and second, or all three bases and a batter hits a pop fly, in fair territory, on the infield, the 3rd base coach immediately rules it an infield fly, the batter is out. Base runners cannot be forced to advance.

  1. PLAYERS RISK:  Each player must understand that he is playing at his own risk.  The league does not provide team or individual insurance for injuries.  All players must sign a release form.


  2. INSURANCE:  The League provides liability insurance to the City of Erie.


  3. BATTING PLAYERS:  A team must bat all available players who come to the game.


  4. Grey Cup Eligibility: A player must participate in eight (8) games to be eligible to play in the Grey Cup.







  1. WALKS:  As this is a recreational league, intentional walks are not permitted.  Further, all managers are to discourage their pitchers from pitching around a batter.


  1. COMMIT LINE: A commitment line shall be located halfway between third base and home plate extending 6 feet into foul territory.  When a runner touches or crosses the commitment line, the runner must continue home.


  2. CROSSING COMMIT LINE:  Once a runner crosses the Commitment Line, there will be a No Tag play at home plate.  The defensive player must have possession of the ball while touching home plate or the Strike Zone Mat after the runner has crossed the Commitment line but has not touched the Scoring Mat.


  3. SCORING MAT:  A scoring Mat shall be placed 8 feet to the left of home plate in line with the first base line.


  4. STRIKE ZONE:  A mat will cover the pointed section of home plate to designate the    strike zone.


  5. BALLS AND STRIKES:  The catcher will call balls, strikes, and foul balls.  He may request assistance from the 1st or 3rd base coaches as appropriate when he is unable to see whether a ball is foul or fair.  His decision cannot be argued.


  6. PITCHING REGULATIONS:  The Strike Zone Mat will be used.  Legal pitches striking any portion of the mat of plate will be strikes.  The height of a legal pitch from the playing surface must be between 6 and 12 feet.  A batter may swing at an illegal pitch but it may not be called strike if he does not swing at it.


  7. BATTING:  The batter has one strike on him when he comes to the plate.  He is entitled to two more strikes.  A batter can pick up a strike by a called strike, a swing and miss, or a foul ball.  A batter shall walk on four balls. 





  1. DUES COLLECTION:   Each team manager or his designee will collect the league dues from each player and turn it in to the league treasurer after the fourth (4th) game of the season.  A complete team roster will be turned in to the league at the same time.



  2. COMPETITIVE IMBALANCE RESOLUTION:   If the Commissioner feels there is competitive imbalance, it has the right to move volunteer players from team to team.

 Hey Guys, if you are up early in the morning, go listen Bruce's son Randy Baumann on DEV radio from 6 - 10am. Just click on the picture of DVE above. This will play the radio station live at any time to hear Randy Baumann's show once again from



Hi Guy's. Dick Damon is a Codger from a few year's ago.  He is selling his 2008 Lincoln MKZ AWD, if interested call 814-602-9291.








Bill Steger at the Yankee Fantasy Camp Nov. 2014

He is the last batter up in this video

Just Click on the picture to see it!!!