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To our Varsity Cheer Squad who place second in the Regional Competition and have advanced to the National Championship in Disney World.  Great job girls, we are so proud.  Bring home the Championship.
To our Pee Wee Football Team who were Division II North Champions with an undefeated Regular Season. Great season boys.


Football is like life, it requires perseverance, self-denial, hard work, sacrifice, dedication and respect for authority.

--Vince Lombardi
New 2016 apparel will be sold during the physical dates.
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Paper Work Needed for 2016 Season

1-Original BIRTH CERTIFICATE and Copy
2-Consent Form (Parent and child MUST sign this! All ages must sign it)

3-Picture (Put name on back of picture)

4-Physical form (Must have doctors stamp on it.)
5-Report Cards for 9 year olds and older.  (Must contain school name, address, teachers name ect.)

 For information please contact:

Football Advisor - Larry Roodenburg @

Cheer Advisors - Laurie Wintonick @

Rules to Follow

1.    Be on time for all practices, if you are going to be late or you are sick, be sure to call or email your coach
2.    If you are injured and can’t practice, you are still expected to be at every practice unless you have been excused
3.    You must wear all of your issued equipment for all practices and games, unless your head coach advises you differently.
4.    NO earrings, piercing, and jewelry will be worn at practice or games. If a player shows up wearing any of these items he will be asked to remove them.
5.    All players will jog on and off the field before and after practice, if anyone walks on and off the field, this maybe subject to additional conditioning.
6.    When observing, take one knee or stand. Do not sit or lay on the ground.
7.    No fighting or hassling when going against each other. We are all one team for the same purpose.
8.    No player gets on another player if he makes a mistake.
9.    Vulgar swearing will not be tolerated,
10.  You must be able to take coaching. No coach will ever attack you as a person, but only your technique or effort. Coaches and players are all eager to attain the same results.
11.  Never remove helmet without permission
12.  All players are expected to make all scheduled practices, 2 or more unexcused absences may result in being benched for one game.
13.  Un-sportsmanship will not be tolerated, if a player is expelled from a game because of un-sportsmanship he will be required to sit out the next game, but required to attend all scheduled practice.
14.  Any one on one with a coach is to be conducted 15 minutes before or after practice, please arrange with individual head coach.
15.  No individual is bigger then the organization, if a individual player or parent becomes disruptive during a game or practice they will be asked to leave the common grounds, if further security is needed to help with the removal, local reinforcement will be called
16.  Administrators and coaches have spent a tremendous amount of time and effort to providing the best and safest arena for our players, please respect others and conduct yourself, as you would want others to respect you.
17.  Work Bonds are required by all families, this is not a option, if we want to be considered the best we must all chip in and help one another
18.  Littering will not be tolerated, the grounds are a reflection of our town.

Football and cheering photos can be viewed at Items such as collages and blankets can be purchased by contacting Rich Pannone by email at or by calling him at (732)713-6311.

2016 Pop Warner Football Weights
Weight- No Wieght Limit

Mitey Mites:
Ages- 7,8,9
Weight- 50-100lbs

Jr Pee Wee:
Ages- 8,9,10
Weights- 66-115lbs
O/L Age 11 (65-95lbs)

Pee Wee:
Weights- 80-130lbs
O/L Age 12 (80-110lbs)

Jr Midgets:
Weights- 99-155 lbs
O/L Age 13 (95-135 lbs)

Ages- 12,13,14
Weights- 110-180lbs
O/L Age 15 (110-160lbs)

Colonia Pop Warner needs Your Help!

We need all parents or friends to help us out during the year. If anyone would like to help the kids and Colonia Pop Warner Football out please contact any e-board member.

Thank you!

Colonia Pop Warner

Colonia Pop Warner purchased a state of the art sled and Pop up tackling equipment for all the football teams in Colonia Pop Warner! For the past three years Colonia Patriots Pop Warner has purchased new Football and Cheer uniforms, New Helmets and shoulder pads and now the state of the art Sled and Tackling Pop Up equipment! Now that we look good now it's time to play better. With these two new additions. This will help the boys prepare for many years to come. We are very excited to see our boys use High School and College equipment. Colonia Pop Warner would like to Thank you the Parents and our sponsors. Without your help these Boys and Girls wouldn't be looking good and working with the safest equipment.

Thank You once again and GO PATRIOTS!

Football Hall of Fame
1985 Jr Midget Division Champs
1986 Pee Wee Division and Conference Champs
1986 Midget Conference Champs
1990 Pee Wee Division Champs
1994 Jr Pee Wee Division Champs
1994 Pee Wee Division Champs
2006 Midget Division Champs
2008 Midget Division and Conference Champs
2010 Jr Pee Wee Division and Conference Champs

2012 Pee Wee Conference Champs

2013 Midgets Conference Champs

2014 Who wants to be here?

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.
--Henry Ford