Last Updated: December 28, 2016
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It is with great excitement that we would like to announce the merger of two elite Pop Warner programs in Woodbridge Township.  Who are these two awesome programs you ask?  The Iselin Giants and The Colonia Patriots!!

We expect this merger to produce an even stronger commitment to excellence with the availability of more coaches per level, more levels of play/competition, more locations to practice and to host games. Over the past few years, these two programs have worked together in referring players to each other when their respective program could not offer a specific level of competition for football players or cheerleaders.

When two reputable programs merge to form one powerhouse organization, it is ideal to keep a little of the old insignia and combine it with new ideas.  As such, the new organization will be named; Broncos Football and Cheer, Inc. The colors will consist of Orange, Blue and White and the logo will be an interlocking I and C.  Games will be played at Colonia and Woodbridge High Schools, with practices at JFK High School, Colonia Middle School and Merrill Park.

Early Bird sign-ups of returning players from both organizations will receive a $50 discount if registered by March 15, 2017.  Registration dates will be announced shortly after the New Year via email blasts, both teams’ websites and Facebook pages. 


Paper Work Needed for 2017 Season

1-Original BIRTH CERTIFICATE and Copy
2-Consent Form (Parent and child MUST sign this! All ages must sign it)

3-Picture (Put name on back of picture)
4-Physical form (Must have doctors stamp on it.) 
5-Report Cards for 9 year olds and older.  (Must contain school name, address, teachers name ect.)


2017 Pop Warner Football Weights
Weight- No Wieght Limit

Mitey Mites:
Ages- 7,8,9
Weight- 50-100lbs

Jr Pee Wee:
Ages- 8,9,10
Weights- 66-115lbs
O/L Age 11 (65-95lbs)

Pee Wee:
Weights- 80-130lbs
O/L Age 12 (80-110lbs)

Jr Midgets:
Weights- 99-155 lbs
O/L Age 13 (95-135 lbs)

Ages- 12,13,14
Weights- 110-180lbs
O/L Age 15 (110-160lbs)


Football and cheering photos can be viewed at Items such as collages and blankets can be purchased by contacting Rich Pannone by email at or by calling him at (732)713-6311.