Last Updated: April 27, 2016
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2016 CYBL Champions



3rd/4th Division Champions: Warriors

Team Members:Ayisha Agee, Jamison Baker, Levi Cooper, Sean Cooper, Isaiah Ellingsworth, Kiley Paterson, Isaac Powell, and Myles Salas.

Coaches: Melanie Cooper and Maria Sampang


5th/6th Division Champions: Rebels

Team Members: Jadon Davis, Robbie Harrison, Cianna Herbert, Preston Herbert, Gabe Marable, Jadyn Nicolas, Tony Soto, Auhna Turnipseed, and Bryan Wilson.

Coaches: Jesse Soto and Eric Harrison


7th/8th Division Champions: UKnow

Team Members: Keerat Bhuller, Morgan Boehme, Ethan Callan, Kellen George, Rudy Hindelang, Katelyn Howerton, Carson Keith, Austin Munroe, and Hudson Thomassen.

Coaches: Steve George and Jimmy Keith