Last Updated: December 7, 2016

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2016 All Star Selection Document
2016 Volunteer Application/Medical release
Little League Bat Rules
Board Meeting ; Teachers lounge
Monday, January 9, 2017   8:00 PM

CYBA Announces Divisional Age Alignment Change for 2017

To our CYBA families,

 As the week comes to an end, so does our 2016 Baseball Season. One that started all the way back in January! 2016 was another very successful year for Coventry Baseball, with increased registration numbers, additional CYBA funded field improvements and the beginning phase of some town projects such as tree clearing and parking lot upgrades.

Over the course of the year the CYBA program put forth 40 different teams with ages ranging from 4 to 16 years old. While many other towns have struggled, we have succeeded in creating an "in house" Spring program that is as strong as ever and something we are all very proud of and work hard to protect. Over the summer Coventry Baseball also sent out 4 tournament teams that proved that our kids can play with anybody,  and cemented Coventry as a team to beat in our District. All the while the kids have handled themselves with great sportsmanship and class, which is every bit as important to us as teaching them to pitch and hit.

I wanted to thank all the volunteers that make this program possible. It takes hundreds and hundreds of hours to make a successful program. To ALL the coaches, umpires, sponsors, Board Members, moms and dads who showed up at field clean up day, field improvement days, snack shack, fundraisers, getting them to practices and games, etc, etc.....your kids and mine can't Thank You enough.

We lost 5 Board Members last month and I wanted to make sure each was recognized for all the extra hard work they did for the kids. Julie Demers, Erik Jellinek, James Wojtkowiak, long time member Ross Pease and President Joe Lalli. Joe, who led this program for the past three years. Who took a good program and made it better. Who was instrumental in the field improvements we have all seen over the past couple years. Thank you ALL for what you have done.

We will work hard to continue making improvements to this program......

On that note, the Board met earlier this month to discuss and ultimately vote on a Divisional Age Alignment change for the upcoming 2017 season. A NECESSARY change was needed to account for previous Little League age changes and our current infrastructure (field space) at Miller Richardson  Park. This decision effects all of our kids. The discussion and vote stayed true to two of our main keep the kids safe and develop them both as baseball players and members of the community....


Intermediate Division - will consist of LL age 12-13 ( LL age 11 will evaluate for remaining roster spots)

Minors Division AAA - will consist of LL age 9-11 ( LL age 8 may request in writing an evaluation for remaining roster spots)

AA Division - LL age 8

A Division- LL age 7

Rookie Division - LL age 5-6

Little League age chart link:

Using an evaluation process to determine level of play is used in many towns and other Little League programs. We fully understand that both "change" and an "evaluation process" opens a program up to skepticism and criticism and we understand the responsibility we have to make sure the process is fair and it is clear. In the end we will have an even stronger program, creating Divisions that will give all kids the opportunity to LEARN, DEVELOP, LEAD and move on....

Change is never easy, but there is no doubt that 2017 will be another great year for Coventry Baseball. If anyone wants to discuss how these changes may effect your child or any other concerns I absolutely welcome the conversation. Please reach out to me.

Enjoy the off season, stay safe and rest your arms. Registrations and Winter Conditioning will begin the first of the year. Please check our website for any updates.

Matt Godi

Board Positions Open - Volunteeers Needed!!!

The following positions are open and need to be filled:

Sponsors Coordinator

Instructional Coordinator

Fundraising Coordinator

Snack Shack Coordinator

CYBA is run by volunteers - to make the program successful we need your help.

If interested, please reach out to Matt Godi at

Thank you!!

2016 Volunteer Application/Medical release

The volunteer application and medical release form for 2016 are available under the forms and documents tab.

Any player attending winter workouts or coaches running the program must have these completed or will not be allowed to participate.

CYBA Adopts Volunteer Opt-Out Policy

Beginning with the 2015 season, the Board of Directors has adopted a volunteer opt-out policy.

CYBA is a volunteer organization that needs the support of the community (especially parents) to operate and provide a great atmosphere for their kids to enjoy baseball. During the registration process, parents are asked if they would be willing to volunteer some of their time in support of CYBA. Adult volunteers are needed and expected to volunteer during the course of a season in any of the areas to include field clean up day, Snack Shack staffing, daily field maintenance, fundraising, or many other areas were we need your help and support. With the new policy structure, at time of registration an additional $50 fee per family will be assessed. This will remove families that do not wish to participate from the responsibility of volunteering their time.

For families that choose to volunteer their time in support of the league, by completing 3 hours of volunteer service, a refund of the fee will be processed by the league treasurer. Team managers will be provided a time sheet that will be completed for each family to record time volunteered. The full 3 hours must be completed to obtain the refund, as no partial reimbursements will be issued.


Little League Bat Rules

Please click here for information on Little League bat regulations. This link will provide guidelines for permitted bats in the various divisions along with a link to the Little League approved bat list.

IMPORTANT: Intermediate level regulations prohibit the use of ANY BPF 1.15 composite barrel bat. Composite barrel bats MUST BE BBCOR certified (drop 3) with a maximum barrel diameter of 2 5/8 for use in the intermediate level.