Last Updated: May 10, 2015

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Good Luck to all Craley teams in 2015!


Directions are now updated!

Directions for most fields are now available on this site by clicking the corresponding link on the left side menu. Links to each location are also found in each teams schedule.

2014 Craley Baseball Apparel Form

Apparel with the new logo is now available: Craley Baseball Apparel Form

Craley Baseball for Youth Purpose Statement

To provide a wholesome, athletic program that will teach the fundamentals of baseball to youth
in the area of Craley, PA and to foster high standards
of sportsmanship and fair play.


Looking for a president; someone who would be interested in learning the ropes to eventually take over as president.

Equipment needed

One push mower.

Upcoming Games/Practices

Saturday,  May 30
PYC Panthers @ West York Navy 9:00am Broad St
Red Lion BYU @ Craley Orioles 10:00am Church Field Dugouts
NEYSA @ Windsor Revolution 10:00am Freysville
SYC @ Central Panthers 12:30pm Couselor 3
Hellam Cyclones @ Wrightsville 10:00am Vine St 2
Windsor Rockets @ Windsor Tigers 12:30pm Pleasant View 1
Red Lion Orioles @ Windsor Strikers 3:00pm Pleasant View 1
Sunday,  May 31
Craley Nationals @ Wrightsville 3:30pm Nitchkey 1
Red Lion Mets @ Hellam Hurricanes 3:30pm Nitchkey 1
Conrads @ United Parish Irish 3:30pm Nitchkey 2
Monday,  Jun 1
Dover 10 @ Central Panthers 6:00pm Couselor 3
SYC @ Red Lion BYU 6:00pm Friendship Elementary
Panthers @ Red Lion BYU 6:00pm Nitchkey 1
Tuesday,  Jun 2
PYC Panthers @ Craley Yankees 6:00pm Church Field Dugouts
Red Lion Red Sox @ Windsor White Elephants 6:00pm Freysville
NEYSA @ Central Panthers 6:00pm Couselor 1
Windsor Devastators @ North Codorus Majors 6:00pm NC Lower #1
United Parish @ West York Navy 6:00pm Trimmer Fields
Southeastern @ Windsor Wolf Pack 6:00pm Workinger
Wednesday,  Jun 3
Windsor Rebels @ NEYSA 6:00pm HYKES MILL
PA Diamond 9 @ Hanover Bulldogs 6:00pm Clark Field
Craley Phillies @ Panthers 6:00pm Crist Fields (1,2,3,4)
Red Lion BYU @ Dover 12 6:00pm Dover Intermediate
NEYSA @ Windsor Spartans 6:00pm Workinger
Windsor Strikers @ Craley Chargers 6:00pm Church Field Tower
Windsor Tigers @ Hellam Cyclones 6:00pm HELLAM 2
PYC Panthers @ Red Lion Orioles 6:00pm Nitchkey 2
Wrightsville @ Windsor Rockets 6:00pm Windsor Boro
Thursday,  Jun 4
Windsor White Elephants @ Craley Yankees 6:00pm Church Field Dugouts
PYC Panthers @ Dover 9 6:00pm Ketterman Fields
West York Navy @ Red Lion Red Sox 6:00pm Nitchkey 1
West York Navy @ Windsor Revolution 6:00pm Freysville
PA Diamond 9 @ York Haven Royals 6:00pm York Haven (1,2,3)
SYC @ Craley Dodgers 6:00pm Cabin Branch 2
Southeastern @ Conrads 6:00pm Conrads 2
Central Panthers @ Dover 14 6:00pm Dover Intermediate
North Codorus Majors @ NEYSA 6:00pm Greiman 2
Windsor Wolf Pack @ Windsor Devastators 6:00pm Workinger
Friday,  Jun 5
NEYSA @ Craley Phillies 6:00pm Cabin Branch 1
Windsor Tigers @ Windsor Strikers 6:00pm Windsor Boro
Saturday,  Jun 6
Central Panthers @ West York Navy 9:00am Broad St
Windsor Revolution @ Craley Orioles 10:00am Church Field Dugouts
PYC Panthers @ Dover 10 12:30pm Ketterman Fields
NEYSA @ West York Navy 6:00pm Trimmer Fields
PYC Panthers @ Windsor Strikers 10:00am Pleasant View 1
Windsor Rockets @ Windsor Tigers 12:30pm Pleasant View 1
Hellam Cyclones @ Red Lion Orioles 4:00pm Nitchkey 2
Craley Chargers @ Wrightsville 4:00pm Vine St 1
Sunday,  Jun 7
United Parish Irish @ Craley Nationals 1:00pm St. Rose
Red Lion Mets @ Wrightsville 1:00pm York Catholic
Conrads @ Hellam Hurricanes 3:30pm St. Rose
Monday,  Jun 8
Central Panthers @ NEYSA 6:00pm HYKES MILL
York Haven Royals @ Craley Phillies 6:00pm Cabin Branch 1
Dover 12 @ Red Lion BYU 6:00pm Nitchkey 1

For a complete schedule listing, click here!