Go Jaguars!!!

  • 2016 REGISTRATION CLOSES SOON - 1st Game Sep 10th


Regular season practice started Monday, July 25th, 6 pm at Creekside Park, Bach field.  Practices for all divisions and teams planned for M/T/Th, 6pm beginning Aug 22nd.  If your child is not at practice, please notify Coaching staff or Team Mom by email. Please Register for rainout communications for the organization and team specific to receive direct communication. Coaches will advise practice days and locations at CREEKSIDE after first couple of weeks.  

With high Temps and heat advisories in effect, BE sure your child hydrates with water throughout the days and brings a filled water bottle with their name to practice daily. Gatorade after practice is a good way to replenish and rebalance lost nutrients. If your child is having any heat related concerns, please notify staff. Avoid carbonated beverages during the week and only eat light just before practice.

Players should come to football practice with all gear, cleats and mouthpiece. For 5 mins at the start of practice, Mouth pieces can be purchased for $1. Coaches, parents and players: if you have equipment concerns or needs, please contact Coach Hodges for assist by email prior to practice. He will make himself available for a few minutes each week to address any concerns.  New Bern Sporting Goods has cleats, gear, pants, etc. available if you would like to purchase. Be sure to mention you are with the Craven Jaguars for a team discount. NBSG is located on Trent Road behind Moore's Barbecue.  Some individual teams opted to purchase their own Game Jerseys. Questions or concerns to be addressed with your division Coach.

Craven Jaguar spirit wear online store through New Bern Sporting Goods is open. Place your order today. See online site for details or you may go in the store for assistance. Deadline for first order was Aug 22nd. A second order is underway. Don't miss,out, place your order today! Pickup for the first order on the 8th and 9th in the store.   https://cravenjag2016.itemorder.com/

Parents please take a moment to review the rules for field use on the Craven County Rec website. Please refrain from any smoking at field site. No use of alcoholic beverages will be tolerated. If found in violation, you will be asked to leave the premises. Do not park on grass. Please take trash with you or place in trash can. If you have small children, keep a close eye that they do not wonder into parking area.  Drive slowly when entering and exiting and watch for little ones. Please be available to assist getting your younger players to the bathroom PRN. Parents are not allowed on practice Fields unless invited by staff. If you have a concern, please see a staff member for assistance. Please be sure to notify staff if you leave the practice or game area and be sure staff have a way to contact you in the event of an emergency.

We use the rainout system and our website to communicate Association wide. Please see Team staff or Registrars for info concerning registering for rainout to receive valuable information from the organization and team specific. If you are having difficulty with the Rainout system, see staff for help.

To play on game day, players must have a physical dated within a year to participate on file. Please use the NC High School Physical Form on out website, not the section on the Registration form. If a player is injured during practice or a game that requires medical treatment, the Coach will fill out an incident report and send to Jaguar Board to maintain and notify League. Any player receiving medical treatment must have a release with a return to play form filled out by a qualified medical personnel.

Players must have an ID or NC DMV card to be certified for game play. See details below.

If you are interested in volunteering this season, please download a volunteer form on our website and see Registration or the President.  All new volunteers may be subject to a National Background check. 

WE NEED individuals for field set up crews for the 2016 season. We are asking that volunteers from our 6U teams step up to help with field setup this season. Parents and players from 12U are requested to assist with take down of fields and cleanup at home games. In addition, individuals teams will require additional team level assistance especially for home games (Mandatory Play tech, 3 member chain gang, Statistician, Videographer, Maintenance of Water Cooler, half time and after game snacks, etc... See your coach or team mom if you are able to assist.

In addition, if you are CPR/EMT certified or a member of our Healthcare community (MD, nurse, therapist, etc) and would be willing to assist in the event of an emergency, please see Tammy or email.

In the event of inclimate weather, cancellations will be sent via the Rainout Communication system and posted here during first month.  Be sure to sign up for Rain Out. Decisions on cancellations often are not received until after 4:30 or 5 PM or last minute. Please check your phone, email and this site for updates if weather questionable before going to practice.  

The first game of the season will be on September 10th. Do not anticipate schedules before September 8th. There is a strong possibility this season of a travel to Virginia on one Saturday game day. In addition, scrimmages may be scheduled with teams in our League prior to September 10th. Info will be released to teams as soon as possible or when Jags have it. Please consult Coach for questions or concerns. We need all players to participate in all practices and games to be successful. Parents who have a concern or are unable to travel to a certain game site, please consult with your team staff and team parents for assistance.



Registration forms may be downloaded from the Registration/Handout tab and must be brought to the field to Registration staff to get on a wait list. Please be aware, there are no guarantees additional teams will make. Final registration will close completely very soon. Please do not drop Registration forms at New Bern Sporting Goods at this time. Forms and payment must be made in person at CREEKSIDE Park with Registration staff during practice. Players must obtain a current physical that does not expire during the season. 

Deadline for Registration set for July 18th. Returning and new players be sure to register early to ensure a spot on a team. Please do not delay. A waiting list will be started for possible additional teams once first team reaches capacity. There are no guarantees additional teams will make. Refunds will be given minus admin fee for teams that don't make. Requests for refunds will be accepted beginning Aug 5th to Aug 12th. No refunds will be processed after this date. Please make requests to Registrar by email or through online web address. Please allow up to 2-3 weeks for processing. Approved prorated Refunds minus an admin fee will be scheduled for pickup at field site. 

Registration for football is $90 and $65 for cheer. This includes rental of equipment and jerseys for season. Football players will need to purchase cleats, nonclear mouth piece, socks and black football pants to utilize beginning week 2 of practice. Some players also choose to purchase their own chin straps. New Bern Sporting Goods will have pants, Chin straps, cleats, equipment and other items for purchase at the field during the first week.

For cheerleaders, rental of uniform parts and pompoms. Cheerleaders will need to purchase undergarment. Cheerleaders need white socks and white sneakers (like Keds) for games. Additional optional items for purchase may be available. If a cheerleader wants to keep their uniform and pompoms, they will need to purchase online from NBSG. For sizing of uniforms, please use the size chart online at NBSG. For additional help, contact NBSG or go in store and ask for Jennifer. Cheer does not require a physical, but it is recommended. Cheer does not require ID cards. Cheer is scheduled to have a parent meeting during the second week of August. Cheer practice will be planned weekly at Creekside. In the event, a Cheer squad does not develop, refunds minus admin fee will be issued by email request to Registrar.  The cheer program is intended to be a non competitive opportunity for participants to develop beginning cheer fundamentals, promote conditioning and spread Jaguar spirit on game day all while having FUN! If you are interested in volunteering to assist, please fill out volunteer paperwork and notify Jag staff.

Equipment must be returned at the end of each season by deadline or replacement fees and collection fees are assessed. If equipment or jerseys are damaged beyond normal wear and tear, damage fees or replacement fees may be assessed. If anyone has any piece of outstanding equipment, registration will not be accepted until equipment is returned or fee paid. Contact the Director of Equipment, Steven Hodges, or Registrar to make arrangements to turn in asap. Contact the Registrar or Co-Registrar by email for questions.

Out of town players, please mail your application with payment post marked by July 12th to: PO Box 13448, New Bern, NC 28561. Recommend you register earlier to ensure a spot on a team.  Do not mail applications after July 12th unless directed to do so.

Onsite Registration dates: Hibbetts in Twin Rivers Mall at 10am-1pm on June 4th & New Bern Sporting Goods off Trent Road at 10am-1pm on June 18th. In addition, regular season registration will be offered on camp nights, June 27th-28th. Look for an additional onsite registration date at Zaxbys in early July, date to be announced.

There is a $10 early bird discount available for full price regular season Football Registration, 1 per family. Deadline for early bird regular season discount, first day of camp. To qualify for early bird registration fees to be paid in full by July 18th.  Contact Registrar by email for multi-sibling discount rate same household.

Refunds for registration must be requested by email to Registrar and received by August 12th (August 18th for wait listed players only on teams that don't make) to be considered. This is a busy time of the season. If you do not get a response, email Registrar again and ask for a response. Approved prorated refunds minus an administrator fee will be available and scheduled for pickup at the field 2-3 weeks after deadline or approval.  After this time no refunds will be considered except by special circumstance.

All players are required to have a State ID to play. See instructions for DMV below for details. 

If you have questions, please email the website or see staff at practice field. Thank you!  Go Jaguars!





Please download a volunteer form from this site and fill out. Please attach a note explaining what you are interested in and why you would be a good fit for the Craven Jaguars. You may drop forms off during practice or email President or Registrar. New volunteers to Craven Jaguars are required to have a National Background check. All volunteers may be subject to background screening. You may use your own source or a link can be provided to you upon request. 

IT TAKES A VILLAGE! We need YOU! We cannot grow and be successful without YOU!  

In addition, if you are CPR/EMT certified or a member of the Health care community with current credentials and would be willing to help out while at the field in the event of an emergency, please email President.





Coaches mark your calendars, ECYFL rescheduled the Coaches training session for August 20th, 10am-12 noon at Township 7 Firehouse off Old Cherry Point Road, New Bern. 

IF ADDITIONAL TEAMS MAKE...WE WILL NEED ADDITIONAL COACHING STAFF.  If you are interested, contact Tammy. See requirements below. Current staff will help get you organized and up to speed.  6U is secure. 8U and 10U pending.


CALLING ALL COACHING STAFF, PAST AND PROSPECTIVE - If you are interested in coaching for the 2016 season save the date for mandatory meeting on April 27th, 6 PM at Creekside Park. Plan for a second brief meeting June 15th, a coach directed pre-camp meet the following week in preparation for camp, and meet in early July. 

EAST CAROLINA YOUTH FOOTBALL LEAGUE has planned a mandatory Coach meeting and training session for July 30th, 12-4 pm, at Township 7 Firehouse on Old Cherry Point Road. All Head Coaches are required to attend and at least one assistant coach. All Coaches are encouraged to attend. 

We have similar coaching requirements for the 2016 season. Requirements include: National Background Check (within 1 year of  game 1 of current season. This season we cannot accept documentation from employer unless a copy of National Background check can be supplied with employer endorsement and stamp. A more cost effective link will be available through League in June (if you have not already completed) for background checks. Also required is USA Football Heads Up Certification (if renewed through UYF affiliation cost will be $12 vs $25). Coaches will need a code from the President to receive discount. Contact Tammy for details. Finally, the CDC Free Concussion online training is required, and all paperwork must be completed and turned in early July. New to the League this season is a Player Safety Representative.

Coaches are required to wear an identifiable Jaguar colored shirt and dark or khaki shorts or pants during games and a League approved badge in plain view.  If you are interested in returning to the Craven Jaguar football coaching staff and have not already done so or you are a new prospective coach, please email the website or tbehrendt1@suddenlink.net with your potential preferences for coaching and up to date contact information. If you have not done, all Coaches need to download Coaches application forms and Coaches Code of Conduct form, complete and drop off at New Bern Sporting Goods prior to July 1st or send to President asap. We need YOU to make our program successful!  Please check out our mission statement and philosophy.

Please be aware of the July 18th Registration deadline this season. Coaches should contact and encourage returning players not to wait until the last minute to register to ensure a spot on a team. We anticipate 2 teams per division, but a waiting list will be started once one team reaches capacity. If a second team doesn't make...it could mean some players will be encouraged to seek out sister organizations in the area to play football this season. Encourage players to register early! Players must obtain a current physical that does not expire during the season.

EAST CAROLINA YOUTH FOOTBALL LEAGUE, INC. has planned a League meeting for July 30th for Coaches. 

ANYONE INTERESTED IN COACHING THIS SEASON THAT MISSED THE first 3 meetings, PLEASE EMAIL TAMMY ASAP.  Coaching assignments are being reviewed. Coaches if you have any requests not annotated on the sign up form, please send those also asap to be considered. Some coach groups have already been meeting in small groups. In meetings Coaches voted to have the Jaguar Camp this season and will be planning a pre-camp planning session  in June. Stay tuned for updates. 

Coaches if any of you have outstanding equipment from your teams or outstanding field equipment from last season, please turn in immediately. You will not be approved until this is taken care of. Players who have not turned in equipment will not get a spot on the list until equipment has been turned in. 





NC DMV Identification Cards

Our league has implemented a certification process that includes NC DMV ID cards. This season the League requires all players to have a state ID card. The Craven Jaguars have required all divisions - 12U, 10U, 8U & 6U players to obtain a NC DMV ID card since 2013. Military IDs, other State IDS, Passports & other Government issued forms of ID are accepted.  Questions please contact registration personnel. IDs are not required to start the practice season on July 25th. There is a 2 week turn around for ID cards.  This year DMV receipts have a picture and may be accepted. No player will be able to play in games without an ID card or valid receipt.  This process aids in ensuring proper uniformity with certification for all associations within our league and ID cards last for 8 years. Another advantage of using ID cards is the safety factor. Should a child ever get lost, all the identifying information on the ID card can be in any police car & Amber alert system in America in less than 2 minutes!

To obtain an ID card, you can set up an appointment or drop by one of the below locations.

New Bern                             Kinston                                   Havelock

2106 Neuse Blvd.                 2214 W. Vernon Ave               300 Miller Road

DMV Building                     DMV Building                        Old Library Building

New Bern, NC 28560           Kinston, NC 28501                 Havelock, NC 28532

252-514-4734                       252-526-4432                          252-44406425



Mobile Unit                            

13451 Hwy 55                        

Bayboro, NC 28515                



Take the following documents and fees:

$10 cash
Certified Copy of Birth Certificate
Original Social Security Card
Report Card or Bank Statement with child's name and address
(If you don’t have last item, DMV will charge $2 more and let you sign affidavit for address)

Parents don’t have to be present, players can go with any adult to DMV with required documentation to obtain ID, in groups of up to 6.  The ID is good for 8 years.




Craven Jaguars Family,

It is that time of the year again! Time for football. I hope this email finds you well and ready to embark on a brand new season. The Craven Jaguars Board and staff have been busy putting together the necessities for the upcoming season. On behalf of the Craven Jaguars, I thank all of you who tirelessly work to ensure we all have a great place to play football year after year! I would like to share with you some of our recent organizational updates. This year our League has undergone change. This is the nature of football and all sports related organizations. Change can create a sense of doubt and fear of the unknown. I would like to set your mind at ease and ensure you that the Craven Jaguars has stood the test of the times.

The Craven Jaguars remains committed to all the youth in our communities and aim to support all those who fall under our banner.  After the last season, our League changed its national affiliation to United Youth Football. In essence, this means we went from an AYF to a UYF. Our League was under UYF a few years back, and it has been affiliated with AYF and Pop Warner throughout the past 11-12+ years. The Craven Jaguars has remained an active force in the League and plans to remain so in order to protect the interests, the mission and the objectives of our program.  In May, our past League Commissioner stepped down. The Executive Board immediately appointed an acting League Commissioner, Troy Loftin to continue the charge. The Board has remained intact and has worked in concert with the Commissioner over the last months to make the transition as smooth as possible and to ensure that all Associations from Beaufort to Carteret-Onslow to Craven Jaguars to Cove City to Morehead to Pamlico to Pitt Lightening to Onslow to all parents, players, coaches and staff involved will have the best football experience and season possible in Eastern NC in 2016. The League Board is currently reviewing and revising policies and regulations for the 2016 season to protect the interests of all, to provide transparency and to transition into a new era. On this note and transition, the Executive Board voted to change the name of League to East Carolina Youth Football in an effort to encompass all the Associations that our League supports and governs in Eastern North Carolina.

I urge you, if you have concerns or questions, please feel free to contact my email or the website email. We welcome your feedback and comments. We also need your support. This year we will be looking for members in good standing to help us carry out our mission of the Craven Jaguars Youth Football recreation program. If you have an interest in helping us do that, please let the Registration staff know of your interests in volunteering for the best youth sports program around during registration. Or you can contact me by email or email our website.

It takes all of us to be successful and plan for future endeavors. We plan for the Craven Jaguars to remain an active force in the game of football preparing our youth in our community for middle school and high school for many, many years to come.  Thank you!


Tammy Behrendt, President



CONGRATULATIONS CRAVEN JAGUARS on your nomination for 2014 Organization of the year and

for the 6U nomination for 2014 Team of the Year by Mid-Atlantic NPFA!  














DIV        WINNER            


             (3 YEARS IN A ROW)

2           CRAVEN #1         COACH CHRIS WAGNER 

             (4 YEARS IN A ROW)

3          CRAVEN #2         COACH DAVID LEE

 Official results can be found on the CCAYFL website.



Congratulations to the Craven Jaguars 6U,  

"2015 National Prep Youth Football Association Champions"

Virginia, Dec 15 

        (Last 3 years)


Congratulations to the Craven Jaguars 8U, 10U & 12U for their outstanding performance at the 2015 Mid Atlantic National Championship.  




 2014 Super Bowl Winners

  DIV        WINNER            


    2           CRAVEN #1         COACH CHRIS WAGNER 




Congratulations to the Craven Jaguars 12U for their outstanding performance at the 2014 Civitan Turkey Bowl in Clayton, NC, Nov 2014 


Congratulations to the Craven Jaguars 6U,  

"2014 National Prep Youth Football Association Champions"

Virginia, Dec 14




Congratulations to the Craven Jaguars 10U for their outstanding performance at the National Prep Youth Football Association Virginia, Dec 14







Our organization strives to make every effort to ensure that any child with the desire to participate gets the opportunity to play, without regard to weight, race, economic status, prior experience, or athletic ability!



We are committed to promoting & instilling Honesty, Loyalty, Integrity, Teamwork, Discipline, Sportsmanship, Respect, Leadership, Trust, and Commitment in our young participants. We believe these values and virtues are important to their growth and to becoming productive members of our community and society.



We will instill in our youth the challenge of competition, the joy of victory, the reality of defeat, the importance of commitment, and the spirit of community. The Craven Jaguars emphasize the importance of academic achievement among athletes and aim to recognize those with exemplary athletic performance while achieving academic success; and by doing so, prepare our young athletes for the challenges of high school and collegiate environments.



Achieve our objectives through organizing our dedicated volunteers, caring parents, and business associates who wish to partner with our superb youth sports programs.



I. To provide a wholesome competitiveness within the scope of our rules and regulations while cultivating values intrinsic to football and preparing players for life.
II. To teach the proper techniques and fundamentals of football while instilling a knowledge and appreciation for the game.
III. To provide a responsible football program that stimulates community interest for football where players develop athletic skill and character through hard work, courage, dedication and perseverance.
IV. To promote good sportsmanship, teamwork, highest morale, physical standards, a strong work ethic, and the importance of academic achievement.
V. To make Youth Football ALL-INCLUSIVE by not excluding participants based on superficial factors (such as weight).



We are a non-profit, youth football association located in Craven County - New Bern, Bridgeton, James City, Pollocksville, Havelock areas. We offer a competitive and structured youth football league for kids ages 4-13.

Regular Practice Season starts end of July, Game in late August, and finishes by mid-November.

Games are usually played on Saturdays.

Age as of July 31st


Div A, Anklebiters: 6 and under (4,5,6)  75 lbs


Div 1: 8U (6,7,8)  100 lbs


Div 2: 10U (8,9,10)   120 lbs

Div 3
: 12U (10,11,12)   155 lbs

Div 4: 15U (12,13,14,15)   UNLIMITED *No teams are designated at this level*

No child will be turned away due to weight or athletic ability!

Teams do reach capacity. To ensure a spot on a team, be sure to register early!


*6U Division A - Special Recommendations regarding a six year old player - any player six years old who is highly skilled and/or weighs more than 90 lbs, consider move to Division 1.*


Any player that is over the weight limit for all Divisions -
B, I, II or III must play as a lineman eligible player (LE).  On offense LEs, can only play center, tackle or guard. On defense LEs, can only play nose tackle or defensive tackle.  All LE players must have the approved League approved LE sticker on the back of their helmet. They must have the following Call numbers on their jersey:  50-79, 90-99 or 00.  LE players can kick extra points, field goals, punts and kick-offs.  They can participate in special teams.   Any time an LE comes in possession of the ball, the play is whistled dead at the place of recovery. 
8U - K2
10U - TDJ or equivalent
12U - TDJ or TDY
15U - TDY or equivalent



We want to be the most user-friendly youth sports organization
in Eastern North Carolina. We need your help!