Last Updated: May 20, 2015

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Saturday June 20th is our End of League Tournament.

Also please leave Sunday June 21st open for any rain make-ups!!!

Thank you 



North Division bylaws & coaches meetings notes can be found under the documents tab 

Upcoming Games/Practices

Sunday,  May 31
2015 North Division
Aftershock (Rec) @ Outkast (REC) 8:00am Kasch #1
The Reds (C) @ Calhoun Properties (E) 8:00am Kasch #4
Northwest Blackout (D) @ Bootleggers (E) 9:15am Kasch #1
Calhoun Properties (E) @ The Reds (C) 9:15am Kasch #4
Sober Ninjas (E+) @ Outkast (REC) 10:30am Kasch #1
Bootleggers (E) @ Aftershock (Rec) 10:30am Kasch #4
Sober Ninjas (E+) @ Northwest Blackout (D) 11:45am Kasch #1
Outkast (REC) @ Aftershock (Rec) 11:45am Kasch #4
Sunday,  Jun 7
2015 North Division
Northwest Blackout (D) @ Calhoun Properties (E) 8:00am Kasch #1
Outkast (REC) @ Sober Ninjas (E+) 8:00am Kasch #4
Outkast (REC) @ Calhoun Properties (E) 9:15am Kasch #1
Bootleggers (E) @ Sober Ninjas (E+) 9:15am Kasch #4
The Reds (C) @ Outkast (REC) 10:30am Kasch #1
Northwest Blackout (D) @ Aftershock (Rec) 10:30am Kasch #4
Northwest Blackout (D) @ The Reds (C) 11:45am Kasch #1
Aftershock (Rec) @ Bootleggers (E) 11:45am Kasch #4

For a complete schedule listing, click here!