Last Updated: May 26, 2017
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  • Coaches must have medical release forms at each game and practice
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  • Young athletes must wear batting helmets anytime they are using bats at fields or practices
  • Thank you to our volunteers and sponsors! You help CSYAA do great things for our kids!
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Recent News

Schedule changes, pictures and more...


Due to recent rainouts several games have changed. Please check with your coach or the schedule here on in the schedules section of the Main Menu.

Coaches have been asked to pick up their team pictures that are under the pavilion and then deliver to team and sponsor. If you haven't seen your pics yet, remind your coach they are ready for pick up.

With many teams having their last games of the season some times there will be extra snacks or fun celebrations. These are great things for our kids. A reminder that volunteers clean up our fields often well after the games have ended. Please be a volunteer as well and pick up after your team and fans especially if you are doing something after your last game to celebrate the end of the season.

If you have questions or observations, please contact a member of the CSYAA Board. You can find a listing of these volunteers on this site under the Contacts and Board of Directors tab.






Parking lot safety and signage


Looking forward to continuing this great season of baseball and softball. Still having some issues with parking especially when we have lots of games at one time. We have spray painted a red line, posted signs but still have people parking in the driveway by front entrance. This blocks the flow of traffic and causes safety issues for kids entering park. Do not park here. We know it's crowded in the lot but our kids safety comes first.

- There is additional parking behind fields.

- Blue parking is for handicapped land DV parking only.

- Under no circumstances should visitors park at the facility next door or use the driveway outside our fences. That's private property and we have no say in what owners do with your vehicle.



Message to the CSYAA Family


CSYAA Family,

Thank you all for adjusting to the new one-way parking lot, for the positive feedback on our ballfield improvements and suggestions on what we can continue to do for CSYAA and our young athletes.

I need to bring a matter to your attention and am asking for your help.


Over the past few days we have had several acts of vandalism at the ballfields, primarily in the restrooms and batting cages. Last night two toilets in the ladies room were stuffed with trash and intentionally overflowed. A similar incident occurred on Friday night in the boys bathroom. I have also received reports and witnessed kids running in the restrooms and hiding in bathroom stalls playing hide and seek. This creates a list of issues involving the safety of others and the children themselves. The cages have had rocks and trash thrown in them and one of the new cage doors was partially removed.

We have a great community and these few acts no way represent the wonderful families, volunteers and kids that enter our ballfields day in and day out. These are small things to fix as we continue in what promises to be another great year of CSYAA baseball and softball. But we need to fix them, so here is how you can help: 

  • If you see vandalism or safety issues occurring, please immediately alert the Director on Duty (DOD). If you cannot find the DOD, (usually a board member wearing a CSYAA board shirt), then ask concessions to “page the DOD” and share what you saw.
  • Parents/guardians please know if your child is sent back to you by a DOD then there has more than likely been an issue in the park. Please consider keeping them with you at that time. Our DOD will be instructed to accompany children to visit with parents or page parents on PA to locate them if ongoing issues are occurring.

  • Parents/guardians know where your children are, who they are with and that they are following park rules. This is part of our CSYAA code of conduct that all participants agree to at registration.

  • Ensure that cages are only used by children (no adults hitting) with batting helmets and are supervised by a coach or adult.

Our DOD is certainly there to help keep the park safe. But when the DOD is policing matters related to childcare then they are taken away from their primary function at the fields which is to assist with safety and competition issues related to the games, coaches, players and umpires.

The issues we are seeing are not just done by children. But our Board does think that if we increase supervision of young people at the ballfields then many of these incidents will be reduced or eliminated. Every dollar and volunteer hour that goes into repairs like those we are having to make today at the ballfields is one that isn’t spent helping our league move forward.


Please join me in helping keep our ballfields a fun and safe place for all.


Trey Oakley, CSYAA President