Last Updated: May 23, 2016
  • Coaches must have medical release forms at each game and practice
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  • Young athletes must wear batting helmets anytime they are using bats at fields or practices
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Remainder of Season


As we look at the days left in the season and requirements for most divisions to have twelve games in order to qualify for Little League post-season play, we have decided to begin rescheduling some postponed games to Wednesday evenings, extended Saturday times and Sunday afternoons between 2pm and 5pm.

This plan was our fall back in order to respect Church times and commitments some players have to select teams. We are now at that place due to the number of rain outs where we need to begin scheduling postponed games in these time windows.

Coaches will get more information on rescheduled games and a reminder to check all the updated games on this site. 




Message on recent events at area ballfields


CSYAA Family,

Over the past few weeks there have been several reports of a suspicious individual or individuals approaching children at other ballfields in our area. Most recently in Robinson. The individual(s) did not know the children and began asking personal questions about the child and then other children.

Our ballfields are a place where we go to get away from the "real world" for a little while. We fellowship, cheer and build relationships. I never want to lose that for our community or our young people. We must also be aware that the "real world" can find its way to us. Anyone can come and go from our ballfields.

If you ever witness or experience something that puts a child at risk, inform the director on duty (DOD) immediately or, if needed, call 911. The DOD is a member of the CSYAA Board and one is at every game.

Ultimately, as a parent/guardian I am the best lookout for my child's safety. Keep an eye on your little ones and look out for each other. Let's work together to be mindful of the reports from these other parks, but not panic. In doing so we can keep our ballfields a safe and special place for all in our CSYAA family.

Trey Oakley
CSYAA President


Great Opening Day


CSYAA Family,

It was a great opening day at the CSYAA Ballpark! A special thanks to the teams this morning who adjusted to changes in field locations. Brian Lane and CSYAA Board members worked throughout the day on Friday and early Saturday morning to get most of our fields ready for play. Many other leagues in our area had to postpone or cancel. Thanks to the work of our volunteers we only had to postpone the one game on Friday night.

The CSYAA Board is discussing how to correct the significant parking and traffic issues we faced this morning. Thanks to all for your patience and grace. Our overflow parking area was very wet and not accessible early. This, along with the growth of our league, caused some issues. You can help by parking in designated spots. A reminder that we have expanded our handicapped parking so please be mindful of this when looking for a spot. We will work hard to ensure that Jackson Lane will not have to be used in the coming weeks like it was today.

I was reminded today of the many things that make China Spring a special community and CSYAA a league where young athletes can learn skills that are far more important than the final score on the scoreboard. Thank you China Spring and congratulations on a great start to the 2016 season!


Medical Release Forms needed for every player


Every player in CSYAA Baseball, Softball and Tee Ball must complete and turn in to his/her coach a Medical Release Form. In the menu section, click on "Download Forms." Here you can download and print out the Medical Release Form. Once completed, return this form to your child's coach. All coaches must have these forms in their possession at every practice and game. Our league safety officer will be performing random checks throughout the season at practice locations and on game days. Get ready for a great season!


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