Last Updated: May 14, 2016

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Remember: All board members and coaches are volunteers!


Next Saturday will be the last day. All teams scheduled for today will have the option to play next Sat. May 21. Meeting is still on Monday!

CTSA's AGM (Annual General Meeting) will be held on May 16 at 6:00 pm at the Red River Technology Center Health Careers Building.

Elections are held every year at the AGM. Board positions up for election are the two-year terms of Vice President, Treasurer, and Risk Management Coordinator. One-year positions of adult league commissioner, coaches committee chair, scheduler, trophy/uniforms and members at large will also be elected at this time. 

All coaches and parents of all players are voting members of this league. We encourage everyone to attend and become involved in our league. 

 Standings thru May 1 (U11, U10B, U10G)


U11 W L D Points
Galaxy 5 2 0 15
Bullets 6 1 0 18
Killer Bees 2 3 1 7
Strikers 4 1 0 12
Stingers 1 4 1 4
Caution 1 5 0 0
U10 Boys W L D Points
Little Rumblers 4 1 0 13
Cobras 3 2 0 10
Dragons 6 0 0 18
All Stars 0 6 0 0
Jedi 2 4 0 6
Sharks 3 3 0 9
U10 Girls W L D Points
Tornados 7 0 0 21
Black Cats 6 0 1 19
Diamondz 4 2 0 12
Lil Sooners 3 3 0 9
Hot Shots 1 1 1 4
Groovy Thunder 0 6 0 0
Divas 0 6 0 0





Reminder to Coaches:
CTSA does not reschedule games unless there is bad weather or no referees. That is why we ask that you have an assistant coach (with a proper background check) to coach if you are unable to be at your scheduled game. Also, U8 and under, if you use a team parent on your bench during a game, they must also have a proper background check through Oklahoma Soccer Association (OSA). This is state policy. CTSA must comply.




Coaches/Parents, please make a conscious effort to prevent kids from climbing on the goals and playing in the nets. It is for their safety more than it is wear and tear on the equipment. Also, no warmups or playing in goal box at any time. 

Child Killed by Falling Soccer Goal

Attn: Parents/Fans must sit across the field from their team's player bench.
This policy that was adopted by majority vote at the end of Fall 2010 Coaches Meeting.
U5 thru U8 can have one coach-appointed parent in addition to coach and/or assistant coach on the bench side.
U10 thru Adult ONLY the coach and/or assistant coach allowed on the bench side.