Last Updated: May 26, 2015

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Games have been rescheduled.  Please view your full schedules as some other changes were made to fit in the rain outs.

2015 District Tournament Locations - Starts June 29th

6U - Cameron
8U - Troy
10U - Rogers
12U - Temple
15U - Belton

2015 State Tournament Locations - Starts July 13th

6U - Groesbeck

8U - Van

10U - Belton

12U - Jacksonville

15U - Corsicana


1) Games - please make sure to turn in your line up card at least 10 minutes before your game time.  Line up cards are available in the concession stand if needed.  Be ready to play at game time.

2) Practices - now that games have started, fields are first come, first serve for practices.  8U will have the only reserved time slots because of the pitching machine.  8U will practice Wednesdays on Blue & Yellow at 6:00 and Fridays on Blue, Red & Yellow at 6:00.  The Red field is also fully reserved on Wednesdays by an outside team. Please remember, do not practice on a field that is scheduled to have a game that day.  The outfield areas behind the temporary fences are always available, even during games.

8U Practice Schedule

Wednesday - 6:00-7:30

Red Field - Reserved

Blue Field - Smurfettes

Yellow Field - The Heat

Fridays - 6:00-7:30

Red Field - Flawless

Blue Field - Red Hot Pixies

Yellow Field - Diamond Divas


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CTYSA is always looking for coaches to be great teachers and role models for our players. If you are interested in coaching please contact Jason at 254-534-4569.



Congratulations for competing in the 2014 State Tournaments!

8U Machine Pitch State Tournament

Temple Knockouts - 7th Place

Temple Little Tem-Cats - 10th Place

12U State Tournament

Temple Cyclones - 5th Place


2014 8U Machine Pitch State Tournament - Temple Knockouts 7th Place

2014 8U Machine Pitch State Tournament - Temple Little Tem-Cats 10th Place

2014 12U State Tournament - Temple Cyclones 5th Place

Photo: 2014 Girls 12U State 5th place, Temple Cyclones

The Blessing of Softball

Let us never forget the blessing that softball is if we are in it for the right reasons.

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Upcoming Games

Wednesday,  May 27
Dodgerettes @ Elite 7:30pm Belton 2
Thursday,  May 28
Cyclones @ Sparks 6:00pm Green Field
Dodgerettes @ Outlaws 7:30pm Belton 2
Bears @ Kaos 7:30pm Blue Field
6U - T-Ball
Diamond Darlings @ Ponytail Express 6:00pm Yellow Field
Pink Zebras @ The Cru 7:30pm Yellow Field
8U - Machine
Flawless @ Smurfettes 6:00pm Red Field
Diamond Divas @ The Heat 7:30pm Red Field
Saturday,  May 30
Kaos @ Bears 8:00am Belton 1
Black Diamonds @ Outlaws 8:00am Belton 2
Bears @ Dodgerettes 9:30am Belton 2
Monday,  Jun 1
Wildcat Divas @ Temple Tem-Cats 7:30pm Blue Field
Heartbreakers @ Lady Rangers 7:30pm Yellow Field
Sparks @ Cyclones 6:00pm Green Field
Temple Poison @ Envy 7:30pm Green Field
Black Diamonds @ Game XChange 7:30pm Belton 1
6U - T-Ball
The Cru @ Pink Zebras 6:00pm Blue Field
Ponytail Express @ Diamond Darlings 6:00pm Yellow Field
8U - Machine
The Heat @ Diamond Divas 6:00pm Red Field
Smurfettes @ Flawless 7:30pm Red Field
Tuesday,  Jun 2
Heartbreakers @ Wildcat Divas 6:00pm Blue Field
Lady Rangers @ Temple Tem-Cats 6:00pm Green Field
Envy @ Temple Poison 7:30pm Green Field
Black Diamonds @ Dodgerettes 7:30pm Blue Field
6U - T-Ball
The Cru @ Ponytail Express 6:00pm Yellow Field
Pink Zebras @ Mighty Hippos 7:30pm Yellow Field
8U - Machine
Red Hot Pixies @ The Heat 6:00pm Red Field
Smurfettes @ Diamond Divas 7:30pm Red Field
Wednesday,  Jun 3
Outlaws @ Kaos 6:00pm Belton 1
Thursday,  Jun 4
Wildcat Divas @ Lady Rangers 7:30pm Yellow Field
Envy @ Cyclones 6:00pm Green Field
Kaos @ Black Diamonds 7:30pm Blue Field
6U - T-Ball
Ponytail Express @ Pink Zebras 6:00pm Blue Field
Diamond Darlings @ Mighty Hippos 6:00pm Yellow Field
8U - Machine
Smurfettes @ Red Hot Pixies 6:00pm Red Field
Flawless @ Diamond Divas 7:30pm Red Field

For a complete schedule listing, click here!