Last Updated: April 16, 2014

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The Blessing of Softball

Let us never forget the blessing that softball is if we are in it for the right reasons.

Want to be a board member?

We are looking for a few good people to join our board.  Do you want to be more involved in your child's softball experience?  Want to be involved & make a difference?  Contact a board member today about joining.


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Upcoming Games

Thursday,  Apr 17
10U - American
Temple Angels @ Belton Velocity 7:30pm Belton 1
10U - National
Team Xtreme @ Dark Force 6:00pm Belton 1
Hot Shots @ Caliente 6:00pm Belton 2
8U - Machine
Little Tem-Cats @ Aftershock 6:00pm Red Field
T-Ball 6U
Ponytail Express @ Mighty Hippos 6:00pm Yellow Field
Friday,  Apr 18
10U - American
Wild Thing @ Piranhas 7:30pm Belton 1
Monday,  Apr 21
Tigers @ Cyclones 6:00pm Belton 1
Blue Crush @ Texas Steal 6:00pm Belton 2
Blast @ Belton 7:30pm Belton 2
Outlaws @ Smash 7:30pm Belton 1
Special K's @ Belton Blitz 7:30pm Belton 3
Temple Knockouts @ Lady Longhorns 7:30pm Blue Field
T-Ball 6U
Blue Diamonds @ Ponytail Express 6:00pm Yellow Field
Tuesday,  Apr 22
8U - Machine
Little Tem-Cats @ Candy Crush 6:00pm Red Field
T-Ball 6U
Pink Zebras @ Blue Diamonds 6:00pm Yellow Field
Thursday,  Apr 24
8U - Machine
Aftershock @ Temple Knockouts 6:00pm Red Field
T-Ball 6U
Pink Zebras @ Mighty Hippos 6:00pm Yellow Field
Friday,  Apr 25
10U - American
Belton Velocity @ Wild Thing 7:30pm Belton 2
Temple Angels @ Piranhas 7:30pm Belton 3
10U - National
Hot Shots @ Lightning 6:00pm Belton 2
Caliente @ Team Xtreme 6:00pm Belton 3
Temple Poison @ Tigers 7:30pm Belton 1
Monday,  Apr 28
Cyclones @ Blast 6:00pm Belton 1
Blue Crush @ Belton 7:30pm Belton 1
Outlaws @ Special K's 7:30pm Belton 2
Belton Blitz @ Lady Longhorns 7:30pm Belton 3
Smash @ Temple Knockouts 7:30pm Blue Field
T-Ball 6U
Pink Zebras @ Ponytail Express 6:00pm Yellow Field

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Upcoming Events

Thursday,  Apr 17
CTCS Softball Game 4:30pm Blue Field
Tuesday,  Apr 22
CTCS Softball Game 4:30pm Blue Field

For a complete calendar listing, click here!