Last Updated: April 27, 2016

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2016 Schedules are complete! 

Good luck to all teams!  CTYSA wishing everyone a fun and successful season!


 REMINDER: 8U will be playing Coach Pitch this spring!  We will no longer be playing Machine Pitch.


If you have any questions, call us at 254.598.0566 or email us at

We are looking forward to an awesome season! 

The Blessing of Softball

Let us never forget the blessing that softball is if we are in it for the right reasons.

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Upcoming Games

Monday, May 2
Heartbreakers @ Rosebud Aftershock6:00pmRosebud
6U - T-Ball
Pink Zebras @ Mighty Hippos6:00pmBlue Field
Glitter Hitters @ Royal Belles6:00pmRed Field
8U - Coach Pitch
Fierce @ Ducks7:30pmBlue Field
Red Hot Pixies @ Herricanes7:30pmRed Field
Tuesday, May 3
Wicked @ Longhorns6:00pmRed Field
Sliders @ Sparks7:30pmRed Field
Cameron Homerun Hitters @ Cameron Krushers6:00pmCameron 3
Mayhem @ Rogers Lady Eagles7:00pmRogers 2
15U - American
Black Diamonds @ Westphalia Shockwaves6:00pmWestphalia
6U - T-Ball
Glitter Hitters @ Mighty Hippos6:00pmBlue Field
8U - Coach Pitch
Red Hot Pixies @ Ducks7:30pmBlue Field
Wednesday, May 4
Blue Lightning @ Heartbreakers6:00pmRed Field
Rosebud Aftershock @ Mayhem7:30pmRed Field
Thursday, May 5
Sparks @ Longhorns6:00pmBlue Field
Wicked @ Sliders6:00pmGreen Field
Heartbreakers @ Blue Lightning7:30pmGreen Field
15U - American
Dodgerettes @ Kaos7:30pmBlue Field
6U - T-Ball
Angry Birds @ Glitter Hitters6:00pmRed Field
8U - Coach Pitch
Red Hot Pixies @ Flawless7:30pmRed Field
Friday, May 6
Cameron Homerun Hitters @ Mayhem7:30pmRogers 2
15U - National
Black Diamonds @ Rosebud Adrenaline6:00pmRosebud
Friday, May 13
Rosebud Aftershock @ Heartbreakers6:00pmGreen Field
Mayhem @ Blue Lightning7:30pmGreen Field
15U - American
Kaos @ Black Diamonds6:00pmBlue Field
Westphalia Shockwaves @ Dodgerettes7:30pmBlue Field
Monday, May 16
15U - American
Black Diamonds @ Dodgerettes7:30pmBlue Field
6U - T-Ball
Mighty Hippos @ Glitter Hitters6:00pmGreen Field
Pink Zebras @ Angry Birds6:00pmRed Field
8U - Coach Pitch
Red Hot Pixies @ Ducks7:30pmGreen Field
Flawless @ Fierce7:30pmRed Field

For a complete schedule listing, click here!