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  • "Be the hardest, most creative and grittiest player on the ice, and be the one having the most fun."
  • "Everyday is a great day for hockey." - Mario Lemieux
  • "Nobody's a natural. You work hard to get good and then work to get better." -Paul Coffey
Executive for 2013/14 season

President-Heather Fraser :
Vice-President-Kathy Gate
Treasurer-Wanda Gallant
Secretary-Marissa Roode

2013 - 2014 League Champions
Congratulations to the Ice Hogs, winners of the CWRHL Playoffs 
with a 3-1 win over Taylor Automotove.
Who we are...
The Colchester Women's Rec. Hockey League was started in 2006 in order to give women who had gone through the Babes on Blades program a chance to play organized games on a regular basis. We have grown from four to six teams (13 players per team). Lack of available ice does not allow us to grow further at this point. We are women aged 19 and beyond who enjoy playing recreational hockey in a supportive team atmosphere. We are comprised of beginners (1-2 years experience), intermediates and veterans and welcome new players. We play one night per week and use the rinks in Brookfield (Wed. 8&9 p.m.) and Debert(Mon. 9 p.m.).

For those new to the game, there is a Four-on-Four Sunday league, comprised of at least eight teams. They play Sunday afternoon at Deuville's Rink in Salmon River and are currently run by the Municipality of Colchester Rec. Department. If you are a beginner hockey player, looking to develop your skills and want to understand how to play the game, the Four on Four League will offer you the opportunity to learn to play hockey in a game setting. Phone 897-3155 for more information or check out: 4-on-4 Hockey . Typically women new to the game will play a year or two in the Four-on-Four league and then move over to the Rec. League.

The Colchester Women's Rec. Hockey League is comprised of six teams, with a 20-23 game season, depending on ice availability. This level of play developed as our league grew. With a year or two under your belt, players who are in need of challenging their skills in formal game situations will enjoy this type of play. You should have some basic skills at passing, shooting and carrying the puck. It is our hope that you will develop a greater understanding of positional play through game situations. We also have a few ladies in the league who organize one or two travel teams to attend the many tournaments now available for women!

The Nova Scotia Women's Hockey League is based out of Halifax and offers more competitive play. It is currently made up of 16 teams, split in to A, B and C divisions. The NSWHL has secured ice time at the new Four-Pad Arena in Hammonds Plains. 2010/11 will see them playing a 24 game season with most games on Thursday evening (approximately 6:30 - 9:30 pm) and Saturday nights ( 9 - 11 pm). There will also be games played on different evenings in Eastern Shore, CFB Shearwater, Truro and Brooklyn, NS. If you are interested in joining the league as a player please contact NSWHL
League Clothing
Bob White with Wildflower Vending can order in clothing with the league logo. Wildflower Vending now has a show room at 570 Prince St., Truro and a website : If you are interested in league clothing or accessories, you can contact Bob at 843-4042 or

Colchester Women's Recreational Hockey League