Last Updated: November 19, 2017
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  • Preseason Camps will begin in November
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Saturday, January 6, 2018   8:00 AM

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Practice Locations:

Elementary Schools:

Longdale, Trevett, Chamberlayne, Glen Lea, Laburnum, Ratcliff, Harvie, and Montross 

Middle Schools:

WIlder Middle School and Brookland Middle School

High Schools:

VA Randolph High School



 Welcome to the Chamberlayne Youth Basketball League


The Chamberlayne Youth Basketball League was established in 1995 and has been affiliated with the Jr. NBA/Jr WNBA and recently became a certified organization under USA basketball.  We offer co-ed programs for youth basketball for ages 4 through 18 for both boys and girls.  As time progressed, the league added our Cheer program for girls ages 4-14 to its offerings. The League is a charitable, volunteer organization designed to provide every youth that joins our league the opportunity to maximize their talent in all areas be it sports, academics, or the arts and to demonstrate the necessary work ethic and discipline to achieve success on the court and in life. This organization primarily serves youth of Henrico County, but also represents the City of Richmond, Hanover, and Chesterfield.






Parents Pre Season Game Plan

Step 1: Register your athlete.  This can be done online or at any Onsite Registration or Preseason Camp

Step 2: Attend preseason basketball camps (see days and times below). These camps are designed as mini basketball camps that help get your athlete ready for the season.

Step 3: Get sized for basketball uniform.  This can be done at any preseason camp or evaluation night for your athlete's age group.

Step 4: Attend evaluation/draft night.  This begins the week of November 27th (see date and times below)  

Step 5: You will receive a phone call from your athlete's coach informing you of team name and practice time and location

Step 6: Begin Practice.  All practices begin the week of December 4th

Step 7: Enjoy Holiday break. No practices between December 18th - January 1st

Step 8: Practices resume on January 2nd

Step 9: Let the GAMES BEGIN.  The first game is scheduled for January 6th, 2018



Preseason basketball camps are designed to get our youth athletes in the mind set for basketball.  Our camps focus on teaching fundamentals. We will have several different stations in which each group of players will rotate through our stations focusing on various aspects on the game.   

Date Age Division Time  Location
 November 7th  4-7  Bitty Ball/Peewee  6:30-7:30  Wilder Middle School
 November 9th  8-9  Minor  6:30-8:00  Wilder Middle School
 November 14th   10-14  Junior and Senior   6:30-8:00  Fairfield Middle School
 November 15th   4-7  Bitty Ball and Peewee  6:30-7:30  Wilder Middle School
 November 16th   8-11  Minor and Junior   6:30-8:00  Wilder Middle School













Evaluation and Draft Night Date and Times


Evaluation night is designed for coaches to evaluate the athletes while they are put through multiple skill assessment drills.  Each coach will have an ample  amount of time to assess each athlete and take notes.  There is no pressure put on our youth athletes and every child is chosen by a coach in a private setting after all athletes have gone home.  This process is not designed to critique players but to balance the teams for a more fairer system of play.  See dates and times listed below for your age group



DATE DIVISION Age (as of January 1st, 2017) Time Location
November 27th Peewee 4-5 and 6-7 6:30-7:30pm Wilder MS
November 28th Minor 8-9 6:30-7:30pm Wilder MS
November 29th Junior 10-11 6:30-7:30pm Wilder MS
November 30th Senior 12-14 6:30-7:30pm Wilder MS






Frequently Asked Questions...


Do I have to live in Henrico County to play for CYBL?

NO. While the majority of our children do live in Henrico County it is not mandatory that any child who wishes to participate live in the County. 

What are the ages and divisons?

Bitty Ball Division Ages 4-5 *Must be 4 by January 1st*

Peewee Division: Ages 6-7 *Can not turn 8 before January 1st*
Minor Division: Ages 8-9 *Can not turn 10 before January 1st* 
Junior Division: Ages 10-11 *Can not turn 12 before January 1st*
Senior Division: Ages 12-14 *Can not turn 15 by January 1st*
Super Seniors: Ages 15-18 *18yr olds must be in High School*

Can my daughter play basketball in CYBL?

YES. CYBL is a Co-Ed youth basketball league. 

What if my child can not practice on a particular day?

When you register there is section on the registration form that will allow you to select the day(s) your child can not practice.  

Is there a try-out?

NO. Every child who registers will be placed on a team and will play in all games. CYBL has mandatory playing rules. 

Can my child register if he/she has never played before? 

YES. CYBL is committed to the development of players of all skill levels on and off of the court.

Where are the Practices? 

We use all Henrico County facilities. Facilities include Longdale, Trevvett, Chamberlayne, Laburnum, Harvie, Ratcliff, and Montrose Elementary Schools. Along with  L.D. Wilder Middle, Brookland Middle, and VA Randolph High Schools.  

Where are Games played at?

VA Randolph High School, Wilder Middle School, and Brookland Middle School