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Saturday, Feb 6
1st Grade Mighty Mites
St Geralds Boys Gold @ St Geralds Girls Blue12:00pmHoly Ghost
Meerkats 1 @ Junior Pride1:00pmHoly Ghost
St Bernadettes @ St Philip Neri2:00pmHoly Ghost
2nd Grade Boys Colts
Junior Pride @ St Philip Neri3:00pmHoly Ghost
2nd Grade Girls Princess
St Geralds Gold @ St Geralds Blue1:15pmSt Joan Of Arc
St Joan of Arc @ Bellevue St Marys2:15pmSt Joan Of Arc
3rd Grade Boys American
St Joan of Arc @ St Geralds Gold3:00pmICC
Christ the King @ Bellevue St Marys5:00pmBellevue St Marys
3rd Grade Boys National
St Bernadettes @ St Geralds Blue2:00pmICC
St Thomas More @ St Benedicts3:00pmSt Thomas More
3rd Grade Girls American
St Alberts Green @ Christ The King9:00amSt Bernadette
Bellevue St Marys @ St Philip Neri12:00pmBellevue St Marys
Our Lady of Lourdes White @ St Columbkille White4:00pmICC
3rd Grade Girls National
St Alberts Gold @ St Geralds9:00amHoly Ghost
Our Lady of Lourdes Blue @ St Columbkille Blue10:00amHoly Ghost
Holy Cross @ St Thomas More11:00amHoly Ghost
4th Grade Boys American
St Alberts Gold @ St Thomas More Black6:00pmICC
4th Grade Boys National
Jesuit Academy @ St Alberts Green11:00amJesuit Academy
Sacred Heart @ St Columbkille Blue4:00pmBellevue St Marys
St Pius/St Leo @ St Thomas More Gold5:00pmICC
4th Grade Girls National
St Cecilias @ DYS10:00amICC
St Columbkille @ St Thomas More10:00amSt Bernadette
St Joan of Arc @ St Alberts Green10:00amSt Joan Of Arc
Bellevue St Marys @ St Geralds Blue11:00amBellevue St Marys
St Alberts Gold @ St Bernadettes12:00pmSt Joan Of Arc
5th Grade Boys National
St Geralds Gold @ Christ The King9:00amICC
Jesuit Academy @ St Columbkille Blue10:00amJesuit Academy
All Saints @ St Stephen the Martyr2:00pmAll Saints
5th Grade Girls National
St Geralds Gold @ St Thomas More11:00amSt Bernadette
Sacred Heart @ St Geralds Blue11:00amSt Joan Of Arc
DYS @ Christ The King12:00pmICC
Our Lady of Lourdes @ All Saints1:00pmAll Saints
6th Grade Boys American
Bellevue St Marys @ St Geralds Gold3:00pmBellevue St Marys
DYS @ St Columbkille White4:00pmSt Thomas More
6th Grade Boys National
Jesuit Academy @ Christ The King9:00amJesuit Academy
6th Grade Girls National
St Bernadettes @ St Geralds8:00amSt Bernadette
DYS @ St Cecilias11:00amICC
7th Grade Boys American
ALL SAINTS @ St Philip Neri11:00amAll Saints
St Margaret Marys Green @ St Thomas More2:00pmSt Thomas More
7th Grade Boys National
Hope Bluejays @ St Bernadette Gold12:00pmSt Bernadette
St Columbkille Blue @ St Geralds1:00pmICC
7th Grade Girls National
Bellevue St Marys @ St Thomas More9:00amBellevue St Marys
St Columbkille @ Christ The King10:00amBellevue St Marys
Metro Warriors @ St Benedicts3:15pmSt Joan Of Arc
8th Grade Boys National
Sacred Heart @ DYS10:00amAll Saints
All Saints @ St Bernadettes12:00pmAll Saints
Bellevue St Marys @ St Margaret Mary Green2:00pmBellevue St Marys
8th Grade Girls National
Christ The King @ Sacred Heart/St Philip Neri9:00amSt Joan Of Arc
Metro Warriors White @ Bellevue St Marys1:00pmBellevue St Marys
St Bernadettes @ St Thomas More1:00pmSt Bernadette

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