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Little League Age Chart; 2015 Guideline for Proper Age Placement

Happy New Year!

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Registration time is here, online registration is live and will run through February 16th! Thank you for being patient!

Cougar Baseball has elected over the winter months to transition to a charter with Little League Baseball for ages 7 through 12.  T-Ball and 13-19 will remain unchanged from last season.  

This decision was considered over the course of several months and was unanimously approved by the baseball board.  The reasons for choosing to do this are many and were extensively discussed at previous meetings.   The primary reasons are as follows:  Little League offers 75 years of success, backed by clearly defined rules that do not change depending on where and when you play.  A problem we repeatedly encountered last year.  Teams are placed in divisions by age.   There is not going to be a team placed in a division with travel/tournament teams who are built for one purpose, winning.   Again, a problem we experienced last season.   Little League offers 150 free background checks, opportunities for coach and umpire training and extensive support to our organization.

   Additionally, our players will have the opportunity to enter International Tournament Play and a chance at a bid for Williamsport in the 11-12 year old division.  Something we have never been able to offer in the past.   There are some changes, as we must adapt what we do to Little League rules and age divisions.   We have placed an easy to use age chart on the website.  Simply follow the chart to determine the age your child is considered for the upcoming season and register them accordingly. 

  Thank you for being patient while we work to transition the organization into a better opportunity for our younger players.   Players in the upper age groups 13 and up will continue to play in the county league and there will be a ratings day for those players at a later date.   As always, questions, concerns and comments are best addressed at our monthly General Meetings and we encourage attendance at those meetings.  For those that can’t make a meeting, we have been posting the minutes of each meeting on our Facebook page so you can keep up with what has been happening.



We are looking for Head and Assistant Coaches for the upcoming season, we will hold coaches clinics prior to the season.


Please contact Tricia Fegely at

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by Pete Carroll


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