Last Updated: June 28, 2015
  • DYS is now the biggest soccer league in Oak Cliff


2015 Summer Soccer

At Hulcy Park


Schedules will be posted Tuesday, June 23rd


We need Under 16 players;

You can NOT be born before August 1, 1998

or after August 1, 2000

Call Coach Eric 214-577-4638





2015 Summer Season

Saturday,  Jul 4
Texas Lightning A @ OC Longhorns I 10:00am Hulcy Park U4-1
Texas Lightning B @ FC Barcelona 10:30am Hulcy Park U4-1
Texas Lightning A @ FC Barcelona 11:00am Hulcy Park U4-1
FC Barcelona @ Texas Lightning A 11:30am Hulcy Park U4-1
Monarcas Blue @ Texas Lightning A 8:00am Hulcy Park U6-2
Monarcas @ Tigers 8:50am Hulcy Park U6-2
Dallas Kingz @ Texas Lightning A 9:40am Hulcy Park U6-2
Monarcas @ Monarcas Blue 10:30am Hulcy Park U6-2
Texas Lightning B @ Leon 8:00am Hulcy Park U6-1
FC Barcelona @ OC Longhorns I 8:50am Hulcy Park U6-1
OC Longhorns I @ Texas Lightning B 9:40am Hulcy Park U6-1
Aguilas FC @ FC Barcelona 10:30am Hulcy Park U6-1
Warriors @ Aguilas FC 11:15am Hulcy Park U6-1
Aguilas FC @ Strikers 8:00am Hulcy Park U8-2
Tigers @ OC Longhorns I 8:50am Hulcy Park U8-2
Mesquite Angels @ Strikers 9:40am Hulcy Park U8-2
Habaneros @ Mesquite Angels 10:30am Hulcy Park U8-2
Habaneros @ Tigers 11:20am Hulcy Park U8-2
Monarcas @ OC Longhorns I 12:10pm Hulcy Park U8-2
Texas Lightning @ Dallas Titans 8:00am Hulcy Park U8-1
Tejanitos @ FC Barcelona 8:50am Hulcy Park U8-1
Leon @ Dallas Titans 9:40am Hulcy Park U8-1
Monarcas @ Cobritas 8:00am Hulcy Park U10-1
Aguilas FC -06 @ Leon 9:05am Hulcy Park U10-1
Aguilas FC -05 @ Chelsea 10:10am Hulcy Park U10-1
Aguilas FC -05 @ Aguilas FC -06 11:15am Hulcy Park U10-1
Chelsea @ Cobritas 12:20pm Hulcy Park U10-1
FC Barcelona @ Tigers 8:00am Hulcy Park U10-2
OC Longhorns @ Texas Lightning 9:05am Hulcy Park U10-2
Red Bull @ Tigers 10:10am Hulcy Park U10-2
OC Longhorns @ Red Bull 11:15am Hulcy Park U10-2
Dallas United @ Westside Vikings 8:00am Hulcy Park U12-1
FC Barcelona @ Texas Lightning 8:00am Hulcy Park U12-2
Panthers @ Tigers 9:15am Hulcy Park U12-1
Dallas United @ FC Barcelona 9:15am Hulcy Park U12-2
Westside Vikings @ Tigers 10:30am Hulcy Park U12-1
Texas Lightning @ All Stars FC 9:15am Hulcy Park U12-2
FC Barcelona @ Texas Lightning 10:30am Hulcy Park U12-1
Saturday,  Jul 11
Texas Lightning B @ Athletico Espanol 10:00am Hulcy Park U4-1
FC Barcelona @ OC Longhorns I 10:30am Hulcy Park U4-1
Monarcas Blue @ Athletico Espanol Blue 8:00am Hulcy Park U6-2
Texas Lightning A @ Tigers 8:50am Hulcy Park U6-2
Monarcas @ Athletico Espanol-Botello 9:40am Hulcy Park U6-2
Dallas Kingz @ Angry Birds Lime 10:30am Hulcy Park U6-2
Angry Birds Lime @ Athletico Espanol Blue 11:15am Hulcy Park U6-2
Texas Lightning B @ Aguilas FC 8:00am Hulcy Park U6-1
Thunder Bolts @ Warriors 8:50am Hulcy Park U6-1
Leon @ FC Barcelona 9:40am Hulcy Park U6-1
OC Longhorns I @ Athletico Espanol White 10:30am Hulcy Park U6-1
Athletico Espanol White @ Thunder Bolts 11:20am Hulcy Park U6-1
Strikers @ Monarcas 8:00am Hulcy Park U8-2
Tigers @ Mesquite Angels 8:50am Hulcy Park U8-2
Athletico Espanol 07 @ Habaneros 9:40am Hulcy Park U8-2
OC Longhorns I @ Aguilas FC 10:30am Hulcy Park U8-2
Athletico Espanol 07 @ Aguilas FC 11:20am Hulcy Park U8-2
Athletico Espanol 08 @ Texas Lightning 8:00am Hulcy Park U8-1
Dallas Titans @ Tejanitos 8:50am Hulcy Park U8-1
FC Barcelona @ Leon 9:40am Hulcy Park U8-1
Athletico Espanol -Arellano @ Thunder Bolts 10:30am Hulcy Park U8-1
Angry Birds @ Athletico Espanol -Arellano 11:20am Hulcy Park U8-1
Leon @ Chelsea 8:00am Hulcy Park U10-1
Monarcas @ Athletico Espanol 9:05am Hulcy Park U10-1
Aguilas FC -05 @ Athletico Espanol-Montalvo 10:10am Hulcy Park U10-1
Cobritas @ Aguilas FC -06 11:15am Hulcy Park U10-1
Athletico Espanol-Montalvo @ Athletico Espanol 12:20pm Hulcy Park U10-1
Angry Birds @ Tigers 8:00am Hulcy Park U10-2
Texas Lightning @ Red Bull 9:05am Hulcy Park U10-2
FC Barcelona @ OC Longhorns 10:10am Hulcy Park U10-2
FC Barcelona @ Athletico Espanol 8:00am Hulcy Park U12-1
Tigers @ Dallas Storm 8:00am Hulcy Park U12-1
Panthers @ Dallas United 9:15am Hulcy Park U12-2
Texas Lightning @ Westside Vikings 9:15am Hulcy Park U12-2
FC Barcelona @ Athletico Espanol 10:30am Hulcy Park U12-1
Texas Lightning @ Dallas Storm 10:30am Hulcy Park U12-2
All Stars FC @ Athletico Espanol 11:45am Hulcy Park U12-1

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Jim Coliins, CLU
11807 Preston Rd, Dallas, TX 75230