Last Updated: March 22, 2017
  • DYS is now the biggest soccer league in Oak Cliff
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2017 Spring League Information Copy
Spring Kickoff presented by Brewer & Lormand, Att
Saturday, March 25, 2017   8:00 AM



March 25, 2017

Games start 8:00 a.m.

Ceremony at 9:00 a.m.

Special Guest:

Ruth Brewer

Masters of Ceremony:

DJ Lexx

National Anthem:

Saul Flores

Pledge of Allegiance:

Valerie Hernandez

Presenting the official soccer ball and tee:

Kickoff Goalie:

Matthew Torres

Sponsors of Spring Kickoff:

Brewer & Lormand, Attorney at Law

Watermill Express

Peter Piper Pizza

Bear Creek Family of Dentistry

Laurel Land Funeral Home and Cemetery

BBVA Compass

Raising Canes

Molina Healthcare




2017 Spring Season

Saturday, Mar 25
Tigers @ RC Barcelona10:30amHulcy Park U4-1
Barcelona @ Habaneros11:00amHulcy Park U4-1
Habaneros @ Bisons11:30amHulcy Park U4-1
Puede Network @ FC Dallas11:00amHulcy Park U6-1
Lil Champs @ TBP Titans11:00amHulcy Park U6-2
Huskies @ TBP Ewing Titans11:40amHulcy Park U6-1
Rugrats @ Santitos8:00amHulcy Park U6-1
Jaguars @ Team USA8:00amHulcy Park U6-2
TBP Ewing Titan- A @ ATK Bulldgos8:40amHulcy Park U6-2
TBP Titans @ Puede Network9:20amHulcy Park U6-1
TBP Ewing Titan- B @ Bisons Superstars9:20amHulcy Park U6-2
Hot Shots @ Tigers10:15amHulcy Park U6-1
Dallas Scorpions @ TBP Ewing Titan- B10:15amHulcy Park U6-2
Xtreme @ Lil Champs8:00amHulcy Park U8-2
Athletico Espanol @ Puede Network8:50amHulcy Park U6-2
TBP Titans @ TBP Titans Ewing9:40amHulcy Park U8-2
Bison Blue @ Bison White8:00amHulcy Park U8-1
Puede Network @ TBP Titans Ewing8:50amHulcy Park U8-1
TBP Titans @ Bison Grey9:40amHulcy Park U8-2
Dallas Rebels @ Bison Stampede10:30amHulcy Park U8-1
Dallas Lightning @ Dallas Scorpions10:30amHulcy Park U8-2
Tigers @ Bison Grey11:20amHulcy Park U8-1
Barcelona @ Dallas Kingz11:20amHulcy Park U8-2
Puede Network @ TBP Titans12:20pmHulcy Park Field 1
Bisons @ TBP Ewing Titans12:20pmHulcy Park Field 2
Barca Kidz @ Cobras1:30pmHulcy Park Field 1
Warriors @ TBP Titans1:30pmHulcy Park Field 2
TBP Titans @ Mata Eagles8:00amHulcy Park Field 1
Chivas @ Athletico Espanol8:00amHulcy Park Field 2
LAE-A @ Puede Netwrok9:05amHulcy Park Field 1
LAE-B @ Toluca9:05amHulcy Park Field 2
Athletico Espanol @ Tigers-B10:10amHulcy Park Field 1
Monarcas @ Knights10:10amHulcy Park Field 2
TBP Ewing Titans @ Tigers11:15amHulcy Park Field 1
Dallas Scorpions @ Dallas Lightning11:15amHulcy Park Field 2
Monarcas @ Puede GREY8:00amHulcy Park Field 4
Aguilars @ RC Barcelona9:15amHulcy Park Field 4
Tigers @ Dallas Scorpions10:30amHulcy Park Field 4
Puede Network - BLUE @ Puede GREY11:45amHulcy Park Field 4
Saturday, Apr 1
RC Barcelona @ Habaneros10:00amHulcy Park U4-1
Bisons @ Barcelona10:30amHulcy Park U4-1
Tigers @ Barcelona11:00amHulcy Park U4-1
TBP Titans @ FC Dallas10:00amHulcy Park U6-1
Lil Champs @ Huskies10:40amHulcy Park U6-1
Puede Network @ TBP Ewing Titans10:40amHulcy Park U6-2
Dallas Scorpions @ Team USA8:00amHulcy Park U6-1
Rugrats @ Hot Shots8:00amHulcy Park U6-2
TBP Titans @ Bisons Superstars8:40amHulcy Park U6-1
TBP Ewing Titan- B @ ATK Bulldgos8:40amHulcy Park U6-2
Jaguars @ Puede Network9:20amHulcy Park U6-1
TBP Ewing Titan- A @ Tigers9:20amHulcy Park U6-2
Santitos @ Bisons Superstars10:00amHulcy Park U6-1
Athletico Espanol @ Xtreme8:00amHulcy Park U8-2
TBP Titans Ewing @ Puede Network8:50amHulcy Park U8-2
TBP Titans @ Lil Champs9:40amHulcy Park U8-2
Dallas Lightning @ Dallas Kingz8:00amHulcy Park U8-1
Tigers @ Bison Stampede8:50amHulcy Park U8-1
TBP Titans Ewing @ Dallas Scorpions9:40amHulcy Park U8-1
Barcelona @ Bison Grey10:30amHulcy Park U8-1
Dallas Rebels @ Bison White10:30amHulcy Park U8-2
Bison Blue @ Barcelona11:20amHulcy Park U8-1
Puede Network @ TBP Titans11:20amHulcy Park U8-2
Cobras @ Bisons12:20pmHulcy Park Field 1
TBP Ewing Titans @ Puede Network12:20pmHulcy Park Field 2
TBP Titans @ Warriors1:30pmHulcy Park Field 1
Barca Kidz @ TBP Ewing Titans1:30pmHulcy Park Field 2
Athletico Espanol @ Dallas Lightning8:00amHulcy Park Field 1
Chivas @ LAE-A8:00amHulcy Park Field 2
Monarcas @ Toluca9:05amHulcy Park Field 1
Dallas Scorpions @ Knights9:05amHulcy Park Field 2
TBP Titans @ Tigers10:10amHulcy Park Field 1
LAE-B @ Puede Netwrok10:10amHulcy Park Field 2
TBP Ewing Titans @ Tigers-B11:15amHulcy Park Field 1
Mata Eagles @ LAE-A11:15amHulcy Park Field 2
Bisons @ Monarcas8:00amHulcy Park Field 3
RC Barcelona @ Puede Network - BLUE9:15amHulcy Park Field 3
Puede GREY @ Dallas Scorpions10:30amHulcy Park Field 3
Tigers @ Aguilars11:45amHulcy Park Field 3

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Watermill Express
Laurel Land Funeral Home and Cemetery
H & R Block
Peter Piper Pizza
Brewer & Lormand, PLLC
Bear Creek Family Dentistry
DICK'S Sporting Goods
Domingo Garcia
Raising Canes