Last Updated: July 23, 2016
  • DYS is now the biggest soccer league in Oak Cliff

Fall Tournaments


Labor Day

DYS Scholarship


Tournaments are OPEN to all teams

regardless of home association, classification, or governing body.



Labor Day- September 3rd and 4th

DYS Scholarship- Oct 8th and 9th



2016 Hot Summer Schedule

Saturday, Jul 30
Tigers @ Puede Network9:30amHulcy Park U4-1
ATK Bulldogs @ Puede Network10:00amHulcy Park U4-1
ATK Bulldogs @ Habaneros10:30amHulcy Park U4-1
Rugrats @ Tigers11:00amHulcy Park U4-1
U6 A
Leonicitas @ Monarcas8:00amHulcy Park U6-1
Athetico Espanol-A @ Dallas Scorpions8:50amHulcy Park U6-1
Los Cachorros @ Leonictos9:40amHulcy Park U6-1
Tigers @ OCSA10:30amHulcy Park U6-1
U6 B
Puede Network @ Athletic Espanol-B8:00amHulcy Park U6-2
Mustangs @ TX Lonestars8:50amHulcy Park U6-2
ATK Bulldogs @ Athletic Espanol-B9:40amHulcy Park U6-2
Panthers @ Dallas Kingz8:00amHulcy Park U8-2
Dallas Kingz @ Puede Network8:50amHulcy Park U8-2
Athletico Espanol @ Warriors9:40amHulcy Park U8-2
U8 A
Athletic Espanol-A @ America USA8:00amHulcy Park U8-1
Puede Network Blue @ Chivas8:50amHulcy Park U8-1
Leon @ Monarcas9:40amHulcy Park U8-1
Athletic Espanol-B @ Toluca10:30amHulcy Park U8-1
U8 B
Dallas Scorpions @ Dallas Lightning10:30amHulcy Park U8-2
Tigers @ OCSA11:20amHulcy Park U8-1
Puede Network Wht @ Dallas Lightning11:20amHulcy Park U8-2
U10 A
Leon @ OCSA8:00amHulcy Park Field 1
OC Longhorns @ Hot Spurs9:05amHulcy Park Field 1
Monarcas @ Tigers10:10amHulcy Park Field 1
Dallas Scorpions @ GP Real11:15amHulcy Park Field 1
U10 B
ATK Bulldogs @ OC Longhorns-Jesus8:00amHulcy Park Field 2
Borussia @ Strikers9:05amHulcy Park Field 2
OC Longhorns-Jesus @ Puede Network10:10amHulcy Park Field 2
Puede Network @ Dallas Scorpions8:00amHulcy Park Field 3
OCSA @ Tigers9:15amHulcy Park Field 3
Dallas Scorpions @ Athletic Espanol10:30amHulcy Park Field 3
OC United @ FC Merenguez8:00amHulcy Park Field 4
U14 Dallas Scorpions @ Dallas Scorpions9:15amHulcy Park Field 4
Saturday, Aug 13
Dallas Scorpions @ Rugrats9:00amHulcy Park U4-1
Tigers @ ATK Bulldogs9:30amHulcy Park U4-1
Habaneros @ Puede Network10:00amHulcy Park U4-1
ATK Bulldogs @ Rugrats10:30amHulcy Park U4-1
Tigers @ Dallas Scorpions11:00amHulcy Park U4-1
Puede Network @ Habaneros11:30amHulcy Park U4-1

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