Last Updated: April 23, 2017
  • DYS is now the biggest soccer league in Oak Cliff


We are proud to announce that Dallas Youth Athletic Association is being sponsored by

New York Life Insurance-

Dallas this spring!


New York Life Insurance Company is helping us celebrate our volunteer coaches this season by running a Coach of the Year Award. The winning coach will receive a plaque to say thank you for the valuable time they invest to make Dallas Youth Athletic Association such a terrific experience for all of us!


To nominate a coach, use the following link:


New York Life agents will be at the fields on April 22nd, May 6th, and May 20th. Make sure to stop by their table to say hello and vote in-person for the Coach of the Year.


Nominations will be accepted from now through May 22nd. And, the Coach of the Year will be announced at the end of the season in early June.



2017 Spring Season

Saturday, Apr 29
Habaneros @ Bisons10:00amHulcy Park U4-1
Tigers @ RC Barcelona10:30amHulcy Park U4-1
FC Dallas @ Puede Network10:00amHulcy Park U6-1
TBP Ewing Titans @ Huskies10:00amHulcy Park U6-2
TBP Titans @ Lil Champs10:40amHulcy Park U6-2
Puede Network @ Bisons Superstars8:00amHulcy Park U6-1
Hot Shots @ TBP Ewing Titan- B8:00amHulcy Park U6-2
Team USA @ ATK Bulldgos8:40amHulcy Park U6-1
Santitos @ TBP Titans8:40amHulcy Park U6-2
Dallas Scorpions @ Tigers9:20amHulcy Park U6-1
Rugrats @ Jaguars9:20amHulcy Park U6-2
TBP Titans Ewing @ Athletico Espanol8:00amHulcy Park U8-2
TBP Titans @ Xtreme8:50amHulcy Park U8-2
Puede Network @ Lil Champs9:40amHulcy Park U8-2
Bison White @ Dallas Kingz8:00amHulcy Park U8-1
TBP Titans @ Tigers8:50amHulcy Park U8-1
Bison Blue @ Dallas Scorpions9:40amHulcy Park U8-1
TBP Titans Ewing @ Barcelona10:30amHulcy Park U8-1
Bison Stampede @ Bison Grey10:30amHulcy Park U8-2
Puede Network @ Dallas Rebels11:20amHulcy Park U8-1
Bison White @ Dallas Scorpions11:20amHulcy Park U8-2
TBP Titans @ Cobras12:20pmHulcy Park Field 1
Warriors @ Barca Kidz12:20pmHulcy Park Field 2
Puede Network @ Bisons1:30pmHulcy Park Field 1
TBP Ewing Titans @ TBP Titans8:00amHulcy Park Field 1
Athletico Espanol @ Mata Eagles8:00amHulcy Park Field 2
Chivas @ Toluca9:05amHulcy Park Field 1
LAE-A @ Knights9:05amHulcy Park Field 2
Dallas Scorpions @ Tigers10:10amHulcy Park Field 1
LAE-B @ Dallas Lightning10:10amHulcy Park Field 2
Monarcas @ Tigers-B11:15amHulcy Park Field 1
Puede Netwrok @ TBP Ewing Titans11:15amHulcy Park Field 2
Bisons @ Tigers8:00amHulcy Park Field 3
Monarcas @ Dallas Scorpions9:15amHulcy Park Field 3
Puede GREY @ RC Barcelona10:30amHulcy Park Field 3
Aguilars @ Puede Network - BLUE11:45amHulcy Park Field 3
Saturday, May 6
Tigers @ Barcelona10:00amHulcy Park U4-1
RC Barcelona @ Bisons10:30amHulcy Park U4-1
FC Dallas @ TBP Titans10:00amHulcy Park U6-1
TBP Ewing Titans @ Puede Network10:00amHulcy Park U6-2
Huskies @ Lil Champs10:40amHulcy Park U6-1
Santitos @ Jaguars8:00amHulcy Park U6-1
Rugrats @ Dallas Scorpions8:00amHulcy Park U6-2
TBP Ewing Titan- A @ TBP Ewing Titan- B8:40amHulcy Park U6-1
Puede Network @ ATK Bulldgos8:40amHulcy Park U6-2
Hot Shots @ TBP Titans9:20amHulcy Park U6-1
Team USA @ Tigers9:20amHulcy Park U6-2
TBP Titans Ewing @ Puede Network8:00amHulcy Park U8-2
Athletico Espanol @ Xtreme8:50amHulcy Park U8-2
TBP Titans @ Lil Champs9:40amHulcy Park U8-2
Dallas Lightning @ Barcelona8:00amHulcy Park U8-1
TBP Titans Ewing @ Tigers8:50amHulcy Park U8-1
Bison Stampede @ Dallas Kingz9:40amHulcy Park U8-1
TBP Titans @ Dallas Rebels10:30amHulcy Park U8-1
Puede Network @ Bison Blue10:30amHulcy Park U8-2
Warriors @ TBP Ewing Titans12:20pmHulcy Park Field 1
Puede Network @ Cobras12:20pmHulcy Park Field 2
LAE-A @ Monarcas8:00amHulcy Park Field 1
Athletico Espanol @ Puede Netwrok8:00amHulcy Park Field 2
Chivas @ Dallas Scorpions9:05amHulcy Park Field 1
TBP Titans @ Knights9:05amHulcy Park Field 2
Tigers @ Tigers-B10:10amHulcy Park Field 1
Mata Eagles @ Dallas Lightning10:10amHulcy Park Field 2
TBP Ewing Titans @ Toluca11:15amHulcy Park Field 1
Puede Network - BLUE @ Monarcas8:00amHulcy Park Field 3
RC Barcelona @ Tigers9:15amHulcy Park Field 3
Puede GREY @ Aguilars10:30amHulcy Park Field 3
Dallas Scorpions @ Bisons11:45amHulcy Park Field 3

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

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