Last Updated: July 31, 2014

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Due to the rain outs from last week,

our season will be extended 1 week.


The End of Season tournament

is now schedule to be played on

Friday, August 8th and Saturday, August 9th




Coaches, Parents, and Fans

Please make sure you park in a designated parking spot,

not on the grass, or on the NO PARKING red line.

The city will start patrolling the parking lot

and start towing vehicles.

Thank you for your help in this matter.






2014 Spring Season

Saturday,  Aug 2
Cachorritos de Leon @ Thunder Bolts 9:00am Hulcy Park U-4 1
Lili Angry Birds (Lime) @ Texas Lightning 9:30am Hulcy Park U-4 1
Oak Cliff Longhorns @ Lili Angry Birds (Lime) 10:00am Hulcy Park U-4 1
Thunder Bolts @ Oak Cliff Longhorns 10:30am Hulcy Park U-4 1
Leoncitos @ Lil Habaneros 8:00am Hulcy Park U-6 1
20 de Noviembre @ Lil Angry Birds 8:45am Hulcy Park U-6 1
Lil Angry Birds @ Chelsea 9:30am Hulcy Park U-6 1
Lil Habaneros @ 20 de Noviembre 10:15am Hulcy Park U-6 1
Wisards B @ Leoncitos 11:00am Hulcy Park U-6 1
Chelsea @ OC Galaxy 11:00am Hulcy Park U-6 2
Thunder Bolts @ Texas Lightning 8:00am Hulcy Park U-6 2
Oak Cliff Longhorns @ Wild Thing 8:45am Hulcy Park U-6 2
Thunder Bolts @ Irving Texas 9:30am Hulcy Park U-6 2
Monarcas @ Oak Cliff Longhorns 10:15am Hulcy Park U-6 2
U8 A
Strikers @ Hot Spurs 8:00am Hulcy Park U-8 1
Tigers @ Wizard 8:50am Hulcy Park U-8 1
Cobritas @ Leoncitos 9:40am Hulcy Park U-8 1
Strikers @ Cobritas 10:30am Hulcy Park U-8 1
U8 B
Lil Habaneros @ Texas Lighting 8:00am Hulcy Park U-8 2
Angry Birds @ Jr Bisons 8:50am Hulcy Park U-8 2
Angry Birds @ Dallas Bears 9:40am Hulcy Park U-8 2
Jr Bisons @ Texas Lighting 10:30am Hulcy Park U-8 2
Lil Habaneros @ Dallas Bears 11:15am Hulcy Park U-8 2
Dallas Storm @ Solar 8:00am Hulcy Park U-10 1
Dallas Raptors @ Texas Lightning 8:00am Hulcy Park U-10 2
Oc Bison @ Tigers 9:00am Hulcy Park U-10 1
Esmeraldas @ Dallas Storm 9:00am Hulcy Park U-10 2
Monarcas @ Oc Bison 10:00am Hulcy Park U-10 1
Texas Lightning @ Wizards 10:00am Hulcy Park U-10 2
Esmeraldas @ Dallas Raptors 11:00am Hulcy Park U-10 1
FC Barcelona @ Panthers 8:00am Hulcy Park U-12 1
Dallas Storm @ Texas Lightning 9:15am Hulcy Park U-12 1
DV Monarcas @ Dallas Storm 10:30am Hulcy Park U-12 1

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

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